Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month Boulder

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Peace be with you .. I’m pregnant for the next time in the third month when my first pregnancy was a girl and I can’t wait for the doctor tell me the gender of the baby tonight, I wish to be born to my question Is You symptoms of pregnancy in the second month in Boulder is?

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Is to know the baby’s sex accurately through the sonar in the month also almost, but there are some signs that some believe they could be guessing that you’re pregnant with a boy, and pregnancy symptoms Boulderas believing the following:

  • Morning sickness and be less severe when the load Boulder than in a girl.
  • Unlike popular belief; you may make pregnancy a boulder mother more beautiful and improve your hair healthy and shiny.
  • When pregnancy is Boulder available native foods salty like pickles and potato chips, but when you load word the mother is expecting a candy and chocolate.
  • If the fetal heartbeat is less than 140 per minute, it is supposed to be the baby’s a boy, but when the top 140 is likely to be a girl.
  • The Shape of the abdomen when pregnancy Boulder be low down.

But we emphasize they are just assumptions and that the only way to be sure is to conduct sonar

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