Symptoms of early pregnancy from the first day until the third month

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Do you want to know if you are pregnant or not? In general symptoms of early pregnancy in first few weeks after conception, although some of the symptoms are very similar to signs of life, however, there are some symptoms and signs that may portend the occurrence of pregnancy before the period of life and mitigation from person to person, so in the following we’ll talk about the symptoms of early pregnancy from the first day until the third month in detail and continue with us.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy

أعراض الحمل المبكرة

أعراض الحمل المبكرة

As we mentioned already there are some early symptoms that might indicate pregnancy, such as disruption of the menstrual cycle, frequent urination, and other important symptoms, which include the following:

● The petrified breasts

At the beginning of pregnancy you will experience some hormonal changes, which cause you pain in the breast area, with a little tension, but don’t worry, it wears off quick after several weeks.

● Disruption of the menstrual cycle

Considered an interruption of the menstrual cycle is the first and most important view of the field, but until you’re sure you should do a home pregnancy test, and make sure through blood analysis, the state’s delay may occur due to several causes other than pregnancy, such as obesity or anxiety or polycystic ovaries.

● Frequent urination

In the pregnancy will suffer from a significant increase in the amount of fluid in the body, which come out in a picture of Paul, so are frequent urination of the initial symptoms of pregnancy.

● Nausea

Nausea also symptoms famous, you’ll feel nausea, severe without reason and will not happen vomiting, usually this resolves after the third month of pregnancy.

● Sleepiness and fatigue

No longer sleepy of the most important early pregnancy symptoms, if associated the hormone progesterone which is secreted during the process of ovulation.

Symptoms of pregnancy by state

If you are a new bride, or a wife interested in waiting for the new baby it is certainly your desire to keep an eye out pregnancy before menstrual cycle, with some mild symptoms such as headaches or increase the size of the breast or bleeding Congress, the following are the most important of these symptoms1Health Line:

● Feeling tired and extreme fatigue

You may notice that you’re a bit cumbersome and a general malaise, this might be a symptom of pregnancy, but it is not the display itself but if you follow some of the other common symptoms.

● Headache

Headache occurs usually because the blood flow to the head during pregnancy, and also hormone changes, but it is not the only symptom, the etiology of the headaches multiple.

● Mild bleeding

Is the bleeding of the first signs of pregnancy, when it closes the embryo in the uterine lining, occurs vaginal bleeding light is known as the bleeding of implantation, it usually occurs in a period ranging between six to twelve days, been accompanied by some cramps, this symptom of pregnancy strong and confirmed.

● Increase breast size

Thought change breast size and pain of months signs of pregnancy the most common, and you may notice the presence of what is known as the areola, the brunette, is intended with the aura here is the solutions surrounding the nipple and breast, which appears tan, and the color changes.

● Mood swings

You will also notice mood swings you significantly, you might feel happy then are you talking about feeling sad, and vice versa, and may suffer from anxiety or depression or feel some aversion to your husband, which is normal and common in early pregnancy due to hormones.

Pregnancy symptoms by the state two days

There are some symptoms famous that may appear before the state two days as a proof of pregnancy such as breast pain and urination and sensitivity against odors, as well as nausea and breast pain as we mentioned previously, it can not confirm the pregnancy only after the onset of symptoms following2Flo:

  • Change the color of the aura surrounding the breast.
  • A high body temperature.
  • Vaginal discharge creamy frequent.

You may not show any of these symptoms, but this is not proof of non-pregnancy, so we recommend that you do a pregnancy test to be sure.

