The analysis of blood digital for the

تحليل الدم الرقمي للحمل

تحليل الدم الرقمي للحمل


  • The analysis of blood digital for the
  • What is the hormone HCG for?
  • How it works the analysis of blood digital?
  • The accuracy of the blood analysis digital

There are many methods of analysis that can prove pregnancy, there are ways to detect pregnancy in the early periods very there are ways to need for the passage of some time since the occurrence of pregnancy indicate the presence of pregnancy or not. We will in this article on the analysis of blood digital for some of the analysis and other roads through which they can prove pregnancy.

The analysis of blood digital for the

The digital conversion of the hormone HCG

At the beginning of the talk about trying to prove a pregnancy, we’ll talk first about the never knock. a blood analysis digital. Says blood analysis, digital measuring levels of the hormone HCG in the blood, can choose to this analysis whether a woman is pregnant, as well as whether its body produce the appropriate level of pregnancy hormones.

Typically increases levels of the hormone HCG during the first trimester of pregnancy, then decreases with the progress of pregnancy in the second and third trimester. The doctor may be asked to do this analysis many times in order to observe how changes in the level of the hormone and pregnancy.

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What is the hormone HCG for?

The hormone HCG and its relationship to the transplacental

Speaking of the analysis of blood digital for the you must first know hormone which is restricted by this analysis. Say the component cells of the placenta secrete this hormone, and rises its level in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Do not indicate levels of this hormone to pregnancy, but is also a way to measure whether the pregnancy develops properly. May indicate levels of ectopic pregnancy, or warning of a miscarriage. Can refer to high levels of HCG fast to molar pregnancy when the growing tumor of the uterus.

Expect the level of nausea and fatigue.

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How it works the analysis of blood digital?

Usually the levels of the hormone HCG away from pregnancy is low, and rises with the occurrence of pregnancy. There are many pregnancy tests that do not detect high levels of the hormone HCG as the home pregnancy tests that used some of the time demonstrate the occurrence of pregnancy. The blood analysis digital Vickers proportion of this hormone in the blood whether high or not, and perform the analysis several times if he continues the level of the hormone in height, it means the occurrence of pregnancy. Usually blood tests are more sensitive than urine tests.

The accuracy of the blood analysis digital

Completing the talk about the blood analysis, digital for download, we’ll get to accuracy. Likely not accurate are pregnancy tests, whether tests of the home or trying to blood, and this depends on the period for which you perform the test through them. The longer you wait the more accurate, the start levels of HCG in height when grown fetus in the uterus, usually implantation occurs a week after ovulation. It can take several days until the levels rise HCG well enough to appear in the digital conversion.

Can women have high levels of the hormone HCG although not a Carry, be it as a result of several factors:

  • Presence of abortions, modern.
  • The use of some fertility drugs.
  • Molar pregnancy.

There are also less common causes, including:

  • The presence of the type of tumors that secrete the hormone HCG
  • Endocrine disorders, especially problems of the pituitary gland.
  • The presence of antibodies is normal in the blood.

Factors affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test

In addition to testing too early, there are several factors that may affect the outcome of pregnancy tests:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do not use a home pregnancy test correctly.
  • The expiration of the pregnancy test strip.

At the end of our article about the analysis of blood digital for the We have got to know how to do this conversion accuracy, with best wishes-time health and wellness.

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