Tell the organization when the kids against MERS-CoV and tips easy

تقوية المناعة عند الاطفال

تقوية المناعة عند الاطفال

Every mother and father care about the health of their children, how to provide all the ways of the House of Representative against corona virus, so we will through the following article How You can strengthen the area when the kids against MERS-CoV in different ways through the tips of UNICEF.

Are the symptoms of corona virus in children different from adults?

It became known now that the corona virus that targets the respiratory system, and because of that show a range of different symptoms which most notably cough dry and high temperature, in addition to a range of other symptoms in the stages advanced.

The children, the situation is no different when very often, the symptoms that appear on children do not differ much from the adults, as they are milder unlike adults mostly.

You can recognize the symptoms of MERS-CoV in detail in children.

Tell the organization when the kids

Children need nutrition and useful elements constantly, whether we are in the shadow of the crisis of the koruna or in the days of ordinary, and therefore offer the health institutions such as UNICEF Important Tips For All mother and father to support and strengthen the health of their children, including:

Give your child fresh foods

It is true that with the curfew in most of the world, it might be difficult, but as much as possible trying to provide fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits to your child, to get important nutrients to the body.

At least you can freeze these foods or cook vegetables before the damage by making soups helpful to them, with the possibility of frozen and heated up later too.

Stay away from sweets and processed foods

Children love to eat sugar and snacks constantly, rather than provide a sugar and meals processed, divide the nuts or cheese or boiled eggs or yogurt (preferably not replace the brush), you can also offer fruits seats or dried, and other options other health.

Wash your hands constantly

Children love to play and movement exploration, all the time, so it may increase the chances of transfer of infection to them, should you care about encouraging your child to wash their hands after sneezing and coughing, and use the bathroom or touching contaminated surfaces, using warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds at least, to reduce the chance of transmission.


Should you care to schedule indenting of your child and the deadlines do not, so protect your child from a lot of possible diseases, including measles, mumps, smallpox, and other infections and all that may weaken the organization, according to follow-up with the doctor.

Important information: how to strengthen the immune system against MERS-CoV.

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Project for children’s homes

Instead of sugary drinks and juices manufacturer, you can encourage your child to drink water and add some flavors other natural including:

  • Lemon strawberry.
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple or mint.
  • The Orange and lemon.
  • Cucumber and watermelon.

You can also give your child other helpful, such as:

  • Coconut water, but make sure you choose the types without added sugar.
  • Smoothy natural. – made in the region of the strawberries with beets, or with other normal led astray by your child.

Important tips to support baby’s immune

Should your child gets enough sleep, so the body can produce cytokines that help fight infection and inflammation.

Have a personal hygiene and follow the advice of the World Health Organization WHO, including: washing hands with soap and water, avoid taking your child out in, out in, and approaching your child from the persons suspected, with the use of the houses when you sneeze cough.

For babies, you have to take care of the mother for personal also wear a mask when feeding and wash your hands before and after touching the baby, and in the case of HIV infection, care must be taken on these rules, discussion with a doctor about possible ways of breastfeeding and Child Nutrition.

Important information: the immune system when fighting with you, and when fighting against you?

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