The benefits of basil for more than 9 master Magic!

No basil or basil plants, it’s like Mint, you can take advantage and enjoy it through many different ways.

Studies have shown that the benefits of basil many different health and beauty in general, one of the most important benefits of basil include

Benefits of basil in the relief of swelling and inflammation

Recent studies have shown that basil contains many ingredients, which help to limit and relieve pain and tension, feeling of swollen stomach, and in within 24 hours, as they affect reduce the inflammation of the joints,

It also works on reducing inflammation in the body, particularly inflammation of the joints, where it acts on the mark gradually.

فوائد الحبق

Works on the fight against cancer

Proved by many research studies, that eating basil works to prevent the growth of some cancer cells, such as:

  • Cancer of the stomach.
  • Cancer of the mouth.
  • Cancer of the liver.

And because it contains many substances that help in stopping the activity of cancer cells, as well as contains antioxidants.

Benefits of basil in the fight against bacteria

Helps eating basil also get rid of bacteria, preventing growth and eradicating, as borne out by the research laboratory.

You can eat Basil by adding the appropriate amount of fresh basil to the salad, which leads to reduce bacteria in the dish.


Works of basil to reduce the appearance of facial lines, get rid of the signs of aging that appear on the individuals with the time, with their progress in the work, where it helps to delay the onset of these signs and adjust them, so when you eat it daily.

As it works to get rid of the diseases caused by particles of oxygen known as are usually free radicals, which affect parts of the body

Such as the heart, brain, liver, and because it contains many anti-oxidizing, which works to eliminate the aging problem.

Improve digestion

Is Basil of foods that help to regulate your digestive tract, which helps digest food with ease.

Also reduce the stomach pain and feeling bloated, as it helps in maintain the body acid base.

Think basil from old recipes that are prescribed to treat stomach distension and constipation, because eating it works to ease the process of digestion, because it contains a substance that helps strengthen the gut, protecting it from the appearance of health problems.

Basil to combat depression

Does the use of basil oil on the body hormones in general, which helps to regulate the production of hormones, especially the hormone of happiness.

It also works to reduce the hormone production your tense, so the use of this oil helps to reduce the feeling of depression.

فوائد الحبق

The fight against diabetes

Eating basil plants the most common, which serve to adjust the ratio of sugar in the blood.

It also works on reducing the proportion of body fat, because it contains aromatic oil, which is found on the leaves of the plant, helps in making the rapid entry of blood sugar slow.

Basil for eye health

Has basil vitamin A, which is very important to eliminate dryness of the eyes, so as to fit on the dimension of the Karoo proteins, which work to combat eye diseases, chronic and.

Basil for brain health

As we mentioned that basil contains many antioxidants and magnesium, which also works to improve brain cells and concentration, and stimulate the memory cells, the perception of the individual.

The benefits of basil other

As Basil has many other benefits namely:

  • Works of basil on the growth of the bones and strengthen them.
  • Works of basil to reduce the symptoms of PMS.
  • Works basil on improving the metabolism in the body.
  • Considered basil a source of good energy for the body.

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