Symptoms of urinary salts know them

What are the symptoms of the salts of the urine? And salts of the urine are harmful and what are the ways to cure it, this is what we will learn through the article.

Refers to increase of salts in the urine to increase uric acid in food, offset dependency of the deposition of salts in the urine, and increase the Send is difficult for the body to get rid of them and begins the composition of the gravel and causing the symptoms of the salts of the urine and can differentiate between gravel and by (type, quantity and availability of its urine), there are stones of small size like sand or larger note, there are pebbles of large size and is causing the kidney problem, is considered the pain is unbearable .

Symptoms of urinary salts when women

If high uric acid or of salts in the human body caused by the breach for the food venture about symptoms of urinary salts, and affects women at different ages .

It must be noted it should not be a source of concern for easy recovery .

It is the symptoms that women feel the source of the salts in the urine:

  1. The complaint of pain of the right hand side towards the kidneys.
  2. Sensation of pain focused the lower area near bladder.
  3. Burning sensation when urinating.

أعراض أملاح البول عند النساء

Treatment of the salts of the urine of pregnant

It is known that pregnancy for all women, the critical period is considered to increase the salts which are formulated by most pregnant women something often become an issue due to the symptoms that accompany the increasing rate like:

  1. Swelling of the hands and feet, as well as the face significantly..
  2. The feeling of pain towards the kidneys, especially the right.
  3. Pain the lower abdomen near the bladder.
  4. Gaining weight are remarkable.

The remedy lies one of the following ways:

  • Frequent drinking water for his active role in dissolving the salts.
  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages.
  • Not over-eating legumes as well as animal protein.

أعراض أملاح البول

The types of salts in the urine analysis

According to the urine is related clear to US following that the salts of the urine is divided Our into three types

Salts loss

  • It occupies the acidic side of the urine

Phosphate salts

  • And side alkali of the urine

Salts of the euro the

  • The most prevalent and acidic side also

The types of salts the urine

As we mentioned earlier that there are three types of track in accordance with the analysis neglected and they are:

Salts loss

  • This type of salts is commonly found in citrus fruits, of vegetables and fruits like mango, tomatoes, as well as it is in some food, leafy vegetables such as spinach and watercress.

Phosphate salts

  • Occupies the upper part of the urine, causing the movement in the urine and pus, sometimes it is cured by eating foods rich in vitamin C, like orange and lemon, as if it accompanies the pus must consult the doctor to distract the anti-appropriate for your condition.

أعراض أملاح البول

Salts of the euro the

  • It is most prevalent among different age groups and its availability in animal protein and vegetable protein, and working in the drinking sufficient amounts of water, which is the main cause of gout.

To maintain your health honey to avoid breach for the food, more than drink water.

Treatment of the salts of urine and pus

Produce pus and salts of the urine is usually from an infection, whether it is microbes or fungi, and rarely be the causative agent of viral, we find the patient feels the need of his continuing to donate with the presence of pain during the donation process .

And the smell of urine foul with the possibility of the presence of blood mixed in the urine, as for the relationship, we must first determine the main cause of infection is bacteria or virus or parasite.

If it turns out that the cause of the infection bacteria have the treatment recommended is (antibiotics) if the cause of infection, virus or parasite and so the context of his treatment, and proper treatment to the virus (anti-virus) and if the parasite be (antifungals) treatment the most appropriate.

There are products available at home helps significantly in the speed of recovery from the symptoms of urine salts (such as cranberry juice, milk green tea).

We have provided you the symptoms of urinary salts, which result from the turnout of drinking water, which is the main cause of increase of uric acid.

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