Syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir cough medicines

Syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir is a compound that contains a group of active substances is as natural as extract of thyme, liquid and abstract flower spring and other material that works to calm the cough and cough and melt away the phlegm and expand the airways allowing the patient to breathe better .

Uses syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir as a treatment is safe and effective for adults and young people where it is characterized by the scarcity of side effects of its use .


Indications use of syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Treatment of sinus infections .
  • Treatment of swollen throat and runny nose .
  • Is used to treat cough and dissolve phlegm .
  • Used to expand the bronchi .
  • Used to treat whooping cough .
  • The treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders hallucinations .
  • Treatment inflammatory bacterial .
  • Used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of asthma attacks .
  • Is used to treat migraine headaches and kidneys .
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The necessary dose of syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Occurs physician the necessary dose to the patient according to the medical diagnosis and general health of the patient .
  • Be dose virtual adult mentor small three times daily .
  • To be the default for children half a teaspoon twice or three times daily according to the instructions of the doctor .
  • The drug is used for seven days continuously under the supervision of a physician and at least between each dose and the other about four hours .

Side effects use of syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Leads to feeling dizzy and fatigue in general .
  • Incidence of pain in the abdomen .
  • Feeling like vomiting and nausea .
  • Incidence of headache in the head .

Contraindications to the use of syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Not used in case of injury with hypersensitivity to the active substance where components of the drug .
  • Prevent its use in case of high body temperature above 39 degrees Celsius .
  • Not used in the case of phlegm the stomach or pus .
  • Prevents its use during pregnancy especially the months three .
  • Prevents its use during breastfeeding because it is excreted in the milk, it .
  • Not used for children less than a year .
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Guidelines for the use of syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Prefer to tell patient to take doses after the disappearance of symptoms for three days .
  • You should not increase the duration of use of the drug for four weeks continuously .
  • In the case of continued side effects for a long time you must stop treatment and visit your physician .
  • You should not refrain from taking the drug without consulting a doctor even when you feel better. the lack of serious side effects .
  • You must shake the bottle well before use and make sure of the expiry date of the debtor on the packaging .

Means to save and store syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • Store at room temperature at least 20 ° C and not more than 30 degrees Celsius .
  • Store in sealed containers away from sunlight .
  • Drilling in a dry place. away from high humidity .
  • Keep out of reach of children’s hands and surfaces contaminated .

Price syrup price elixir Bronchicum Elixir :

  • The price of the packaging 100 ml 30 EGP .
  • Is trading the burden of various pharmacies source under a permit from the Ministry of Health and under the supervision of pharmacists .
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