Tablets DOSIN doze of to treat high blood pressure


We will talk in this article about tablets DOSIN doze through the site idea if a lot of seniors and others suffering from high blood pressure for various reasons, different causes of high blood pressure causes a lot of stress and headaches and other symptoms and tablets use have been able to prove its effectiveness in controlling blood pressure .

Tablets DOSIN Duzen :

  • The drug is in the form of tablets .
  • Used to treat high blood pressure .
  • Is the production of the drug by company eipico Pharmaceuticals .
  • The drug in different concentrations namely :
  1. 1 mg .
  2. 2 mg .
  3. 4 mg .

The mechanism of action of tablets DOSIN Duzen :

  • The drug works to expand the blood vessels through which the blood and therefore increase the area and pressure on the walls of the vessels thus reducing blood pressure .

Tablets DOSIN Dawes the reasons for the usage :

The drug is used in the treatment of the following cases :

  • Treats high blood pressure .
  • Treats benign prostatic hyperplasia .
  • Amends the the efficiency of blood circulation .
  • Helps in improving the urinary system decides to extend the muscles of the bladder which facilitates the exit of urine .

Dose pills DOSIN Duzen :

  • The dosage is determined by your physician only because I know the situation must comply with the prescribed dose to avoid any complications .
  • In the case of treatment of blood pressure is the intake of one tablet a day time .
  • In the case of drugs, the pressure must meet deadlines and must be taking the medication at the same time daily .

Contraindications to use tablets DOSIN Duzen :

  • Prevents the use of the drug by people suffering from hypersensitivity towards one of the components of the drug core .
  • Prevents the use of the medication by glaucoma patients .
  • Prevents the use of the drug if you are suffering from anemia .
  • Prevents the use of the drug if you are suffering from heart and kidney problems.
  • Prevents the use of the medicine if you suffer from liver problems .
  • Prevents the use of the medicine if you have had surgery in the eye.
  • Prevents taking the drug by children .

The two side cut expenses DOSIN Duzen :

Tablets DOSIN Dušan as other rest medicines may cause dealt with the emergence of some side effects which vary from person to person and vary according to the nature of his body and his health and these side effects :

  • Of insanity in a heartbeat .
  • Difficulty in breathing .
  • May it comes to heart attacks .
  • Rash and severe itching, swelling in the face and eyes .
  • Yellowing of the eye .
  • An imbalance in blood components .
  • Swelling of the tongue.
  • Bulging of the foot and ankle .

In the case of appearance of any of these symptoms it is refer to the physician immediately .

Does it affect of the drug on pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, it may cause the medication to deformation of the fetus in the mother’s womb may cause harm to the infant because it is transmitted with breast milk so you should not use the medicine only after consulting your doctor.

Does it affect of the drug on the heart?

Misuse of medication non-adherence with the instructions or overdose may cause low blood pressure and thus may cause a large damage in the heart .

Are incompatible the drug with medications the other one?

Yes, it may affect the medication any other drugs may be addressed by the patient at the same time, so the doctor must be fully aware of the health situation of the patient .

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor, in case there is any query about the disks DOSIN Duzen we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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