Tablets built Kerr Peptic Care for the treatment of ulcer of the stomach, colon


We will talk in this article about the building of Kerr Peptic Care of through the site the idea has spread recently many people are complaining of severe fatigue with weakness due to Helicobacter pylori and the gastric ulcers and duodenum, so the pills home care can address such problems effectively great .

Medication babycare :

  • The drug is in the form of tablets .
  • The medication is used to treat ulcers of the stomach, colon and duodenum as well as stomach germ .
  • The active substance in the medicine is omeprazole .
  • The company producing the drug are the Arab Company for gelatin and pharmaceutical .

Tablets built Kerr Peptic Care :

  • The drug is used in the treatment of the following cases :
  • Used in the treatment of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum .
  • Treatment of Helicobacter pylori .
  • Equivalent medication also inflammation occurring in the vagina .
  • The drug is used in the treatment of gastric acidity .
  • Equivalent to exacerbation of acute bacterial people treatment for bronchitis .
  • Very effective in the treatment of sinus infections .
  • Treats inflammation of the tonsils as well as pharynx .
  • Equivalent to the acidity of the stomach and its movement is also due to the escalation of stomach acid in the oesophagus .
  • Also treats gastroesophageal reflux disease .
  • Treats fungal infections and bacteria .
  • Very effective for the treatment of infections of the uterus .
  • Effective in treating gum infections .

Dose pills to build Kerr Peptic Care :

  • Don’t the dose should be selected only by the Attending Physician of the situation he’s learning, their need of the medication so you must comply with the prescribed dose to avoid any complications .
  • The usual dose is one tablet twice daily preferably taking the medication after food .

Contraindications to use tablets built Kerr Peptic Care :

  • Prevent taking the medication if you suffer from excessive sensitivity towards one of the components of the drug core .
  • Prevents taking the drug by children .
  • Prevents taking the drug without consulting a doctor .
  • Prevents taking the drug by the patients liver and kidneys .
  • Prevents the use of the drug by heart patients .
  • Prevents the use of the drug if you have been injured in pictures evening in advance .

The two side cut expenses building Kerr Peptic Care :

Building Kerr Peptic Care Medicine as it may cause dealt with the emergence of some side effects that vary from person to person vary according to the nature of his body and his health and these symptoms :

  • Spasms in the muscles of the heart .
  • Irregularity in the heartbeat .
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by puke and nausea .
  • Severe headache .
  • Change the color of the tongue, weakness of the sense of taste .
  • Colic in the lower abdomen .
  • Abdominal fullness gas .
  • Skin redness and swelling of the lips, face, and itchy feeling .
  • The feeling of dizziness and exhaustion is constant .
  • Severe constipation .
  • In the case of appearance of any of these symptoms you should refer to your physician immediately .

Does alcohol affect effect of the drug?

Prevent the intake of alcohol while taking the medication because it spoils the effect .

Does it affect of the drug on pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Prevents taking the drug during pregnancy and lactation because the drug may cause congenital malformations of the fetus and cause harm to the infant .

Does it affect of medication or affected by any other drugs?

Yes, the affects of the drug on some other medications so the therapist must be fully aware of the health situation of the patient and is there any medication other or not .

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor, in case there is any inquiry about the building Kieran Peptic Care we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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