Symptoms of colon digestive

Consists of the digestive tract of multiple parts each part to its important function in the process of digestion starting from the mouth and stomach that play a role in the digestion of food and connect it to the large intestine or colon, which could not working efficient and natural for some people and cause aSymptoms of irritable bowel syndrome that affect the body generally

Symptoms of the colon and digestive system in detail

Some people in periods of their life from a stomach ache or some pain in the abdomen but that of them be the sources of colon digestive which be pain a more severe abdominal pain regular it is aSymptoms include:

  1. The feeling of flatulence.
  2. Be large amounts of gas within the abdomen.
  3. Constipation which tends to distress in some cases.
  4. Or diarrhoea.
  5. Fit in the period of changes of digestive between constipation and diarrhea.
  6. Change the movement of digestive oddly lead to your desire to donate.
  7. Mucus discharge white or clear with feces.
  8. Intestinal motility that is accompanied by pain and discomfort.
  9. Change in the habits of the output natural.
  10. Change the shape of stool clearly.

أعراض القولون الهضمي

The symptoms of the digestive Colon in women

Choose aSymptoms of colon digestive from person to person, there are some symptoms that seem unrelated to the digestive system such as joint pain, menstrual disorders, skin diseases and inflammation of the eyes, but symptoms that are related to link fully with the digestive system are as follows:

  1. The appearance of some ulcers on the mouth
  2. Feeling loss of appetite
  3. Difficult and disturbed bowel movements and the difficulty of the output.
  4. A strange feeling of not emptying the bowel even after doing the output
  5. The appearance of pus or mucus or blood in the stool.
  6. Pain and severe sense.
  7. The feeling of puke, nausea and diarrhoea.
  8. Weight loss significantly
  9. Frequent night sweats fever fatigue severe.

The symptoms of the digestive Colon in men

Most of us suffer from some stomach pain from time to time, but when people who suffer from colon digestive the Asymptoms the colon and digestive tract choose to have them completely so that she could set a person about the exercise of his work is the most important symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome in men include:

  1. Of the important symptoms of common I have a lot of patients, the feeling of chronic pain in the abdominal area left or right especially during urination.
  2. The greater the psychological pressure of the patient, the greater the pain the colon.
  3. The presence of constipation or severe diarrhea have the source and probably have diarrhea
  4. Distension of gases in the abdomen
  5. When the patient feels a catch be that as a result of food fermentation and the difficulty of its absorption.
  6. The issuance of some strange sounds from the abdomen, which often be the result of bloating.
  7. The appearance of some strings, White mucous associated with the exit of feces
  8. Protection severe heartburn
  9. Feeling tired
  10. Feeling nervous, anxiety, inability to sleep easily and naturally
  11. Occur some pain bladder during urination
  12. Burping a lot and having a taste of spam in the mouth.

أعراض القولون الهضمي

Methods of prevention of colon and digestive tract.

After that we detailed on asymptoms colon digestive we will continue the methods of prevention necessary to reduce the pain colon digestive or elimination of those symptoms effectively according to the following:

  • Avoid eating foods that increase the disorder of the bowel for example, legumes of all kinds.
  • Have some drinks effective in the elimination of pain colon like chamomile drink, lemon juice, star anise and cumin and fresh lemon juice.
  • The intake of supplements which keeps the food that is causing the law.
  • Exercise regularly without overtaxing the body
  • Eat a lot of fluids while avoiding orange juice.
  • Stay away from ingesting soft drinks.

It is worth noting that all what has been dealt with methods of prevention of colon digestive not related to treatment, which should be determined by the physician according to each case.

Have we reviewed the in the All Asymptoms colon digestive detailed and what you should do to reduce the symptoms of the colon and digestive tract prevention, but if those symptoms are severe and will not succeed ways of prevention, in case you see a doctor to get proper treatment.

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