Symptoms of copper deficiency

اعراض نقص النحاس

اعراض نقص النحاس

Copper is one of the important elements for the human body and its deficiency leads to the appearance of many of the symptoms, so keep with us dear reader this article to know the symptoms of a copper deficiency in the body.

Symptoms of copper deficiency

Frequent infection with many diseases

The frequent incidence of certain diseases may be evidence of copper deficiency because the copper plays an important role in maintaining the immune system of the body, and when copper levels are low, the body struggles in the composition of immune cells which reduces the body’s ability to fight infection frequent infection.

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Fatigue and weakness

You may have copper deficiency is one of the reasons for feeling tired and weak and is essential for the absorption of iron from the intestine.
When copper levels are low the body absorbs less amount of iron that causes anemia resulting from iron deficiency, a situation where the access of oxygen to the tissues of the body, which makes you feel tired more easily.

As our body’s cells use copper to generate adenosine triphosphate which is the main source of energy in the body, which means that copper deficiency can affect your energy levels, which increases the feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Memory problems and learning

May lead to copper deficiency to difficulty learning and remembering because copper plays an important role in the performance of his job so that the enzymes responsible for providing energy to the need for copper, has also been linked to copper deficiency diseases that reduce the growth of brain cells or affect the ability to learn and remember, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Walking difficulties

You may find people who suffer from copper deficiency difficulty walking properly, so that the enzymes present in the body need copper to maintain the integrity of the nerves that your body needs to, so lack of copper may cause walking difficulties.

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Allergy to the cold

May become people who suffer from copper deficiency are more sensitive to cold temperatures, which helps the copper with other metals such as zinc in maintaining the function of the thyroid gland which is the gland responsible for temperature regulation, so people who suffer from low level of copper feel more sensitive to cold.

Vision loss

Vision loss is a serious condition that may occur with copper deficiency long-term continuous neglect of his treatment, so that copper is an important component for many enzymes that help the integrity of the nervous system, so lack of copper can cause problems in the nervous system, including vision loss.

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Symptoms of copper deficiency on the bone

Lead copper deficiency to the occurrence of osteoporosis, where a shared copper in many of the life processes that maintain healthy and strong bones, as copper helps the body produce more bone cells that help to reshape and strengthen the bone tissue.

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Symptoms of copper deficiency on the skin and hair

Pallor of the skin

The body requires copper to produce pigment melanin is the pigment responsible for determining skin color, so can a deficiency of copper on the production of this pigment, which causes paleness of the skin.

Graying hair amount

Influenced by the color of hair also has melanin pigment, so it affects low levels of copper on the composition of the melanin in the hair which leads to the appearance of white hair.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know the symptoms of copper deficiency you should consult your doctor when you have any symptoms pointing to transport copper, you can also consult one of our doctors here

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