Symptoms of cancer of the retina

أعراض سرطان الشبكية

أعراض سرطان الشبكية

Is cancer of the retina the most common type of cancer of the eye, may occur in both eyes or in one of them, belonging with us, dear reader, to learn more about the symptoms of cancer of the retina , its causes and methods of treatment and how it is diagnosed

What is cancer of the retina that?

Is an eye cancer that begins in the retina which is the sensitive lining inside the eye, which often affects children, but rarely affects adults.

Consists of the retina of the fabric of the nervous senses the light when he arrived to the front of the eye where the retina signals via the optic nerve to the mind, then is the interpretation of these signals as images.

What are the symptoms of cancer of the lattice?

There after the signs and symptoms that indicate cancer of the retina, including:

  • The most obvious evidence is that the eye varies its form a little, shows the pupil of the eye black typically white.
  • Eye may appear infected more heavily than usual on the other.
  • Pain in the eye.
  • Dialogue.
  • Redness of the eye.
  • Contamination may occur in the eye or a part of them.
  • Vision problems.

These symptoms can be caused by problems other than cancer of the retina, so it’s best to examine the child’s eye doctor when any problem occurs in the fastest time possible.

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What are the causes of cancer of the lattice?

After that you know the symptoms of cancer of the retina, there are some causes that may lead to it, including:

Cancer occurs Retina when nerve cells in the retina as a result of genetic mutations, where these mutations in the continuation of cell growth and replication, causing healthy cells within the eye, this mass of accumulated cells form a tumor.

Can spread cancer cells the retina is more in the eye and the surrounding area, it has spread tumors of the retina to other areas of the body including the brain andspine.

In most cases it is not clear what causes the genetic mutations that lead to tumor of the retina, however it is possible that the children inherit this genetic mutation from the parents.

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How cancer is diagnosed net?

To diagnose this cancer, the doctor looking closely inside the eye with a powerful magnifying glass, if it appears that there is cancer, the next step is to find out the size of the tumor and whether it has spread, then ask the doctor one of these tests helps to figure out a way to appropriate treatment, namely:

  • Ultrasound, where I show the ultrasound pictures clear eyes of the child
  • MRI, shows more clearly the detailed photos of the
  • CAT scan, by the use of X-rays to show more details about the tumor

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Methods of treatment of cancer of the retina

After that you know the symptoms of cancer of the retina and its causes, you treatment methods which include many options, including:


It is the first sign you may turn to the doctors, where is the use of powerful drugs in the reduction the size of the tumor, if the cancer has not spread, the medications are injected directly into the eye or in the blood vessels that lead to it.

But in the case that the cancer has spread may be taking medications by mouth or through a vein until the active material throughout the body.

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Thermal therapy

Is a special laser to kill cancer cells by heat, and is used by doctors on small tumors or with other signs of tumors large.

Laser treatment

This treatment to destroy blood vessels that feed the tumor, and is used by doctors in the case of small tumors in the back of the eye.

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In the end, after that you know the symptoms of cancer of the retina , its causes and methods of treatment, if you have any further queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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