Symptoms of polycystic ovaries and clutter hormonal balance of the female

PCOS is a hormonal disorder most common in women of childbearing age, and can occur with different degrees of environmental impacts, polycystic ovaries is not curable, but can manage the symptoms well.

Irregular menstruation, felt a heavy body, obesity, acne and possibly a desire unfulfilled in having a baby: are these signs familiar to you? Can be a symptom of polycystic ovaries, whether you want children or not, can relieve the symptoms of hormonal disorder. You will find below more about it and treatment options for this disease.

What is polycystic ovaries PCOis?

Polycystic ovaries, it’s a disease linked to hormones in women are sexually mature, this is the most common cause for disorders of the blood circulation, increase the level of androgens (male sex hormones sexual) and violence.

The hormones involved in PCOS are the sex hormones of the female (estrogen), and sex hormones male (androgens like testosterone), and lutein (LH) and the product follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and disturbances in the regulatory mechanisms on these hormones play an important role in the symptoms of polycystic ovaries .

This disease is very common and occurs in 5 to 12% of all women of childbearing age, and 1% compared to repeat, the hormonal disorder relatively unknown for most women.

Causes of polycystic ovaries

The causes of polycystic ovarian not discovered fully, and how they arise exactly! But it causes many of the symptoms of PCOS on a woman’s body, it seems certain that sugar metabolism and metabolic hormone insulin plays two does in its occurrence.

Risk factors for polycystic ovaries

Plays a genetic predisposition also plays a role in the development of polycystic ovaries, and women living in often have their infected mothers before or fathers develop the relationship early because of hormones, is said to increase male hormones and help in the development of polycystic ovaries.

At the same time, often goes polycystic ovaries along with the obesity and metabolism sugar troubled even type II diabetes, and it can happen then that the body barely reacts to the insulin because it is launched excessively – the so-called resistance to insulin .

It also stimulates the insulin the body to store more energy as a reserve of fat – a vicious cycle, this is the reason for the change of diet often.

The causes of PCOS other

PCOS occurs due to lifestyle of today, with a diet rich in fat and sugar with a little bit of exercise at the same time, makes it easy to get an infection, but can be avoided and avoiding the symptoms of PCOS by changing the daily routine, the practice of sports and moderate or a little bit of exercise regularly, follow a sensible diet with the eating products low in fat, this is a first step in the right direction.

What are the symptoms of PCOS are?

The symptoms of PCOS model:

  • The menstrual cycle occurs very rare or no menstrual bleeding.
  • Increased hair on the body or loss of hair due to increased levels of androgenic hormones sexual in the blood.
  • Ovaries with cysts and ovaries expanded.
  • There is no ovulation or very few (although increasing the LH test ovulation positive ).
  • High blood sugar level or insulin level excessive (insulin resistance: the cells insensitive to insulin. There is the risk of diabetes, as it stimulates the insulin can also produce hormones androgenic sexual in the blood.)
  • Acne.
  • Obesity or overweight.
  • High blood pressure (particularly due to a metabolic disorder or disorder change the fat).
  • Psychological factors physical.

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In what follows We will explain to you the most important symptoms of polycystic ovaries to be the might of the promise and leave me to consult a doctor at the earliest:

Disorders of the menstrual cycle

Usually occur disturbances in the state, the intervals between the menstrual periods are not regular and usually, in addition to an irregular cycle, it can happen irregular bleeding broker additional in polycystic ovaries .

Polycystic ovaries can lead to menopause, lack of ovulation, if there is a gap between the bleeding is more than 35 days (but less than 3 months), the one talking about bleeding menstrual cycles rare, one talks about the lack of menstruation, and therefore rarely ovulation occurs or does not occur fully .

However, if you miss this period or occurred at rare intervals, this does not necessarily mean the presence of polycystic ovaries, may be the reason is the high pressure physical or emotional or malnutrition .

Increased body hair or hair loss

This highlights the symptoms of polycystic ovaries and occurs because of a fragile hormonal balance: hyperandrogenism is a hormonal disorder in which the secretion of a lot of androgens, lead to androgens like testosterone to “wish” the members of the body, for example, increased body hair and hair growth (called hirsutism) on the body and face.

For example, growing pubic hair, also on the thighs or lower abdomen because of the male hormones in the blood, androgens also cause hair loss .


In patients with polycystic ovaries, the enlargement of the ovary due to the formation of the cyst, many egg cells mature however, can not adhere blisters eggs and die prematurely, so there is no ovulation stop pores like a bag.

Can determine the presence of cysts in the ovaries using ultrasound, can see the number of black holes are small in the ovaries during the scan.


The symptoms of PCOS are often overweight or obese, and the reason for that is that the body’s cells become less sensitive to insulin and the body of the organism to the proliferation of more and more insulin, which stimulates the production of male hormones

At the same time, enhance the level of insulin and increased storage of energy obtained from food in the cells (fat) instead of burning them, can hormones male (androgens) in turn be converted into estrogen, this is a favorite in the fat tissue.

Psychosomatic effects caused by PCOS

The clinical picture of polycystic ovaries is not only characterized symptoms physical, before all the excess hair, excess weight, and desire is not achieved in having children has obvious consequences on the mental level, for the patients, they often mean significant constraints in terms of the quality of life and satisfaction with their lives and sex.

Symptoms of polycystic ovaries severe

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Belly bulge is obvious
  • The feeling of heaviness in the abdomen
  • Frequent urination
  • Problems emptying the bladder
  • Sudden onset of pain is severe, at times accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  • The bathroom
  • A rapid increase in weight
  • Constipation and bowel movements irregular.

The symptoms of PCOS simple

Rarely cause ovarian cyst small pain, but when it reaches the size of the bag to a certain size, can put pressure on surrounding tissue or organs, this often causes complaints of the following..

