Symptoms of disease liver and kidney how do you prevent?

Do you have any disease in the liver or the kidneys? Do you know what are the symptoms of liver disease and kidney how do you prevent them? In this article we’ll explore together on the symptoms of disease of the liver and kidneys to help you in preventing yourself from health damage continued with us.

Located the kidneys in the lumbar area of the rib cage to anyone by my side the whole spine, the kidney is one primary organs in the body, especially as they are responsible for the process of filtering the blood of any toxins bodies are strange, as well as excess water and other impurities, mainly in the body, where these materials subsequently into the bladder and then is eliminated through the urine.

The liver is the organ the largest in the human body is thought of extensions of the digestive tract, and weigh about a kilo and a half and take the brown color oblique redness, is divided into four lobes unequal in size, it is located in the right side of the abdominal cavity in the bottom area of the diaphragm, is transferred to the blood through the hepatic artery carrying oxygen as well as blood, after it is transferred to the blood carrying food digested from the intestines to the vein…the more about the symptoms of liver disease and kidney in this article..

The functions of the liver

Symptoms of disease of the liver and kidneys differ from each other, and is total among the largest member in the body and has several functions performed in the case of normal, and these posts are what comes up:

  • The liver does process of regulating foods intake within the human body of any toxins multiple takes of it, and human life was in any danger or disease other health.
  • Works the liver in the human body to absorb vitamins as well as mineral salts and iron well, then doing the stored until needed by the human body in the post.
  • The liver from its functionality also to the process of storage needed sugar so the body gets the required energy to him, and regulate this blood sugar.
  • Says the liver to the process of analysis of complex compounds which are difficult to understand, so you make use of them in the human body well and fit.
  • The liver works to store proteins that are needed by the human body in building new tissue as well as their growth, such as proteins Seoul blood that is stored in the liver.
  • The liver from its important functions, too, he says, defending the human body against any microbes or spores attack and not some various diseases.
  • The liver functions as diverse as secretion is responsible for digestion and absorption of foods from the body, then the process of transfer to the intestine.

وظائف الكبد

The symptoms of viral hepatitis

The symptoms of a disease of the liver and kidney, for liver inflammation, many patients may not show symptoms, and in the case to run some tests on your blood may discover that, the symptoms of inflammation of the liver, and these symptoms are what comes up:

Symptoms of liver disease, a rise in the temperature of the human body, the person suffers in the early stages of inflammation of the liver from a rise in body temperature continuously, and may not show any other symptoms during this period of the symptoms of the disease.

  • A person infected with this disease, feel a general malaise, inflammation, extreme exhaustion during the first stages of the phase.
  • Symptoms of liver disease and kidney is different from each other, and the symptoms of the disease also injury loss of balance, with the inability of the person to perform his daily works naturally.
  • The symptoms of this disease also feel pain in the joints and muscles of the body.
  • Some cases come as a result of the incidence of this disease is pain in the upper right corner of the abdomen, especially because the liver is located in the upper-right corner, and the occurrence of inflammation by the patient feels pain in the abdomen.
  • Some cases encounter jaundiced, injury to persons and jaundiced caused by an injury to the liver cells to pollution because of the virus, this is accompanied by jaundice, fever with general weakness in the body, the occurrence of a change in the color of the skin cases or designers.
  • Some cases show symptoms such as a change in the color of the whites of the eyes to yellow color.
  • Some cases notice when the disease changes in urine color from normal color, a yellow color, and in the case of money to the color of light or dark this indicates the existence of the problem of infections in the liver.

Symptoms of kidney disease

Symptoms of liver and kidney disease is different, but for the symptoms of kidney, there are preliminary symptoms appear when the infection is in the kidneys, may not be observable by the affected person, and these signs :

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Symptoms vary disease of the liver and kidneys from each other but one of the symptoms of liver disease.

Exhaustion and general fatigue

In the case of a decrease in kidney function within the body, leads to an accumulation of toxins as well as impurities in the blood inside the human body, resulting in a sense of the infected person needs of, as well as public pressure, the occurrence of difficulty in concentration, and complications of diseases and problems of the kidneys also anemia, which increases that feeling.

Disturbances in the sleep

Of the infected with kidney problems battling insomnia and problems in sleeping, especially when the kidneys don’t function properly in getting rid of toxins and impurities, so accumulate these impurities in the blood and the body of the source and make sleep difficult, have treated the cases that accompany chronic kidney disease of the forecast development process during sleep.

Itching and dryness of the skin

In case of a problem or malfunction in the kidney, deficiency occurs in metal or non-availability, resulting in a feeling as well as dehydration in the skin, this occurs in the advanced stages of kidney disease, then the kidneys are not able to maintain the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood.

أعراض أمراض الكلى

Need to urinate urgently

In the event of the total cases of damage, be a person’s desire to urinate too frequent, especially at night, this might be the result of other diseases such as infection in the urinary tract or enlarged prostate in men.

The appearance of blood in the urine

In the case of the kidneys work properly, works to keep blood cells in the human body properly when filtering the blood of toxins with a view to the composition of the urine, and in the case of filters the kidneys to the hills start, then the blood cells in registration to the outside with the urine, may be the presence of blood evidence of tumors or kidney stones or not to have the need.

Symptoms of liver disease and kidney is different from each other, and the symptoms of kidney disease presence of foam in the urine and in the case of the presence of bubbles or foam in the urine is large, this confirms the existence of a problem or malfunction in the kidneys.

A bulge in the contour of the eyes

This leakage of protein with urine from inside the body.

Bulge of the ankle as well as feet

In the case of a decrease in kidney function determines the retention of sodium within the body, and cause swelling in the ankle or foot.

Loss of appetite

Of the general symptoms as a result of kidney problems loss of appetite towards the foods due to the accumulation of toxins in the human body as a result of the decline of renal function leading to loss of appetite to eat.

Muscle spasm

In case there is a problem in kidney function resulting in a disruption in the balance of salts within the body, so happen a decrease in the level of calcium which helps in muscle spasm.

In the case of the development of symptoms indicates that the presence of renal failure, including nausea, vomiting, change in the urine, fluid retention, anemia, high level of potassium.

تشنج العضلات

Dear reader, now you may know all the details that pertain to the symptoms of disease of the liver and kidneys. For more detail tops a visit to our website.

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