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We will talk in this article about tablets loratadine Loratadine and intended use, and the side effects of through the website the idea a lot of suffering especially in the period between the end of winter and the beginning of the summer show allergic reactions which caused many symptoms annoy all of the suffering that may be why the transmission of the pollen in this period or due to another cause loratadine is used to treat all of these symptoms .

Medication loratadine Loratadine :

  • The drug loratadine in the form of tablets and syrup.
  • Medication loratadine is one of the receptor antagonists of histamine which causes allergy severe .
  • Is used to treat seasonal allergies and the accompanying symptoms .

The mechanism of action tablets loratadine :

  • Loratadine prevents that the wearing of histamine with receptors own and thus prevents allergies .

The medication loratadine price in Egypt concentrations are :

  • 5 mg .
  • 10 mg .
  • And syrup 1 mg / 1 .

Tablets loratadine indications :

Uses medication loratadine to treat the following :

  • Used in the treatment of seasonal allergies by relieving the symptoms associated with it :
  • Runny nose constant .
  • Itching skin .
  • The eye with tears .
  • Ate in the throat and nose .
  • Inflammation of the sinuses that cause a sense of severe headache and dizziness .
  • Difficulty in breathing .
  • Injury well work .
  • Redness of the face and skin .

Side effects lend to loratadine :

Loratadine and other medications may cause many side effects vary according to the nature of his body, so must not be approached without consulting your doctor and symptoms that may cause it are :

  • Severe headache .
  • Exhaustion and desire to sleep continuously .
  • Dizziness .
  • The feeling of thirst .
  • Redness of the eye .
  • Myalgia.
  • Soreness in the bones .
  • Difficulty in breathing .
  • Disorders in saliva, tears and difficulty in their control .
  • Disorders of the heart beat .
  • Colic in the abdomen .
  • Loss of appetite accompanied by weight loss .
  • Depression, a psychological disorder .
  • Retention of urine .
  • May affect the hair and drying it and shining it.
  • Parkinson’s disease, vertigo as well as may cause fainting .

In case you show any prefer to run to the doctor quickly to avoid the worst.

Contraindications to use medication loratadine :

  • Prevents the use of medication for children less than two years .
  • Not be used by patients of heart, kidney and lungs.
  • Prevents use if you suffer from excessive sensitivity to the survival of one of the components of the drug .

Dosage loratadine :

The dosage is determined by your doctor and must be adhered to, is not required to take this medicine with food, but can eat it before or after it happens the effect .

  • The dose for children 2 to 5 years :
  • 5 mg once every two days preferably in the evening .
  • The dose for children from the age of 6 and more :
  • Is intake of 10 mg once every two days .

In the case of adults :

  • Is intake of 10 mg once daily .

What are the alternatives to loratadine :

  • Free Allergies
  • Claritin Claritine .
  • Laurent calls Lorano .
  • Loratadine Loratadine .
  • Laura two Loratan .
  • Lorraine two Loratin
  • Lauren Lorraine .
  • Use Mosedin .
  • June loratadine Uni Loratadine.
  • June loratadine DS Uni Loratadine DS .

How long loratadine to?

Lasts the effect of drug day length during the four and twenty hours it starts to work after taking it an hour or two .

Does loratadine on the relationship marriage?

Yes may cause the intake of loratadine twice the sexual ability .

You contradict loratadine with other drugs?

Yes, it may affect the effect of other drugs or is affected by a drug to another, it should be taken with anticholinergics, where it causes increased impact and should be taken with any anti-histamine where it may cause an increased risk of side effects .

Does the effect of loratadine on pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yeah I don’t prefer to eat it absolute with pregnancy and lactation but if it can be done to consult a doctor to give an alternative no less than the extent and severity.

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor, in case there are any questions about the medication loratadine, and we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea.

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