Symptoms of tumor in head in children and adults and treatment methods

When you talk about a tumor in the head, a distinction must be made here between many of the various tumors that can occur in the head region or the neck, where it depends on the tissue in which a tumor of the head and neck first, and here you’ll learn the symptoms of tumor in head symptoms of head cancer in the next lines.

The reasons for tumor in head

May show symptoms of tumor in head and neck due to various reasons including consumption of tobacco and alcohol among tumors in the head is the throat cancer, it is less common significantly have non-smokers and more smokers, on the other hand increases the risk of the occurrence of the tumor in the head and neck and in oral mucosa, it is also linked to the occurrence of this type of cancer to genetic factors of the people, as is the case with all forms of other cancer, and may cause age the incidence of tumors of the head.

أسباب الورم في الرأس

Symptoms of tumor in head

Symptoms of tumor in Head children

Symptoms of tumor in Head children may vary from child to child, but there are some markers are more prevalent among children, including the following:

  • Continued headaches.
  • Vomiting.
  • The lack of clarity in the vision.
  • Injury spasms in the muscles.
  • Changes and difficulty in speech.
  • Difficulty when swallowing.
  • The inability to focus.
  • A problem occurs in memory when a child.
  • Mood changes and personality.
  • The tendency to isolation and tension.
  • Inactivity, laziness, exhaustion, constant.
  • In the infant so the head in case of rapid growth and therefore of scale.

Tumors of the head in children be difficult to diagnose, as they develop symptoms gradually, it is likely to not show all the symptoms, in addition to some of the previous symptoms may be an indicator of another illness, so if a child complains of any of these symptoms you should go to the doctor immediately.

Symptoms of cancer of the head and ear

Depending on the structure of the tissue affected by cancer, can cause tumor of the head and neck are symptoms of different, often lead to cancer of the head and ear and neck to:

  • The appearance of swelling in the mouth area.
  • Change the color of the lips.
  • Ulcers on the oral mucosa.

Symptoms of oral cancer

Signs of possible oral cancer is a growing sense of foreign body, often associated with congestion and with increasing size, can increase the size of that UFO that reduces the movement of the tongue and cause difficulty in swallowing .

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Symptoms of cancer of the salivary glands

With tumors of the salivary glands: the mucosa and there is severe pain.

Symptoms of cancer of the throat

It also causes cancer of the throat: difficulty in swallowing, to symptoms associated with potential tumor in the throat are hoarseness, problems eating, in addition to the purely in the throat, sore throat, can cause the tumor in the larynx scratched uncomfortable in the throat .

Feel a lot of designers and also a strong sense of foreign body to be in the case of a cough constantly, there is also a difficulty breathing if the tumor of the head and neck has already been infected lymph nodes, may occur more symptoms, in addition to metastases (tumors) itself, which appears on the form of swelling of strong and less painful, there is a general feeling of unease.

The symptoms of a tumor in the head and complaints that can be caused by tumors of the head and neck on a large scale, where the different shapes they create difficulty in eating anything, and because of its position, be the mouth susceptible to infections and ulcers, where it increases the size of the tumor, the metastases in various parts of the body.

أعراض الورم في الرأس عند الأطفال

How to diagnose tumors of the head

The first step in the diagnosis in thorough questioning for symptoms of tumor in head that show, physical examination, where tumor of the head and neck is already visible in many designers, while others need to endoscopy by taking a sample of tissue.

And also you should determine the exact size of the tumor, which is important for subsequent treatment, and also to clarify whether a tumor of the head and neck has already spread in other parts adjacent, as is the vote necessary also, for example with the help of computer or magnetic resonance imaging.

Is the tumor in the head serious

A tumor of the head and neck disease is very serious, where it is reduced patient quality of life significantly because of this tumor there are severe restrictions in everyday life, as a rule Patients of the symptoms of tumor in head that is difficult to bear such as difficulty swallowing are in the pictures, there is also a sense of a foreign body in the throat.

Because of these symptoms consumes patients often less of food and liquids, which usually leads to dehydration and symptoms decrease or even underweight, there is also inflammation in the throat and severe swelling in the head area, and still the Egyptians feel weary and tired world, and can be spread of the tumor to other areas of the body also destroys other healthy tissues.

Is usually treatment of tumor of the head and neck with the help of surgical intervention or by radiation therapy, however this does not always lead to a positive path for, and in many cases is reduced life expectancy of the patient can, moreover, often be psychotherapy is necessary, the recognition of the tumor in the early, the greater the likelihood of cure the affected person entirely.

هل الورم في الرأس خطير

Treatment of tumors of the head

The treatment of patients with symptoms of tumor in head and neck depends particularly on the type of tumor and the extent of his growth already, and the general health of the patient, and not trying to cure cancer, but you must keep quality of life as much as possible.

If it’s a tumor of the head and neck is still small, you should the treatment consists of only one operation, and the location and stage of the tumor is very important, and if the tumor has already metastasized, it is often removed cervical lymph nodes also, treatments different laser to remove the tumor available now and after surgery, and can also make chemotherapy or radiation therapy to be cured.

Proposed chemotherapy alone. only the last remote or if the formation of new tumors in the head and neck, and form another or an additional treatment which is immunotherapy, where is the use of antibodies against tumor head and the neck, in order to relieve the symptoms of tumor in head and neck and ear, and the antibodies from the profit on the malignant cells in order not to increase its size and grow, which stimulates the growth of the cell, and the antibody also works radiation or chemotherapy are better and therefore appear more successful.

Care places

In most cases, be the direct care to follow the symptoms of a tumor in the head and neck is very limited, you must first identify the disease early so as not to deteriorate the condition of the patient more, and without treatment leads to this tumor is usually to reduced life expectancy and thus significantly to premature death of the company.

Therefore, in the case of a tumor of the head and neck the patient should contact your doctor once the first symptoms, as a rule is considered affected by this disease on the help and support of their families, friends and acquaintances, often the talks are intensive and with your family are necessary to prevent mental disorders or depression.

Here after removal of tumors is still regular checkups with the doctor is necessary to determine the of new tumors and treated early before they worsen, and after chemotherapy the patient should rest and the body, you should avoid effort or physical activities and physical even not push the body unnecessarily and causing complications we in essential.

How to prevent tumors of the head

The best way to prevent the appearance of symptoms of tumor in head and neck is to avoid risk factors at least of smoking and consumption of alcohol frequently, and clean the mouth regularly is also important, not only for prevention of a tumor of the head and neck, face stop smoking is an effective way to prevent cancer in the larynx which rarely occurs in non-smokers, however if you are a smoker, you should perform periodic checks of the ear, nose and throat.

In the end we may know our symptoms of tumor in head causes, how to diagnose it and cure it, the symptoms tumor head of children, if you notice any of those symptoms mentioned above, you or your child should go to a specialist doctor immediately.

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