Symptoms of worm belly and how to prevent them

Worms are simple objects change in the human body, and determined types and symptoms of worm belly between everyone, and can cause these worms many problems in the body, so you need to quick diagnosis and thorough.

In this article we will take a look at the symptoms of a worm belly and types of worms are various, in addition to ways of infecting people out, so I followed up with us.

Worm abdomen when the adult

With the progress in work and earnings, no longer the organs of the organization is as strong as it was before, this presents some risk of infection any of the symptoms of a worm belly and intestinal parasites that can lead to malnutrition.

أعراض دود البطن للكبار

Types of worms among the big

Round worms

Invade the human intestine where they live and feed and breed, and often do not cause any symptoms, but are likely to occur in large numbers.


Is a type of intestinal parasite known as the hookworm and, in the beginning may occur itching and rashes in the place of the injury.


Flat worms that resemble a ribbon which can live in your gut if you swallow their eggs or maggots small.

Symptoms of worm belly for adults

Can cause infection of intestinal parasites in a variety of symptoms worm the abdomen such as:

  • Digestive problems including constipation, unexplained diarrhea, and gas constant
  • Skin problems including rashes, unexplained eczema, hives and itching
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Even when you get enough sleep
  • Not feeling full even after eating a big meal
  • Constant hunger even when you eat enough
  • Anemia caused by iron deficiency
  • Feelings of unexplained anxiety
  • Recurrent yeast infection
  • Itching in the anal or vaginal

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Worms of the belly white

Worms belly White known as roundworm, pinworm or roundworm nematode, is a parasitic worm of the stomach are extremely common, used the human body to stay zoom, ranges the length of the adult worms between 0.2 and 0.4 inches, or 5 to 10 millimeters (mm), and in white or cream and looks like a small horse, and can live for up to 6 weeks.

Join these worms in the intestine then travels through the digestive system to lay their eggs at night in the anal area, and itching to be worse or more noticeable at night.

ديدان البطن البيضاء

Symptoms of worm belly white

Symptoms of worm belly white as follows:

  1. Sleep disorder
  2. Itching in the anal area
  3. Mild nausea
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Severe irritability
  6. Abdominal pain intermittent
  7. Sleep difficulties
  8. Weight loss

If it turns out that there is someone infected, you should treat all other family members too, even if I don’t show any symptoms.

Due infection any of the symptoms of worm belly white to not to clean, where the eggs are transferred the worm from the anus of an infected person to other places such as the mouth, food, or water, and thus gets a lot of people infected.

Herpes female lays eggs around the anus and vagina. Can transfer eggs from anus to:

  • Mattress bed
  • Carpet
  • Hands
  • Towels
  • Lingerie and clothing

Launches the worm pinworms female risk itchy when laying their eggs, leading to a desire to scratch the affected area of the anus or vagina, and hands can transfer the house to anything that has been touched, including:

  • Protection tools such as toothbrushes and combs and brushes
  • Directly to the hands of others
  • Home furnitures
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Kitchenware
  • Children’s games
  • Swallow eggs

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Signs of worm belly white

Can procedures and strict hygiene to treat infection with worms pinworms or white worms as they are called, and significantly reduce the risk of re-infection.

The life span of worms about 6 weeks, so any health measures to be taken should last a long time, and everyone in the family infected with worms pinworms comply with the following:

  1. Wash all bed linen at an acceptable temperature rinse thoroughly
  2. Cleaning the house thoroughly, especially the bedrooms.
  3. Washing the cloth frequently in hot water regularly
  4. Prevent eating food in the bedrooms, where there is a risk of swallowing eggs which get rid of the covers
  5. Make sure to cut the fingernails of every member of the family
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently and under your nails before eating and after going to the toilet and after changing diapers
  7. At night you wear clean underwear and change them every morning
  8. Taking a bath regularly with particular attention to areas of the anal walls
  9. Do not share your towels with anyone.
  10. You must put the toothbrush in a closed cabinet and rinse them well before use.

Types of worms belly

Concerning the worms of abdomen and each of them has different symptoms and also different in the entry to the human body, and therefore expose you to all types in detail.

أنواع ديدان البطن

Tape worm

Tapeworms are a type of worm is flat, which live in the intestines, where it meets the wall of the intestinal, most people who suffer from tapeworms do not suffer from any symptoms of a worm belly or symptoms are very light.

Tapeworms are flat and tend to be long, usually between 3 and 10 meters depending on the type of worm.

Worm Insta

Hookworm or Insta, a worm usually enter a person’s body through the soil is unhealthy, it suggests the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noted that 576 to 740 million people worldwide are infected with hookworm, according to estimates.

Run hookworms space in the small intestine, where they lay eggs out of the body through feces, most of the designers in the worm Hookworms have no symptoms.

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Roundworm, pinworm

Pinworms are a worm, small and high spin in the intestines, and sometimes in the colon and rectum, can someone infected with worms transferred to another person through direct contact or through sharing an object contaminated with it.

The worm Trichinella

Is another type of roundworm that can spread to humans who eat undercooked meat or raw vegetables that contain living larvae, then larvae develop in the intestine, and then reach their full size, may leave the worms Trish an the intestine and in other tissues such as muscle.

Symptoms vary with infection trichomoniasis, in addition to gastrointestinal symptoms are common, May some people:

  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain joints
  • Swelling of the face or eyes
  • Problems in breathing or the heart or make it difficult for the person to talk
  • Severe cases may lead to death

Worm Los

One of the worms and the famous that live in the human intestine and is transmitted by eating some of the fish are immature like “mullet and tilapia”, which is the worms are very small, their length does not exceed a quarter of a centimeter.

Are worms the abdomen contagious.

There are a lot of worms belly contagious and passed between family members through the use of personal items towels, or eating utensils, or by touching the hand of the injured person after touching it for download worms for severe itching.

As there are other ways of infection of worms, such as soil and foods unripe like some vegetables, fish, raw meat, so it is advised to always wash foods well before eating them, in addition to avoid eating some fish and meat unripe very, to avoid injury to any of the symptoms of a worm belly.

After knowing all the symptoms of a worm belly and their multiple types, if you notice any of the symptoms you or people close to you, you have to communicate fast with your physician or consult with our medical team through the website.

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