Pregnancy symptoms proven by the state the week of

أعراض الحمل الأكيدة قبل الدورة بأسبوع

أعراض الحمل الأكيدة قبل الدورة بأسبوع

Usually similar to symptoms of pregnancy first signs of approaching menstrual cycle, such as high and low temperatures repeatedly, and bled some of the purity of blood, as well as the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • The urge to urinate constantly.
  • Abdominal cramps and bloating.
  • Fatigue and mood swings.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week

The symptoms of pregnancy in first week for months and weeks following, if that this stage is the stage of fetus, you appear on the mother’s some of the common symptoms such as: feeling dizzy, headache and desire to sleep, the appearance of some problems of the skin such as freckles, along with some of the following symptoms:

  • A high body temperature.
  • Vaginal bleeding is simple and fast.
  • Bought some exotic foods.
  • Constant need to urinate throughout the day.
  • Stuffy nose and bulging membranes.
  • Increased secretion of saliva for a period of 3 months.
  • A high heart rate.
  • Pain in the breasts and increase their size.
  • Contractions and cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Sudden bleeding and frequent in the gums.
  • Mood swings without justification.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second week

Despite the absence of symptoms confirmed the pregnancy before it’s too late menstrual period, there are some symptoms that appear in the second week of pregnancy, such as darkening of the areola, fatigue, nausea, what we talked about before, as well as the following symptoms:

● Cervical mucus

A vaginal discharge sticky like mucus yellow, usually this happens in the first months of pregnancy because of the soften the cervix, if the blood flows to the vagina, causing the mucus.

● The sensitivity of the breasts

As we have already mentioned the follow-up changes to the breast may help significantly in identifying the pregnancy early, it is the symptoms of pregnancy in the second week, is the sensitivity of the breast, noting that the breasts became heavier, and the pain of it, usually lasts that the supply in the first period of pregnancy, and restless after several weeks.

Symptoms of pregnancy in second week

In the second week of pregnancy, the process of implantation has been, and began to fetal growth in the womb, this is a week after the fertilization process, and here you can say that you have become pregnant with certainty, usually appear some the symptoms are minor at this stage, after the stop of bleeding resulting from the process of implantation you’ll notice the following:

  • The desire to sleep.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Chest congestion.

Most women who were pregnant before knows that feeling well, in this stage you will feel the process of ovulation, but could feel my impregnate the egg, so usually pregnancy is detected strongly at this stage.

Symptoms of pregnancy in first month

أعراض الحمل في الشهر الأول

أعراض الحمل في الشهر الأول

In the first month of pregnancy show many of the symptoms resulting from hormonal changes, if the body begins in the secretion of the pregnancy hormone to start the formation of the fetus, perhaps months. what distinguishes this stage is the disruption of the menstrual cycle, as well as the following symptoms appear:

  • Difficult digestion accompanied by some inflammation in the stomach.
  • Going down some drops of blood in unusual times.
  • The appearance of some blood veins blue in the chest area.
  • General malaise and fatigue severe.
  • Hardening the area of the chest and breast are clear and strong.
  • Nausea and vomiting continuously, especially in the morning.
  • Pain in the back area is gradually increasing in the stages of pregnancy.
  • Spasm in the abdomen accompanied by cramps in the abdomen.
  • The constant need to urinate, distension of the abdomen.
  • Stress and anxiety are accompanied by the dysregulation of mood.
  • Constipation resulting from the secretion of the pregnancy hormone.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month

In the second month along with the symptoms of pregnancy in the first month such as: fatigue, fatigue, hardening of the breasts, nausea .. showing some other symptoms, including the following:

  • Severe heartburn in the stomach.
  • Frequent pain in the head (headache).
  • Increase or decrease in weight.

It may come from the desire to eat certain foods, that don’t like her, or aversion to types of food certain, which is what is colloquially known cravings.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month

The second month of pregnancy is one of the most important months, as it is the month that is the growth of the uterus to accommodate the fetus, and those around him in danger, so this month abound the symptoms of pregnancy is hard, and divided into the symptoms of external symptoms of internal, as follows:

1-symptoms of internal

  • Vomiting and nausea resulting from hormonal changes.
  • Frequent urination due to the pressure of the uterus on the bladder.
  • Some of the intestinal problems such as constipation and bloating.
  • Frequent mood swings, anxiety and high tension.

