Symptoms of stomach cancer and ways to prevent it

Usually consists of gastric cancer of the glandular tissue in the gastric mucosa, where referring physicians to tumors of the glandular tissue, and rarely arises in the stomach cancer cells of the gastrointestinal tract, or tissue of the lymphatic system in the stomach, and in the next lines you will learn the symptoms of cancer of the stomach.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer?

Symptoms of stomach cancer not be obvious for a long time, often can interpret the first symptoms over the course of months and years using the exact diagnosis, so it is often diagnosed with stomach cancer at the relatively late. If you experience one or more of the symptoms of cancer of the stomach the following over and over again, you should visit the doctor to clarify the appearance of those symptoms, which is as follows:

  • For some foods you feel any towards it, for example against the meat.
  • Your body reacts sensitively against any foods to eat.
  • Weakness in appetite.
  • Burning in the stomach.
  • Uprising.
  • Nausea.
  • Weight loss.
  • The feeling of pain or pressure in the upper part of the abdomen.
  • Feeling tired and when you do any simple thing.
  • Vomiting blood.
  • Comes stool black notes the water retention in the abdominal area.
  • Anemia due to blood loss.

In the stages of advanced disease are the symptoms of stomach cancer in those stages, including the following:

  • It comes down unwanted weight, and obstruct the passage of food towards the intestine may occur bloating, nausea and vomiting.
  • Among the symptoms of stomach cancer in that stage the presence of mild pain in the upper abdomen and pain behind the breastbone and dysphagia also.
  • Can sometimes tumor that appears on the upper part of the abdomen.
  • Can occur general feeling of malaise with a decrease in performance.
  • Probably an imbalance in the functions of the liver.
  • Moving the mucous membranes and skin to yellow color.
  • If the affected by the ovaries want, it results in pain during intercourse and vaginal bleeding in women.
  • The incidence of fever and temperature more than 38 ° C
  • Presence know during the night
  • Height weight loss of more than 10 percent of the weight of the original body.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer Game?

In the initial stage of the disease almost symptoms of stomach cancer are unclear, and often the disease is discovered only when the tumor is already beyond this stage, where the success rate of healing the largest if no longer the tumor is transferable. In the case of the occurrence of the symptoms of cancer of the stomach, and often not very specific and does not necessarily indicate cancer of the stomach, for example:

  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss in weight unexplained
  • Blood in the stool
  • Anaemia

Symptoms of stomach cancer in children

Symptoms of stomach cancer in children may not appear in some cases, and in others may appear, so there is a difficulty in the early detection of cancer in children, including symptoms of stomach cancer kids the following:

  • Feeling child’s tired permanent.
  • The appearance of pallor on the child.
  • Headaches continuous.
  • Vomiting especially in the morning.
  • The low weight of the child in an exaggerated manner.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Loss in appetite.
  • The incidence of anaemia.
  • Weakness in the immunity of the child.
  • The feeling of pain in the legs or back.
  • Vomiting is accompanied by some drops of blood.
  • Nausea.
  • The presence of a rash on the baby’s skin.

Symptoms of stomach cancer in women

If a woman is infected in the advanced stages may not show symptoms of cancer of the stomach directly to them, that the disease is progressing for the subsequent phases, are necessary to produce the women in work tests to check on its safety, among the symptoms of gastric cancer, which may appear on women if we were patients of stomach cancer, the following:

  • The difficulty of digestion.
  • Nausea.
  • Constant vomiting.
  • Difficulty while swallowing.
  • Satiety from the least amount of food.
  • Loss of appetite unexplained.
  • The incidence of anaemia.
  • A reduction in weight for no reason.
  • Irregular menstruation due to anemia.
  • Anaemia.
  • The presence of black stools to bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Vomiting of blood.
  • Abdominal distension and note its large size.
  • Cramps and pain in the abdomen.
  • Pallor of the face to become yellow.

Causes of stomach cancer

The exact causes for the emergence of symptoms of stomach cancer are not clear yet, however there are some risk factors that can result in stomach cancer, these include in particular the following:

  • Inflammation of the gastric mucosa by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
  • Food habits of the individual wrong.
  • Some stomach disorders.
  • Genetic factors.

