Symptoms of lung cancer, benign methods of diagnosis and treatment

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We know them today symptoms of lung cancer benign because this type of cancer are similar symptoms with other respiratory difficult to differentiate between them easily, and the patient needs to get to the signs that characterize this health problem that result from a split of abnormal cells of the lung, causing the appearance of a benign tumor without symptoms is strong and the discovery by accident in most cases, and in the hands of the courts now of a comprehensive report on lung cancer, benign and its symptoms and methods of diagnosis and treatment .. follow us.

Symptoms of lung cancer benign

  • In most cases, does not cause Archers Hamid which appears in the lung in the occurrence of strong symptoms arouse suspicion in the patient, and sometimes discovers the person being a coincidence during the procedure some of the regular tests, the most important of these symptoms include the following:
  • The complaint of chronic cough with the sound of whistling and humming at the development.
  • The appearance of blood with the cough.
  • A feeling of tightness and difficulty in breathing.
  • Hear sound from the chest when breathing decreases.
  • The high incidence of pneumonia.
  • Contraction of the lung tissue.
  • Lung tumor benign and grow slowly.
  • No spread of the tumor elsewhere in the body.

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Symptoms of advanced lung cancer and methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

اعراض سرطان الرئة الحميدSymptoms of lung cancer and benign

Types of lung tumors benign

Lung cancer benign shows the different types are as follows:

• Tumor world

Depends of the species most prevalent and accounts for about 50 % of lung cancer, benign and about 8 % of all types of tumors of the lung, but his problem is the basic in the difficulty of differentiating between cancerous tumors.

• Papilloma

This kind of rare non-proliferation and shows in the bronchi occurs of which three types are: squamous papilloma, which affects adults and children and the treatment of infection with the same virus causing the problem of warts.

There is also a so-called paper papillary glandular is of very rare species and shows Laura in a bigger size and all ages, especially adults.

This is in addition to the tumor papillary mixed which consists of a combination of tissue papilloma squamous tissue papilloma glandular can turn into cancer cells.

The causes of lung cancer, benign

There are a range of reasons that lead to infection of lung cancer. Hamid, of the most important of these reasons are the following:

  • The presence of congenital malformations in the lungs.
  • The presence of cysts in the lung.
  • Repeated infections of the lung.
  • The incidence of tuberculosis.
  • Exposure to fungal infection.
  • The presence of an abscess of the lung.
  • Injury have sarcoidosis.
  • Arthritis rheumatoid.

    Methods of diagnosis of lung cancer and benign

When you show symptoms of lung cancer and benign you must come to the doctor for examination and disclosure of the reasons for their occurrence, the most important ways in which doctors use for diagnosis include the following:

  • Conduct a clinical examination to have a doctor and medical history and heredity of the patient.
  • Examination of the lungs using X-rays to follow the progression of the tumor, if the doctor noticed the dome size of the tumor, it means that the kind of benign, but if there is a change in shape, size, it means that a cancerous tumor.
  • Corrections to the layer axis.
  • Procedure a CT, positron emission.
  • To perform analyses of blood to learn the semantics of tumors in the body.
  • Test tuberculin, which helps in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
  • Get a biopsy of the tumor and analyzed in the laboratory.

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Signs of lung cancer and its symptoms, types and methods of treatment

اعراض سرطان الرئة الحميدSymptoms of lung cancer and benign

Methods of treatment of cancer of the lung benign

Studies confirm that lung cancer benign not cancerous tumor is malignant, it does not spread in other parts of the body, as it does not grow and with time it shrinks and disappears, but it can be a cause in the occurrence of pain due to pressure on the tissue in some cases.

Usually don’t need lung cancer benign treatment, especially if it does not cause a health problem or pain for the patient.

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Must follow the patient’s tumor size constantly through regular tests at fixed intervals to note any changes to the situation.

Need some cases for surgery to resect the lung tumor, benign, in some cases, are:

If the source is a smoker, if a person suffers from pain, if the patient has difficulty breathing, if the tumor grows in size, which raises the probability of its transformation to metastasis.

We have provided you the symptoms of lung cancer and benign disease difficult discovery which affects a lot of people don’t notice any signs of problematic health of the patient, but in some cases symptoms occur catches you diagnose the disease and take steps to follow up the tumor and its treatment in anticipation to convert to a cancerous tumor that may threaten the patient’s life.

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