The acute shortage of vitamin D

النقص الحاد في فيتامين د

النقص الحاد في فيتامين د

If you avoid the sun’s rays, or suffer from milk allergies, or adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, you may be at risk of severe shortage of vitamin D . Which is known as the sunshine vitamin.

The production of vitamin D by the body in response to skin exposure to the sun, as it is naturally present in few foods, including some fish, oils fish liver, egg yolk, dairy products, and some cereals.

Complications of acute shortage of vitamin D

Symptoms of bone pain, muscle weakness, means that it’s possible that you have a deficiency in vitamin D, however, a lot of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency symptoms are subtle, or even without symptoms. Complications include the acute shortage of vitamin D include the following:

  • Increased risk of death due to cardiovascular disease.
  • Cognitive impairment in the elderly.
  • Acute asthma in children.
  • Cancer.

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Causes of vitamin D deficiency

Research indicates that vitamin D can play a role in the Prevention of a number of different pathological conditions and treatment, including Type I and Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

It can happen to vitamin D deficiency for several reasons, including:

  • I said, eating foods that contain vitamin D

Eating foods containing vitamin D at a rate less than adequate to the needs of the body. Like if you follow a vegan diet strictly, as most natural sources of vitamin D depend on animals, including fish oils, egg yolk, milk, liver, beef.

  • Limited exposure to sunlight

Because the body produces vitamin D when skin is exposed to your Sun, You may be at risk of an acute shortage in vitamin D if you are someone who prefer to stay at home, or live in northern latitudes, or wear a lot of clothes.

  • People with dark skin

Reduce the pigment melanin from the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D in response to sun exposure, some studies show that older adults with darker skin are more at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

  • Work in progress

Can’t afford the kidneys to convert vitamin D to its active form with the progress of people in work, which increases the risk for severe vitamin D deficiency.

  • The inability of the body to the absorption

Occur when can’t your digestive system to absorb vitamin D adequately, as can some medical problems, including Crohn’s disease andcystic fibrosis, andceliac disease, can affect the ability of the intestine to absorb vitamin D from the food you eat.

  • Obesity

Is the use of vitamin D from the blood by fat cells, and transfer it to the blood circulation, people who have a body mass index less than 30 or more often suffer from severe shortage of vitamin D from the blood.

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Treatment of the acute shortage of vitamin D

Treatment of vitamin D deficiency is by getting more vitamin D through diet and supplements. Although there is no consensus on vitamin D levels required for good health, where they are likely to vary depending on age and health conditions, except that the concentration of less than 20 ng per milliliter is generally considered inadequate and requires treatment.

And now dear reader, after that you know the symptoms of monetary and in vitamin D and its causes, and treatment, maintain a good diet contains all nutrients necessary for the health of your body, and if you have any consult, consult one of our doctors here.

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