Risk factors for stomach cancer

  • Infection with Helicobacter pylori.
  • Smoking.
  • The consumption of excessive alcohol.
  • Frequent consumption of foods salted or smoked or baked are strongly.
  • Stomach cancer is when parents or siblings.
  • Operations on the former.
  • Pernicious anemia.
  • Some genetic predisposition for cancer such as stomach cancer genetic or hereditary colorectal cancer is not genetic.
  • Age.

The diagnosis of gastric cancer

If the doctor suspects the presence of cancer of the stomach, to seal the patient exactly what his symptoms and his food and then examines it, looking for lymph nodes are swollen and swelling in the abdominal area.

In order to diagnose the symptoms of cancer of the stomach, it is usually necessary to do perform a knowledge (perspective) this shows whether the symptoms of the patient are the symptoms of stomach cancer or another disease, where the patient swallows a bit of hosing, and the doctor entered in the mouth passing through the esophageal to the stomach.

Equipped with this device, which resembles a tube at the front end of the source of light and a video camera is small, so that they can check the inner wall for the screen, with the help of a pair of small forceps, and in that way the doctor can take tissue samples that can be used to detect stomach cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with the stomach during the examination of the tissue samples that she had stomach cancer, the doctor made several tests to detect the stage of the disease and the extent of its spread, among these tests are the following:

  • Blood tests: on the basis of the blood values, the doctor can be exposed over the action of the individual member and the physical condition of the patient.
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal area: the use of ultrasonic “sonar”, to examine organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and the discovery of the tumor in these organs as well as metastases larger in the lymph nodes.
  • Ultrasound from the inside by the test: with this test the doctor can assess the extent of gastric cancer in particular in the stomach wall, can estimate the involved lymph nodes using this method.
  • Chest X-ray: this method is used to detect the extent of the impact of the disease on the lung .
  • Endoscopy of the abdomen: in certain cases of advanced gastric cancer, it may be necessary to look directly into the tumor and its spread, the laparoscope is appropriate.
  • Imaging MRI: the cancer has spread to the liver, it may be magnetic resonance imaging is useful in that case, to detect the spread of tumor in other regions.

 أعراض سرطان المعدة

 أعراض سرطان المعدة

The cure rate of gastric cancer

The cure rate of stomach cancer possible for any patient, if it is not possible to remove the entire tumor, it indicates the failure of the surgery, and in this case can be treated with drugs such as chemotherapy, drugs targeted to relieve symptoms and prolong survival and improve quality of life.

As it is to choose the right treatment with inhibitors and is used extensively for the treatment of gastric cancer, it has become clear that these drugs may soon become as a treatment option another.

It is important for patients with cancer of the stomach continue in a healthy diet, if the stomach is severely restricted because of the tumor, the tube is plastic or metal so-called “pillars” can help in enabling the passage of food again, and instead may be made to the process of tightening by surgery to restore the natural, if it doesn’t work both, it may be necessary to follow an artificial diet for example via a thin tube is placed through the abdominal skin into the stomach or small intestine.

Many patients suffer from gastrointestinal problems after surgery, however, can be prevented at least in part through appropriate measures that the doctor recommends it, should be the level of vitamin B12 suitable in the blood of patients, and also to assess the nutritional status regularly to control weight.

What the designer must pay attention to?

In order to adapt the body slowly to the new situation and relieve pain, is eating in the first few days after the operation via a nasogastric tube, after it is re-building diet throughout the almost three weeks, and have lost the initial weight is normal.

Depending on your needs you may follow the advisory programme for the rehabilitation of the patient depends in your body and yourself and you’ll know how to deal with the disease, and depending on the type of procedures or relaxation or yoga groups or self-help, can support the healing methods alternative healing process or, for example, acupuncture may relieve pain or nausea.

Needed source cancer knowledge to take care of regularly, first every three to six months, then every six months to every year, you may need to inject regular vitamins.