2-the external symptoms

  • The appearance of the veins clearly in the chest area.
  • Increase the size of breasts and clearly.
  • Increased perspiration resulting from hypertrophy of the glands you have.
  • The appearance of the aura black breast with white points.
  • Increase the size of the abdomen a bit with weight gain.
  • A lot of sleep and feeling tired and fatigue continuous.

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

أعراض الحمل خارج الرحم

أعراض الحمل خارج الرحم

Usually what are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy with intrauterine pregnancy and may not realize it at the time, so you need to learn the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy which include dizziness up to fainting and light physical world, as well as pose the following symptoms:

  • Some of the problems in the digestive tract, which result in nausea and vomiting accompanied by severe pain.
  • Vaginal bleeding, as bleeding is more severe with heavier than normal menstrual cycle.
  • The sharp pain is intermittent, happens in the abdominal area the pelvis extends up to the neck and shoulders.

So if you suffered from heavy vaginal bleeding or having severe pain continued for a long time you should review the doctor immediately without hesitation.

Pregnancy symptoms Boulder

The scholars differed too much about the symptoms that accompany pregnancy and son or daughter, has been spotted a lot of myths and legends about it, there are some symptoms product, which is built according to studies and research, such as acne, heart rate, and other symptoms that we so in detail in the following:

  • Acne: the acne symptom of pregnancy in Boulder, since it yields due to increased male hormone (testosterone) in the blood.
  • Put the abdomen: usually varies put the abdomen to include the type of border, if the fetus is born, you’ll notice the positioning in the lower parts of the uterus.
  • The color of urine: it is most likely to be the color of your urine dark is one of the important signs that indicate your pregnancy Boulder.
  • Morning sickness: confirmed some scientific studies that lack of suffering from morning sickness may be a clear indicator of the campaign you Boulder.
  • Mood swings: it affects the baby’s sex usually in your personal behavior, if the change of printing to become more aggressive, structure and boldness, know that you’re pregnant a boy.
  • Heart rate: some studies have indicated that the fetal heart gold should be at a lower rate 140 beats on the girl, but it was not confirmed that information yet.
  • The size of the breast: as we mentioned previously, the enlarged breast size is one of the most basic pregnancy symptoms, except that some of the old beliefs referring to breast enlargement right more than the left is evidence of pregnancy in Boulder, but this is not confirmed scientifically until now.
  • The desire to eat a particular food: too of the old common is the desire to eat foods and salty or sour is evidence of pregnancy in Boulder, but don’t trust in this belief a lot because it is uncertain.
  • Weight gain: of course the cooperation of all women gain weight during pregnancy, but the theme of concentration of fat is what determines if you are carrying your child or not, if stationed obesity in the stomach area, abdomen, you’re pregnant Boulder.
  • Hair growth: usually grow hair faster if you are pregnant boulder, you may notice growth in all the body significantly.
  • Cooler parties: in the beliefs of Chinese medicine, is considered cold hands or feet continuously guide on pregnancy Boulder.

How can I protect my son?

كيف احمل بولد؟

كيف احمل بولد؟

To determine the date of ovulation accurately is one of the most important things that help you get pregnancy in Boulder, as to dates of ovulation start of the day are ten, and even the sixteenth day of the menstrual cycle, it is usually advised to stop the practice of intimate relationship for a full week before ovulation, even include the high number of sperm your husband has, and become stronger and faster.3Health Line

After determining the date of ovulation exercise is recommended marital relationship in this day, since in this period will be the fluid located uterus less thickening, which helps to fertilize the ovum, as there are some important tips that help you get pregnancy in Boulder, include the following:

  • Not showering after the relationship directly, it is preferable to use for some time to allow the sperm to remain as long as possible.
  • Preferably, the exercise of the marital relationship at night with the freedom to choose the position to open fallopian tubes, and thus the arrival of the Ejaculation to farthest space possible which helps animals male on female.
  • Eat foods which help to increase the rate of acid-alkaline such as bananas, red meat, etc., as well advised to eat dairy and salty foods, to be done before the relationship long enough, which increases the chance of pregnancy Boulder.
  • You must pray to the stage of orgasm during sex, until your body says producing substance that makes the vagina alkaline, since the alkaline environment is best for the sperm of the male.

