The benefits of basil to deal

فوائد الريحان للحامل

فوائد الريحان للحامل

It was noted by some schools old medical benefits of the basil or straight, which is an active ingredient in home remedies India, offers the comfort of different situations, however, there were conflicting results in the research that has been conducted in relation to the sport of pregnancy, know the benefits of basil to the deal and recommended for pregnant women or not, keep with us dear this article.

The benefits of basil general

Reduce oxidative stress

Think antioxidants necessary to eliminate free radicals from the body, free radicals are unstable molecules, require as a result of metabolic and other natural processes, can be formed also as a result of smoking and certain food choices, antioxidants are compounds that help to remove these particles from the body, if it is accumulated instead of that, it can happen oxidative stress, leading to cell damage and possibly disease.

Connecting scientists cancer, heart disease andrheumatoid arthritis , diabetes and other health problems, stress, oxidative, where the body produces some antioxidants, but it also needs to absorb some of the diet, among the many antioxidants in basil, are anthocyanins andbeta-carotene.

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Protection from skin aging

According to research published in 2011, contains sweet basil on properties may help protect the skin from some of the effects of aging, in the study, according to the scientists the extract of basil on the models Laboratory of the body, the results indicated that the introduction of the extract of basil in skin creams topical may improve skin hydration and reduces roughness and wrinkles.

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Can lead to oxidative stress to inflammation, a factor in various diseases, including cancer andtype 2 diabetes , rheumatoid arthritis, and in 2017, the researchers analyzed the anti-inflammatory properties of two extracts, basil oil, aromatic sweet, according to their findings, may help basil oil in the treatment of various diseases involving the inflammation resulting from oxidative stress.

The benefits of basil to deal

The following are some of the health benefits of eating basil during pregnancy:

Rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A found in basil is essential for the growth of the fetus, promotes the growth of your baby’s heart, lungs, eyes and central nervous system.

Bone formation in the fetus

Contains basil and a good amount of manganese, which supports the formation of cartilage and bone in your child, and manganese is an antioxidant good reduce the risk of cell damage in pregnant women, by reducing oxidative stress in women.

The benefits of basil for the handle : prevents anemia

Basil is a great source of iron, which is necessary to maintain the activity of the pregnant women, iron helps to increase the number of hemoglobin, red blood cells (RBC) in the blood, this can help in preventing the risk of anemia in pregnant women.

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Basil is a good source of vitamins, and various minerals, which improve immune pregnant women, as it contains good amount of vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin, and other minerals such as, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium, which can protect you and your baby unborn child from infection, it will also help in the proper development of your child.

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Side effects to Basil during pregnancy

Despite the many benefits of sports law, there are also some side effects that may occur if consumed in excess, here are some of the risks that may cause her to eat basil during pregnancy:


Lead basil to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood, thus, excessive consumption may cause sport during pregnancy to dizziness, tremors and irritability.

Can cause uterine contractions

It is known that Tulsi causes uterine contractions, this is one of the reasons why doctors advise not to eat pregnant and lactating women basil, and effects on blood thinners, and may cause prolonged bouts of bleeding, and therefore, not recommended for pregnant women who suffer from disorders prevent their blood from clotting effectively.

In the end, after that you know with us dear on the benefits of basil to deal , do not hesitate to honey in the consult your doctor, if you feel any offer not supported, always make sure to your safety.

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