Treatment of malignant gastric cancer

In the case of stomach cancer, the treatment depends among other things on the following:

  • As is the size of the tumor?
  • How to grow a tumor?
  • Whether and where to spread the disease?
  • General condition of the patient.

Treatments include frequent in stomach cancer treatment include:

  • Surgery.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy .

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If it is not possible to remove the cancer completely, the goal is to relieve the symptoms of cancer of the stomach when the patient as much as possible and enable him to enjoy his life.

In the early stage of the disease: the removal of the tumor as part of a gastroscopy

Only if the tumor is still in a very early stage, the doctor may remove it by endoscopy of the stomach, it is important to examine the tumor, this makes it possible to determine if the surgery is not necessary or essential.

Surgery in gastric cancer is particularly suitable if the tumor can be removed completely and the disease may spread in other part of the body, it is called lumpectomy.

If the growth of cancer of the stomach to the stomach wall, usually to remove on the possible is necessary, for tumors in the region of the entrance of the temple, the doctor must also remove the lower section of the esophagus and spleen .

When parts are removed from the stomach, is connected to the remaining stomach to the small intestine below the duodenum, if it is necessary to remove the stomach completely, the surgeon connects the esophagus and small bowel. the bottom twelve or stitch a loop of small intestine between the esophagus and duodenum, and connects the doctor to the esophagus directly to his twelve, because this is where they open the bile ducts and pancreas.

If you connect the esophagus directly to his twelve can discharge the bile ducts opened back up into the esophagus, and to avoid this sews the doctor the esophagus to the section of the small intestine.

After surgery, problems may occur in some patients, such as food allergies, abdominal pain, heartburn, stomach contents impose very quickly in the small intestine, and because of the symptoms that appear, it may be necessary to follow a diet and take medication, and adhere to certain dietary requirements, in many cases, symptoms over time.

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Once you remove the teacher, the doctor says the rights of a patient in vitamin be regular intervals because the body can no longer absorb vital vitamins from the food.

It is not always possible to treat stomach cancer by surgery alone, particularly when the disease is advanced and has already formed metastases “any spread of the disease to other places.” in this situation would be chemotherapy, logically, the surgery remains an option if complications arise, where the surgeon removes, for example, the part on the CSS due to the growth of the tumor or on the whole and restores the aisle.


Allow the drugs used in chemotherapy medicines inhibitory cells, where inhibition of the cells, and foremost is the destruction of cells that divided rapidly, and this includes cancer cells, but the cells of the body healthy also be affected, albeit less powerful than the cancer cells, so wearing any chemotherapy effects side.

Play the surgery of gastric cancer play an important role in the treatment, as long as the tumor can be completely removed, however often patients receive treatment chemically additional to support them, if the gastric cancer has already developed and spread in the other member, the chemotherapy works primarily to slow the progress of the disease.

Common side effects of chemotherapy include:

  • Nausea
  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea

Chemotherapy before surgery

In the case of large tumors so that do not contain tumors of the product, the company can try to reduce the size of the cancer with chemotherapy before the operation so that it can be removed more easily, this is what doctors call a new chemotherapy.


Is usually considered radiotherapy to treat stomach cancer if it can not be surgery back or does not respond to chemotherapy, the goal here is to reduce the tumor treatment by radiation to relieve the symptoms of cancer of the stomach.

Methods of prevention of gastric cancer

You can prevent cancer of the stomach a little bit by getting rid of the potential risk factors, you should eat the least possible amount of smoked or grilled foods, and instead find a balanced diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Also refrain from smoking and intake of alcohol, if you suffer from overweight then you have access to body weight appropriate to avoid the appearance of symptoms of stomach cancer later.

At the end of our conversation we had we knew what are the symptoms of cancer of the stomach, symptoms of stomach cancer kids, symptoms of stomach cancer in women, the diagnosis of stomach cancer treatment of stomach cancer news event, if you feel one of those symptoms mentioned above you should go to the physician first and the necessary tests.

After learning about the symptoms of stomach cancer in children, treatment of malignant gastric cancer, if you notice any of these symptoms should be ascertained through a visit to the doctor to receive appropriate instructions.

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