The absorption of vitamin B12

امتصاص فيتامين ب12

امتصاص فيتامين ب12

Have you ever asked yourself How is absorption of vitamin B12 and what are the resulting symptoms of its deficiency in the body, as vitamin B12 is of great significance to the body. If you want to know the answer to these questions you can continue to the next section.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as methylcobalamin, is an important vitamin soluble in water, where it plays an essential role in the production of red blood cells and DNA, as well as it works on improving the functionality of nervous system.

Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal foods, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. However, his presence can also in fortified products, such as some types of bread and milk source.

The absorption of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has many benefits for brain and nervous system, as it participates in the formation of red blood cells and also helps to create and organize DNA, which is genetic material in all cells. Dependent metabolism of every cell in the body to vitamin B12, where it plays a role in fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

The occurrence of the absorption of vitamin B12 from food is in the body through; first the separation of the stomach acid of vitamin B12, then, is associated vitamin B12 with a protein manufactured by the stomach is called as internal factor which is a protein produced in your stomach to deliver vitamin B12 to the small intestine to be absorbed into the bloodstream, then absorbed by the body.

Some people who suffer from anemia, they have a problem in absorbing vitamin B12 from all foods and dietary supplements. As the body stores excess amounts of vitamin B12 that does not need the body in the liver for use in another time.

The symptoms of lack of absorption of vitamin B12

Exposed many people to the risk of non-absorption of vitamin B12 and its transfer in the body, they are:

  • The elderly.
  • Who undergo surgery removes a portion of the intestine which absorbs B12.
  • Some diabetics.
  • Who follow the diet (diet).
  • Those who are taking medications anti-acidity long-term.

Here are some of the symptoms of deficiency the absorption of vitamin B12, or the presence in the body:

  • Pale skin

Often it seems the face of people living with B12, pale or yellowing in the whites of the eyes, a condition known as jaundice.

This occurs when the lack of B12 problems in the production of red blood cells in the body. Where it plays a vitamin B12 play an essential role in the production of DNA needed for making red blood cells.

  • Weakness and fatigue

Is weakness and fatigue of the common symptoms of lack of vitamin B12, because the body does not have enough vitamin B 12 to make red blood cells, which transports oxygen throughout the body, and therefore can not transfer oxygen efficiently to the body’s cells, leading to fatigue and weakness.

  • Tingling sensation

One of the side effects most dangerous to transport B12 long term is nerve damage. Where this can occur with the passage of time, so that vitamin B 12 helps in the metabolic pathway that produces lipid of myelin, a substance that surrounds the nerves as a form of protection and insulation.

  • Changes in motion

If not treated, Vitamin B12 deficiency, the damage to the nervous system due to lack of B12 can cause changes in movement and walking.

  • Inflammation of the gums, tongue and mouth

A lack of vitamin B12 to the occurrence of inflammation of the gums, tongue and mouth that could lead to a change in the color and shape of the tongue, which makes it red and painful.

  • Shortness of breath dizziness

Anaemia due to deficiency of B12 lead to feeling short of breath gossip of the Rotor, because the body lacks red blood cells that are needed to obtain a sufficient amount of oxygen to the cells of the body.

  • Blurred vision

One of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is blurred vision, where can this happen when the lack of B12 to the nervous system damage to the optic nerve which can lead to the disable signal, the nerve that travels from the eye, which impairs vision, which are known as optic neuropathy.

Now that we know the absorption of vitamin B12 and what are the resulting symptoms of its deficiency in the body, it is essential to eat meals that contain vitamin B12, and if you find any of the symptoms previously mentioned, you need to follow the doctor.

If you have any queries you can consult a doctor from here.

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