The analysis process expanded the bronchi for treatment of cough, phlegm

The elements of the decision

Think trying to the process of the most useful drugs in the treatment of cough, wet and dry for the babies and infants after the sixth month, as well as adults.

Repeated analyses of the process from the extract of ivy leaves dried, which have proved to be effective in the treatment of cough, discharge of phlegm, which causes excitation of the respiratory system include it.

Works medication process on the expansion of the bronchi and dissolve the mucus is what helps calm the respiratory system, it also treats allergies, dry cough that causes irritation of the respiratory tract.

Characterized suppositories quickly impact compared to youth transportation, which provides faster healing for the patient and soothe the cough and feeling comfortable.

Reasons for using the analysis process

Containing analyses of the process on the succession of the leaves of the Ivy dry and seeds of anise oil, barley and mint, which makes it mounted useful in the treatment of the following cases:

– Treatment of cough is dry.
– The treatment of cough accompanied with sputum.
– Treatment of allergic respiratory.
– To treat episodes of spasm of the respiratory tract.
– Treatment of infections bronchitis.
– Treatment of bronchial infections caused by smoking and exposure to pollutants fumes.
– The treatment of pneumonia and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.
– Treatment of rhinorrhea and symptoms associated with colds and influenza.
– Used to facilitate the exit of mucus from the respiratory tract.
– The treatment of sinus infections.
– Helps to facilitate the process of development.
– Treats all types of cough associated with colds.
– Treatment of hoarseness and voice infections of the throat and tonsils.
– Helps to soothe the mucous membrane passages trachea which facilitates the process of development.
– Helps to improve the functioning of the immune system which helps to speed the healing of colds and cough that accompanies it.
– Works to stimulate blood circulation in the respiratory system.

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Price and specifications will be tablets for the treatment of cough, dry cough

تحاميل بروسبان للسعالProcess suppository for cough

Dosage and usage instructions

– Determine the dose of the suppositories according to the child’s age and weight.
– Dose infant up to age : download it one twice a day, morning and evening.
– Dose children from the age of two years up to 5 years: one suppository twice daily.
– Dose children from the age of six years and even 9 years: suppository 3 times daily.
Dose – analysis process for adults: one suppository 3 times a day.
– The dose of pregnant ladies: one suppository 3 times a day.
– You must comply with that prescribed by a doctor and not exceeded.
– You should consult a doctor before using the suppositories person for children under the age of 6 months.

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Side effects

May cause the medication to process some of the side effects of which is available on the patient’s ability to tolerate the drug because it consists of natural components does not occur symptoms of Jan strong only in rare cases, it is the most important side effects include the following:

– The feeling of disorder of the digestive and diarrhea.
– Feeling nauseous and feeling the urge to vomit.
– Feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.
– Feeling the energy in the anal area.
– The occurrence of pain and muscular contractions.
– The appearance of mucus mixed with feces.
– Does not cause a person feeling sleepy but sometimes some feel the desire to sleep.

The use of suppositories during pregnancy

– Can use the medication process during pregnancy, but consult a doctor first especially during the months of pregnancy first.
– The doctor determines the dosage of this medication according to the stage of the case.

Price and specifications of the medication process to treat cough and respiratory infections

تحاميل بروسبان لعلاج الكحة والبلغم وموسع للشعب الهوائيةThe analysis process for the treatment of cough, phlegm and expanded the bronchi

Sites objectives to use

Not used this drug for some patients and some health conditions according to the vision of the patient, contraindications to use are as follows:

– Not used for patients with deficiency of the kidney and kidney failure.
– Not used for patients with liver.
– Not used in cases of severe allergic reactions to components of the medication.
– Used for children after consulting your doctor.
– Used under medical supervision for diabetic patients.
– Used for patients with cardiovascular disease after consulting a doctor.
– Used during lactation after consulting a doctor.
– Consult a doctor if the cough within a week of beginning the treatment.
– Consult a doctor if the patient to high temperature and continued difficulty in breathing.
– Consult a doctor if you notice the appearance of blood or pus with the sputum.

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Preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of the hands of children.
– Keep suppositories refrigerated in a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture and away from direct sunlight.
– Stimulate the suppositories at a temperature of not more than 20 degrees Celsius.

So we can say that the analysis process is the medication fast and effectively all cases of cough in children and adults, working to improve process development and reduce the viscosity of mucus and help to expel the phlegm equivalent of a cough fast-it offers the patient better implementation and quick.

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