Table of calorie-burning sport

Table of calories burned wind across the site of Arab Health, there’s a lot of sports and simple that will help you to burn excess calories existing body, which works to increase the body weight when accumulation and integration of burning, therefore you must follow sport zones, in order to make your body svelte and perfect.

More sport burn calories

  • Help walking to burn calories and lose weight.
  • When attendance on the practice of brisk walking (jogging) for about half an hour a day works to burn more than 150 calories per day which is equivalent to the loss of half a kg per week.
  • The greater the speed the greater the amount of burning accumulated fat in the abdomen and buttocks.

Table of calories burned pdf

You think the number of calories that are burned during aerobic exercise on weight and size of the body, and here we show you some of the sports and the calories you burn per hour but for this, a significant proportion, and probably vary from person to person depending on the amount of food, the fat accumulated.

Exercise per hourThe number of calories burned

Body weight weighs 75 kilos

The number of calories burned

The weight of the body weighs 90 kilos

Walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour. 314 391
Walking at a speed of 2 miles per hour. 204 255
Basketball practice 584 728
Swimming exercise 423 528
Practice tennis 511 637
The practice of taekwondo 752 937
The practice of water-skiing 438 546
The practice of the ski on the slope 314 391
The practice of snowboarding 511 637
Figure 219 273
Soccer practice 584 728
The practice of the sport of squash 584 728
The practice of baseball. 365 455
The practice of volleyball 292 364
Jump rope 861 1.074
Rowing boat 256 319
The practice of the sport of golf 314 391
The device

Stair treadmill



The practice of the sport of bowling 219 273

Exercise to burn 500 price

There are several exercises significantly contribute to calories burned and a large proportion, which make a greater chance to burn fat accumulated in the abdominal areas, buttocks, not only that but have the ability to tighten the sagging of the body, and make it svelte textures, as well as giving the body activity and vitality restore luster to the skin from the new, and these sports:

  • Exercise boxing aerobic: experts confirmed boxing in the world, that the practice of these exercises for three minutes and then followed by a rest for a minute, trying to balance the body and burn the 200 calories in a quarter of an hour the equivalent of 500 calories in 39 minutes.
  • Exercise:the exercises are working on training the upper and lower part of the body such as crawling and walking exercises I have four parties, which burns 500 calories in 40 minutes.
  • Yoga exercises: exercises are working on improving the performance of the devices development, digestion, endocrine, as it works to burn 500 calories in 5 minutes.
  • Exercise HIIT: confirmed University of New South Australian to this exercise burn 10% of calories on average which equals to 500 calories in half an hour.
  • Squat: the best exercise for ladies, where it helps to tighten the buttocks and thigh, and make it tight, in addition to get rid of the effects of the sales.

You with table of calories burned sport we are pleased to receive any enquiries for ways to lose excess weight through the comment below the article.

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