Pregnancy symptoms girl

Just like pregnancy symptoms Boulder there are some of the symptoms which prove that you are a holder of a word, include the following:

  • Mood changes: if you are pregnant daughters you’ll notice that you suffer from severe nervous due to the increase of female hormone you have, so you will know of the severe mood swings some thing.
  • Fetal position: unlike the US stationed the girl in the upper part of the abdomen, but generally not confirmed this information in a scientific manner so far.
  • Morning sickness: if you are pregnant daughters, you’ll notice that you suffer from morning sickness frequent, scientific studies have proven that women who carry girls, be their systems more vulnerable to the germs causing the inflammation, so frequently vomiting and nausea.
  • Oily skin: despite the adoption of many that oily skin guide to pregnancy word, but this is not scientific, the oily skin guide to disorders of the hormones that occur in pregnancy.
  • The desire to eat sugars: unlike the pregnancy of my son, if you are pregnant daughters will have a strong desire to eat sweets and sugars.
  • Weight gain: as mentioned earlier, the concentration of the obesity indicator on the type of the fetus, so if you notice my pinned down in the waist area, you’re pregnant daughters.
  • Heartbeat: there is a common belief that heart the girl be quick and much higher than the heartbeat state.4Medical News Today

How to protect a girl

كيف احمل ببنت

كيف احمل ببنت

So you can load a word, there are some important tips that may help you on this, including maintaining a healthy weight, because overweight increases the chances of pregnancy to mention, you are well advised to follow the following:

  • To avoid reaching the stage of activity, to reduce the proportion of vaginal acidity, and get rid of the male sperm.
  • Relationship level before ovulation a week later, the exam before ovulation to three days, because the sperm of the female is the slowest, once the arrival of the male sperm, do you find the egg and therefore die, and the vaccinated animals are female.
  • Avoid eating sour foods or salty, and eating sweets, and foods rich in magnesium and calcium, as well as avoid dairy products.
  • The practice of relationship at the time of the afternoon, with the freedom to be more superficial sink and traditional, so that the middle is not suitable for sperm of the male.

Pregnancy symptoms with twins

Although pregnancy with twins, things cumbersome, but a lot of mothers want, so you don’t need to repeat the experience of pregnancy again, there are many symptoms that indicate pregnancy with twins, such as increased exhaustion, physical fatigue, as well as the following symptoms:

  • Increase the size of the uterus more than normal.
  • Morning sickness is frequent, especially in the first months of pregnancy.
  • Increased pain in the breast area especially when touched.
  • Intense discomfort from the smell of food.

How to carry twins.

كيف احمل بتوأم

كيف احمل بتوأم

There are a lot of methods that may help you conceive twins is some wearing to work, and the other taking the pill, perhaps the best of these methods is the following:

● After stopping the pill

Usually menstrual cycle is irregular when you stop the pill, resulting in the production of more eggs, so if you’re planning to get pregnant with twins do that after refraining from eating grain directly.

● Pregnancy during breastfeeding

If you are a breastfeeding mum, you can exploit it to get pregnant with twins, but don’t do it in the first year of lactation, since it may not produce the results required.

● Pregnancy in the age of thirties

After the age of Thirties the body secrete hormones that help to increase the egg, so if you want to pregnancy time, think about doing so after the age of thirty-fifth, in the knowledge that chances of conceiving twins increase after the 45th year, but fertility rates are less than great.

