Symptoms of oral cancer and its stages and its treatment methods

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Belongs to oral cancer to a large group of cancers such as cancer of the head and neck, and starts to develop in the tissues of the mouth, throat, or tongue or lip, or teeth and gums, and the tongue, roof of the mouth, and difficult to class most of the over forty-year.

Of the most prominent symptoms of cancer of the mouth, Change The Shape of the mouth by the appearance of the loan or corrosion, but this is not a definite because it may look similar with other diseases, so diagnosis should I have the doctor, in this article we will know about all the symptoms of cancer of the mouth and everything about him.

Types of oral cancer

Is kind of the two main oral cancer the first is squamous cell carcinoma which is is the most common, the second is the squamous cell carcinoma of the areas of the body such as the skin, mouth, such as:

  • Lips.
  • Blowjob.
  • Gum.
  • The floor of the mouth.
  • Palate hard and soft.
  • The inner lining of the cheek.

أعراض سرطان الفم

أعراض سرطان الفم

Stages of oral cancer

There are four stages of mouth cancer are as follows:

The first phase

It does not spread the cancer to the lymph nodes and tumor size of 2 cm.

The second phase

Remains of the tumor is irregular lymph nodes, but starts its volume increases ranges from 2 to 4 cm.

The second phase

Can that stage be cancer need protein first becomes a tumor size of 4 cm, and did not spread to the lymph nodes, either the second lost can be a cancer the size of the different has arrived to the lymph node one.

The fourth stage

Can not determine the size of the tumor because it can be any size, and has already started to spread to the tissues nearby, or lymph nodes, and any part of the body.

Symptoms of oral cancer

Symptoms of oral cancer early

Always doctors recommend need know cancer of the mouth, which indicate the occurrence of an error, because it does not show the symptoms of oral cancer only in an advanced stage, but did show some early symptoms such as:

  • Inflammation of the mouth.
  • Redness of the gums.
  • Mouth ulcers come to be painful.
  • Strange feeling on the place of art such as the lips or tongue.
  • Changes in the bitch during the challenge.
  • Wounds that don’t heal quickly.

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Symptoms of cancer of the mouth developed

After the appearance of symptoms of oral cancer early, which remain for a long time, symptoms begin the stages developed in the Emerge these are the symptoms that require speed to consult a doctor for diagnosis of the worker:

  • Swelling in one of the places mouth.
  • Spot is not transparent to her.
  • Lumps or protrusions.
  • The erosion of some regions in the lips or gums.
  • Bleeding period there is no reason not to.
  • Anesthesia some regions of poverty and the loss of feeling it.
  • The appearance of the patches stained in red with white, or red or white.
  • Ulceration of the neck or face, or mouth always bleeding, continues for more than two weeks.
  • The lack of control in moving teeth with the mouth for natural hair.
  • The loss in weight.
  • Sore throat is always the patient feels that there is something stuck in the throat.

After learning about the symptoms of oral cancer if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or someone close to you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

Do you live a cancer patient the mouth?

In most cases, live patient oral cancer after diagnosis and treatment at the rate of five years if detected in its early stages and the second at a percentage ranging from 70 to 90%, and that is why immediate diagnosis after the appearance of symptoms of oral cancer fast, very important, these are survival rates after cancer of the mouth as follows:

  • In the case of the discovery of cancer of the mouth topical are women 83%, because it’s still irregular.
  • When the spread of cancer of the gland near the mouth women are 64%.
  • When the cancer has spread to the rest of the body parts women are 38%.

Is oral cancer contagious?

Among the guff that you may see some of the people is that cancer of the mouth contagious, this is totally false, because it can transfer cancer of the oral infection, that is, it is not contagious. But be careful to take everyone all the methods of prevention of oral cancer.

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Factors increase the risk of oral cancer

Told doctors that the primary factor that increases the risk of oral cancer is smoking, and so infected the two men in front of each woman to develop cancer of the mouth, because they are the most in the extravagance of smoking, but there are some other factors such as:

  • Genetic factors.
  • Malnutrition.
  • A weakened immune system.
  • Syndromes genetic.
  • Too much exposure to the sun.

أعراض سرطان الفم

أعراض سرطان الفم

Complications of oral cancer

Divided the complications into two parts the first is: the complications after surgery include bleeding, or infection, with pain and difficulty in swallowing, the second section is: the complications of other they show after the treatment period consists in the following:

  • Due to the radiation therapy results in the occurrence of heart problems and blood vessels.
  • Due to changes with the lips or mouth the patient finds difficulty in speaking and expression.
  • After surgery problems can occur to the teeth and jaw.
  • The patient may be known to engage in bouts of anxiety and depression.
  • Severe dysphagia.

The diagnosis of oral cancer

After the appearance of symptoms of oral cancer that suggest the need to consult a doctor in the beginning can be a patient of the committee to the dentist because it may resemble the symptoms of cancer of the mouth with the symptoms of the mouth the usual, and saw no change it is transformed to the nature of tumors and to do the tests.

The first step tells the doctor’s examination routine on a patient, and learn everything about the symptoms of oral cancer virtual, then find out the family history and the lifespan of the lamp, the

The third step is to preview the doctor for and watch the sores bumps and corrosion, the change in the mouth, the second step is to do a biopsy of tissue from the mouth and scans it has a laboratory, which is done in three ways either side of the brush that will not be enough, in mostly a positive outcome, or a biopsy. scalpel to get proven results, and offers other types of biopsies are all performed using the laser, to ensure the spread of the tumor size and stages.

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Andas a precaution the doctor says tests such as CT scan or X-ray or MRI to check for spread of cancer, in addition to blood tests full.

Methods of treatment of cancer of the mouth

After making sure the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, and diagnosis, the doctor will determine the treatment plan depending on the stage of the cancer, its size, its location, the most important is how healthy the patient is which will choose treatment of breathing with him, in addition to any treatment plan ordered by a doctor is pain management with analgesics.

أعراض سرطان الفم

أعراض سرطان الفم

First: treatment the surgery.

May be surgery is the first solution to have a doctor remove the cancer, or the removal of the tissues that surround it, this surgery will help in curbing the growth of cancer, prevent its spread when the cancer is advanced and is often subject the patient to chemotherapy and radiation in addition to surgery.

Second: chemotherapy

The aim of this plan is to kill cancer cells, prevent their division and growth of New, might find a physician that the chemotherapy is enough to get rid of cancer of the mouth, permanently, and by placing a vein or as tablets, depending on the condition of the patient.

III: radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used by a lot of energy to reduce the size of tumors, and to destroy all cancer cells have the patient suffers from dry mouth, problems with the thyroid gland.

Fourth: targeted therapy

Where is the targeting of cancer cells to fail directly, has been ordered by the doctor most of the time, as well as with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

When you discover the symptoms of oral cancer in very early, gives the opportunity to the patient in healing using one of the available treatments, it remains irregular and out of control, then after that the government for periodic checks, and follow-up with your doctor to reduce the risk of reinfection.

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