Symptoms of high sugar sudden methods of diagnosis and treatment

The elements of the decision

You should pay attention in knowing the symptoms of high sugar sudden can even control them and protect the lives of diabetics and prevent complications threaten his plan.

Can a diabetic patient the occurrence of a sudden rise the market if neglected to treat this problem can Person is exposed to some serious problems up to a zombie and influenced all the organs of the body and stiffness of the disorder.

Symptoms of high sugar sudden

Can happen a sudden rise market as a result of high concentration of glucose in the blood higher than 200 mg / dL and the symptoms a strong and growing strength and gravity over time, one of the most important symptoms of high blood sugar sudden the following:

– Frequent urinating especially at night.
– Excessive thirst, dry mouth.
– Changes in vision include.
– The feeling of stress and fatigue.
– Headache and dizziness and lack of concentration.
– Drowsiness and increase the desire to sleep.
– Increase desire to eat food.
– Gas and abdominal distention.
– Engaging in development.
– Nausea and vomiting.
– Dizziness fainting loss of patient consciousness.

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اعراض ارتفاع السكر المفاجيء وطرق التشخيصSymptoms of high sugar sudden and diagnosis

The persistence of the symptoms of high sugar

When the blood sugar rises for a long time without treatment occurs a decrease in the proportion of insulin and boosts acids and ketone bodies that cause the smell and the taste of fruit in the mouth, shows symptoms indicating high blood sugar and the need of the patient for medical care fast, the main symptoms in addition to what was mentioned:

– The patient was exposed to golf due to the increase of the number of times the donation and transfer rate of fluid in the body.
– Repeat infections, infections especially skin infections and urinary and vaginal infections.
– The difficulty of healing the wound-healing ulcers of skin.
– Impaired vision.
– Incidence of general weakness and tremors.
– Confusion and loss of memory.
– Colic in the abdomen.

You should pay attention to that if is not treated high blood sugar fast the proportion of acids and ketones toxic will thrive in urine and blood and become a significant risk to the life of the diabetic patient.

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اعراض ارتفاع السكر المفاجيءSymptoms of high sugar sudden

Methods of diagnosis of high blood sugar

Can protect the patient from complications of high blood sugar in the body by diagnosing the problem early through some tests and examinations are:

– Test for junk in the blood, where is the leadership of women at random without a link to eat, ranging from women in this examination of between 70 and 125 mg per diet.

– Measurement of fasting glucose, where sugar testing in the morning or before eating breakfast and the proportion of normal if less than 100 mg per diet, and if the range was between 100 to 125 per deciliter the person is in the stage of pre-diabetes, as if the women came higher than 126 mg per deciliter the person with diabetes already.

– Measure the sugar after eating should not exceed 180 mg per diet.

– An examination to determine the sugar through the mouth, where this test will measure blood sugar after eating sugar, by way of the mouth during different periods of time, usually this method is used in the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

– Analysis of the hemoglobin measure sugar associated with red blood cells, which displays the analysis of the A1c or what is known as analysis of sugar are cumulative, which gives the doctor the index about blood sugar over a period of time ranging from two months to three months.

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اعراض ارتفاع السكر المفاجيء وطرق العلاجSymptoms of high sugar sudden and treatment methods

Methods of treating sugar high

If the height of the sugar surge in the blood is viewer and simple loss does not need treatment or medical intervention, but if the aspect ratio is large and the symptoms continued, It contains ALA as follows:

– Is the treatment of high sugar in blood through treating the cause which led the rise.
– Is the treatment most cases of high blood sugar to insulin therapy so you can women person feels better and the symptoms disappear.

– The patient is advised to exercise to control blood sugar.

– You should follow a healthy diet to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood.

– Taking certain medications by mouth or by injection after consulting a doctor especially for patients with diabetes of the first type.

– Can be combined with oral medications, injections and insulin therapy in some cases under the supervision of a physician.

– Must follow patient’s health condition and sugar constantly with a commitment to the medicines and diet prescribed by your doctor so as not to problems of unstable health.

From here we expect to be the symptoms of high sugar sudden must have taken a great deal of attention and speed of treatment so as not to the patient of complications that may reach coma that threatened his life, taking into account the condition of the person and his age where the risk increases in case of pregnant women and the elderly.

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