Tablets Petro Petro for the treatment of colds, cough,


We will talk in this article about tablets Petro Petro is a pleasure to use pathologies and the appropriate groups through the website the idea a lot of people suffer from a cold or flu especially in the climate variability and its moderation are suffering from the acute congestion of the nose and throat, cough, cough, but doctors advise taking the tablets Petro because it is fast acting but only eat it in appropriate quantities according to the dosage set by the doctor .

Tablets Petro :

  • The medication Petro-shaped tablets .
  • Uses medication Petro in the treatment of colds and flu sliver cough and headache .
  • The name of the manufacturer for reasons of petro is Alfa cure .

The mechanism of action of tablets Petro :

There are two scientific tablets Petro namely :

  • First paracetamol is considered a pain reliever and antipyretic .
  • Secondly, the caffeine works as a stimulant for the nervous system can fatigue and stress .

Tablets Petro pleasure to use :

  • Used tablets Petro in reducing the heat and pain reliever .
  • It is also used in the treatment of cases of hardship and difficulty of digestion .
  • Also helps the intake of tablets Petro in reducing the severity of pain associated with menstruation in women .
  • In the treatment of infections associated with the donation .
  • Uses also medication Petro in the mitigation of the pains of the gastrointestinal tract and the woman also .
  • The dwelling also colon and stomach ulcers .
  • Uses medication Petro in cases of recurrent miscarriage and chronic .
  • Rely also pills Petro of material poor severe which is recommended by the doctor after surgery .
  • Recognized as a strong analgesic for pain of the joints and spine as well as rheumatism .
  • Uses medication Petro in the case of inflammation of the ovaries as well as fallopian tubes and the uterus also .
  • Recognized as a strong analgesic for pain of renal colic .

Dose tablets Petro :

  • Choose the dose that is ingested by young adults where the adult tablet, or two tablets three times a day .
  • The children are to determine the dose them according to the weight of the child and also by the guidance of the competent doctor .

Contraindications to use tablets Petro :

  • Prevents the use of tablets petro for people who may suffer from allergies to certain components of the drug .
  • Also prevents its use for children under the age of 15 years .
  • Also prevents the use of tablets Petro persons who suffer from failure in the functions of the liver and kidneys .

Stop using the tablets Petro :

  • I don’t prefer to stop taking the medication only after consulting a doctor because it may cause some diseases and the side effects you may complete the specified dose first, then consult a physician .

The two side cut expenses Petro :

There are many side effects but they vary from person to person depending on the nature of the body according to the affected by the medication and the symptoms or side effects caused by the medication Petro :

  • May cause the intake of tablets Petro rash and redness and itching .
  • It leads to shortness of breath and swelling of the lips and feet .
  • And also eating tablets Petro to nausea and vomiting .

Way to save the medication Petro :

  • Stimulates the medication Petro in a cool, dry place so keep out of the hands of children .

Does it affect the intake of tablets Petro on pregnant women and women nursing for?

Yeah affect and negative on the health of the fetus and the baby when breastfeeding you should consult your physician before using it and take it .

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor, in case there is any query about the disks of the petro we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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