Tablets Metro the METROL to clean the uterus


We will talk in this article about mitre the METROL through the website the idea a lot of experience bleeding for multiple reasons as well as regarding the loss of nostalgia and the fall and all of that needs to the assistant cleans the uterus and get rid of blood to avoid any risk posed by this accumulated blood and there was miter the effective implementation of the uterus from the blood .

Medication Metro the METROL :

  • The medication in the image of the injection and tablets .
  • Uses medicine to clean the uterus after the occurrence of bleeding or after childbirth.

Injection mitre the METROL indications :

A syringe is used to miter the METROL to treat the following cases :

  • Uses medicine to clean the uterus of postpartum blood exposure and the occurrence of bleeding .
  • Used in calming the uterus can constrict which helps in the completion of the pregnancy as well as for the treatment of uterine .
  • System good menopause where to a lot of ladies with regard to monthly occurrence of bleeding accompanying menopause .
  • During childbirth used to clean the uterus and out the placenta easily .

Dose miter the METROL :

  • The dosage is determined by your physician and must comply with the prescribed dose to avoid any complications .
  • In the case of using the injection is the use of one mm, and in the case of the use of disks is one tablet per day .
  • If the drug is used to clean the uterus after childbirth is the use of a tablet three times a day .
  • Must adhere to deadlines and is not stop taking the medication but consult your doctor in order to clean the uterus and cause blood balance in the occurrence of anything serious .

Sites use the miter beauty METROL :

  • Prevents the use of the drug by people suffering from hypersensitivity towards one of the components of the drug core .
  • Prevents the use of the drug by children .
  • Prevents the use of the drug if you patients of liquidity .
  • Prevents the use of the drug if you are suffering from heart and kidney problems.
  • Prevents the use of the drug in pregnancy because it may cause abortion and fetal death.
  • Prevents the use of the drug by respiratory patients .

The two side cut expenses miter the METROL :

Miter the METROL like many other drugs that may cause the appearance of some side effects which vary from person to person and vary according to the nature of his body and his health and these symptoms :

  • Entry in the case of depression and anxiety .
  • Headaches severe .
  • The feeling of increased heart rate .
  • Abdominal pain and bulging in the abdomen due to the accumulation of gases .
  • Insomnia and difficulty sleeping .
  • Distorted vision well .
  • Pain in the chest and difficulty breathing .
  • Increase the generation of urine and excretion of sweat .
  • It’s in the uterus is severe .
  • Guilt in the ear .
  • A rise in blood pressure .

In the case of exposure to any of these symptoms to the doctor immediately .

Does it affect of the drug on pregnancy?

Prevent eating it permanently because it causes abortion .

You medicine affects the ability of sex?

Yes, it causes Weak sexual ability .

When the drug is administered before after food?

Prefer taking the medicine after food because it causes irritation in the stomach, so make sure to eat it after eating directly .

  • The medication not be used without consulting the physician must adhere to all instructions given is not of great risk so it must be conducting tests to confirm the absence of liquidity, where that your use of the drug may lead to your death if you are suffering from liquidity .

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor, in case there are any questions about Metro, we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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