  • Convulsions.
  • Distress in the abdomen.
  • Back pain.
  • The pain during intercourse.

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The symptoms of PCOS girls

  • Strikes of the menstrual cycle .
  • Depression.
  • Pain in the pelvis.
  • The appearance of spots on the skin.
  • Hirsutism.
  • Weight problems.
  • Stress permanent.
  • Skin greasy.

Diagnosis Takei ovaries

In the case of a 2 out of 3 of the symptoms Takei ovaries, is the assumption of injury, the doctor can diagnosis if it was applied at least 2 of the Rotterdam criteria three, these are the standards of the first three described below are the symptoms of Takei ovaries:

  • Irregular menstruation or the lack of it
  • Increased body hair or hair loss due to increased levels of androgens
  • Enlarged ovaries surrounded by many small cysts

However, this does not mean that it is definitely Takei ovaries, can accomplish the above symptoms also metabolic disease, or inflammation of the thyroid gland chronic (for example with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis ) or from a weakness in the pituitary gland, which then lead to the secretion of a few hormones, as it should exclude the occurrence of excessive production of androgens through the adrenal glands.

To diagnose PCOS, it is important to first determine whether there are menstrual cycles irregular with ovulation rare or absent and of the most famous symptom of polycystic ovaries, on this basis, is a detailed discussion with the patient including, for example, the beginning of the first menstrual period, the cycle of life and the history of the family, that patients can take the first step in the diagnosis of PCOS can start treatment if necessary.

Help polycystic ovaries

In general, it is true that PCOS is not curable, but can control the symptoms well, in women with excess weight on the hips, or insulin resistance or diabetes, can often be managed if you lose weight and more.

The situation is harder for women skinny, because unfortunately, I don’t happen to normalization naturally, then there is only eating hormone constant which must be determined individually.

What do you do with polycystic ovaries is?

The diagnosis of PCOS is of course a shock at first, but he definitely wants a lot of women: clearly, finally, what happens in the body! And if you know your opponent you can also handle it.

First, discrimination is made whether the patient wishes to have children or not, because often the pills used in the treatment, therefore, prevent the formation of androgenic hormones such as androgens, and in women who wish to have children, are excluded, this method of treatment naturally often used treatment of Palin, which stimulates the production of ovulation.

If this does not work treatment, you can also inject the hormone of the gonads, however, there is a risk that there will be the composition of sudden and excessive the country, the higher the number of cells of the home region increases the likelihood of a multiple birth.

Whether you want to have a child or not, in principle, you must change the diet in PCOS, the reason for this is that the disease often causes other diseases like Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease or of gestational diabetes or certain types of cancer.

Recommend using vegetables and fruit and low starch as the basis of feeding when the infection with polycystic ovaries, which must be combined with foods rich in protein.

Play quality fat edible a role also, for example, you must use the monounsaturated fatty acids, you should pay attention to the favorable proportion of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, while a diet that contains the following not adversely affected by the polycystic ovaries, cow’s milk (especially processed low-fat), meat, animal fat, chicken eggs, in addition to white flour products (short-chain carbohydrates), palm oil, sugar industrial caffeine / tea, alcohol, nicotine

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In women with excess weight, triggers weight loss in many cases to improve the symptoms of PCOS, if other women style their life and diet, this helps control the hormonal balance troubled.

Psychological care in the case of polycystic ovaries

Because the external appearance of polycystic ovaries does not meet mostly your expectations if the weight gain or acne or hirsutism associated with the disease, many women suffer from psychological stress and even depression .

You must take these burdens seriously and discussed in support groups or with a doctor, because with this disease as is the case with all other diseases, you should take into account the physical and psychological aspects.

Medication of polycystic ovaries

Reduce “insulin resistance” and can also use medication as a treatment, for example B. metformin useless, it is used all of the metformin useless in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, may also have an impact on improving the problems associated with the parent, the studies show that even without diabetes, these medications can help in increasing the number of times of ovulation among women five to ten times.

Treatment the other is the use of clomiphene or letrozole however, side effects are possible with all medicines, lean women with the polycystic ovaries, they can also get the extract contains the hormone FSH which is the hormone that stimulates the formation of follicles and thus fertility, when they are formed these can be the cause of the ovulation hormone HCG during pregnancy, it is also possible to stimulating the formation of follicles ready through the preparations with hormone nerve GnRH

If not there is a desire to have a child, are often described pills with ingredients of anti-androgen, this treatment prevents the formation of male hormones in the body, the progestin that it contains protects the uterine lining from excessive growth.

However, the pill is not suitable for every woman, in particular with the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, have to use composite products also have a negative impact, for example, increases the risk of blood clots .

Can I get a child when the infection with polycystic ovaries is?

The presence of polycystic ovaries is not synonymous with infertility ! With PCOS, there is also the possibility that pregnancy occurs automatically, even if this prospect was not large, can increase treatment chances of pregnancy .

Should obese women who wish to have children are diagnosed positive with (polycystic ovary) first talk to their doctor about changing their diet, in addition patients must incorporate physical activities concurrently in their daily routine reduce excess weight.

Lead weight loss or even exercise more exercise to the fact that the state back and that the level of androgen is normal in 10% of women with excess weight source of polycystic ovaries, the weight reduction by 5% alone significantly reduces the symptoms of PCOS.

The desire is not achieved in having children with PCOS, but not overweight? In lean women who wish to have a child, your attempts to induce ovulation with drugs : here, you can help clomiphene stimulate, if treatment has not worked Palin, the doctor may also give the hormones another.

In the end, after learning about the symptoms of polycystic ovaries, if you noticed the above symptoms you or your daughters, should visit the gynecologist on a win for proper treatment.

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