The benefits of berries to deal

فوائد التوت للحامل

فوائد التوت للحامل

Berries are extremely healthy and rich in nutrients, it is considered a food highly rich in vitamin C, potassium and folic acid (which is the natural form of folic acid) during early pregnancy, so women are advised to download the folic acid because it plays an important role in the growth of the neural tube of the baby, as it helps in Prevent and treat urinary tract infections during pregnancy, so you will learn with in this article on the benefits of berries to deal

Berries during pregnancy

I always use berries in pregnancy for centuries, where man was old, chooses the root of berries to get the tea to loosen pregnant, but now instead of tea, the women drink cranberry juice during pregnancy because of the many benefits that it provides, however, you should consider some things while eating fruit.

  • Buying and eating berries organic because it is free of pesticides.
  • Wash berries always before you eat it.
  • Don’t eat a lot of blueberries, because it may have side effects.
  • Before you include fruit in your diet, consult a doctor.

The benefits of berries to deal

The health benefits of eating the berries the child

Has berries on folic acid which is important to prevent birth defects such as Spina Bifida, it is rich in calcium and polyphenols which helps the growth of bones in the fetus, and premature delivery resulting from health problems during pregnancy such as high blood pressure, and helps vitamin C in the fruit body absorb iron, which reduces the risk of low birth weight in newborns.

It has the berries also a lot of money, so it’s an excellent source of water, helping the vitamin C in absorption of iron and boosts the immune system in the body.

The benefits of raspberry general

Raspberry is a fruit nutritious and delicious can be used in a variety of meals, as it contains anthocyanin responsible for the blue color is possible to, it also helps in numerous advantages for.

Has also been linked to the consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of many health conditions related to lifestyle, where proposed numerous studies that increased consumption of plant foods like blueberries decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes andheart disease and total mortality, and may promote plant foods also hair and skin health, increase energy, and lower weight overall.

Often experts discuss frozen berries, and says often that the regeneration process can reduce the strength of the health benefits of, as one study showed that over 6 months of storage, degradation of anthocyanins by 59 per cent.

However it is not confirmed, and take different sources to different positions about whether freezing the berries reduces the impact on the health, in case of doubt, buy fresh berries and organic.

Despite the need for further research, except that the berries linked strongly to different elements of a healthy life.

The benefits of berries for vitamin his

Raspberry is not only delicious, but rich in nutrients required during pregnancy, here are some of the benefits of consuming berries:

  • Berries are rich in potassium which helps prevent and control high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • It also contains vitamin C which helps in strengthening of the organization and thus prevents the infection during pregnancy.
  • Being a good source of fibre, soluble and insoluble, helps the berries in digestion and prevents hemorrhoids and constipation during pregnancy.
  • Helps pregnant women to maintain weight gain during pregnancy.
  • The fruit is rich in antioxidants which help reduce stress during pregnancy.
  • Helps eating berries during pregnancy for preventing pre-eclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy).

Related topics

The risk of raspberry

Should people taking blood thinners, such as warfarin, don’t they suddenly change their approach to or other sources of vitamin K, since vitamin K plays a key role in blood clotting, and can affect the action of blood-thinning drug.

Diet world is more important than any single food in the Prevention of disease and achieve good health, it is best to eat a varied diet as the key to life and health, rather than focusing on individual foods.

After that you know the benefits of berries to the handle , you should not eat heavily so as not to cause any harm to you and your growing child.

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