● Eat a couple foods rich in zinc

It is known for foods rich in zinc such as: carrots, shellfish, and leafy vegetables, it helps to increase the sperm count, so listen to your husband download.

Calculate the correct load

So you can calculate the load properly, you first need to answer the following questions:

  • When was the date of the last menstrual period to you?
  • How many weeks pregnancy?
  • How to convert pregnancy weeks to months?

Either by a calculation, First you have to know that the months of pregnancy is 40 weeks may increase or decrease from two weeks to four, and calculate the pregnancy from the date of the last day of the last menstrual cycle, if pollination occurs between the tenth day until the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle.

How to get pregnant.

Pregnancy is the natural result of the marital relationship, and therefore there are some tips that increase the chances of pregnancy include the following:

  • Determine the date of ovulation: as we mentioned previously, the ovulation occurs from the twelfth day until the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, as the egg will be ready for pollination at this time, which helps to increase the chances of pregnancy, so if you’re planning a pregnancy, should having intercourse in the days of ovulation, or three days, the sperm can live from 3 to 6 days inside your body.
  • Maintain normal weight: you should maintain your weight and get rid of obesity, if they cause a pregnancy does not occur naturally, as well as scientific studies have shown that the thinness causes a delay in pregnancy, so be sure to access to the correct time.
  • Avoid the use of vaginal lubricants: not recommended for excessive use of lubricants, as they cause reduce the chances of procreation, and to prevent access of sperm to the egg, thus if you want to use it is recommended to consult the doctor to describe the type of good.
  • To preserve the pattern of a healthy diet: of course there are no foods that help to enrichment, but to follow the pattern of correct diet helps you to acquire the basic elements needed by your body for pregnancy, such as: iron, calcium, and protein, so it is recommended to follow a proper system with the intake of folic acid tablets when you read The prepare for pregnancy, it protects the fetus from congenital malformations.

How can I protect quickly

كيف احمل بسرعة

كيف احمل بسرعة

If you want to get pregnant quickly, getting the child enter the happiness to your heart, it is certainly your desire to learn some tips that will help you on this, perhaps the best natural ways that help you get pregnancy is the following:

  • Stay away from painkillers and stimulants: usually advised to doctors about taking aspirin if you are planning to party, if they cause shrinking of the uterus and pregnancy occurs, as a result of secretion of the hormone prostaglandin, which weakens the pregnancy occurs, so it is advisable to avoid it in the period of ovulation.
  • Take care with the vagina continuously: personal hygiene of the most important things that you should consider when planning a pregnancy, the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the vagina may expose you to certain infections that result in delayed pregnancy.
  • Avoid inhaling harmful chemicals: most of chemicals such as cleaning and disinfection, pesticides, fumes, access, and contain toxic gases adversely affect your fertility, so avoid it as much as possible.
  • March added: As we mentioned previously even talking pregnancy care must be taken on the Friday practice regularly, with a focus on the days of ovulation.
  • Take care of your food and your oil: as we have already mentioned the follow a healthy, balanced diet would provide the body with important elements that are needed to conceive, as it enhances the fertilization of the egg also.

The symptoms of false pregnancy

If you are suffering from a false pregnancy, make sure the appearance of the symptoms of pregnancy natural, such as changing the shape of the breast, nausea and vomiting, as well as the following symptoms:

  • Stop the menstrual cycle.
  • Feel the baby’s movement.
  • Severe distension of the abdomen.
  • Increase or decrease weight.
  • Be milk in the breasts.

Also, some women who have suffered from a false pregnancy before, has arrived in the delivery room with got blamed Labor, but this is very rare, and of course didn’t specify state, so you should arrange for a medical examination necessary, as soon as the pregnancy symptoms you have.5American Pregnancy

The bottom line is that the most common pregnancy symptoms confirmed is a missed period, nausea and vomiting, and the aura of black around the breast, so if any of these symptoms you must immediately start the work of the pregnancy test, and start-up with a physician don’t even know yourself for the false.

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