Symptoms of cancer of the mouth and him and how it can be prevented

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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information for the most serious diseases with which cancer of the mouth, where oral cancer refers to the formation of cancer cells in any part of the mouth may show cancer of the mouth in each of the ( lips – tongue – gums – the inner lining of the cheeks – the bottom of the mouth, meaning the bottom of the tongue – the roof of the mouth ) Often called the cancer that consists inside the mouth oral cancer and sometimes cancer of the oral cavity, is considered oral cancer a type of cancer called cancer of the neck or head, and often van the treatment of oral cancer have similar to treat cancer of the head and the other, therefore we are pleased to offer you today through the website of the pharmacy information about oral cancer and what are the symptoms of it plus a week and how you can cure it and other important information about this disease, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

من اهم علامات الاصابة بسرطان الفم القرحOne of the most important signs of oral cancer the loan

Symptoms of oral cancer

There is a group of symptoms that indicate cancer of the mouth, This symptoms are as follows :

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1 – the appearance of the ulcer is not healed either at the lips or inside the mouth.
2. the appearance also spot the same color and white or red and be present inside the mouth.
3 – the occurrence of osteoporosis in the teeth.
4 – pain in the mouth.
5 – pain in the ears.
6. inability to swallowing and pain when swallowing.

In the case of appearance of any of these symptoms and continued for more than two weeks then you should head to the doctor to prevent serious complications on life.

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سرطان الفم قد يصيب اي جزء من اجزاء الفمOral cancer may affect any part of the mouth

Weeks oral cancer

Consists of cancer in the mouth when you say the cells on the lips and the development of DNA, where that DNA service out instructions telling the cell what to do, and therefore changes may occur, and mutations make the cell continue to grow and divide even when you die, healthy cells, thus cancer cells of the mouth abnormal the be accumulated may form a tumor over time may spread these cells inside the mouth and then to other areas of the neck or head and then to different parts of the human body.

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And in most cases van oral cancer begins in the squamous cells which are the cells that line the lips where most of the oral cancers are in the original squamous cell carcinoma, and there is no apparent reason for some reason the mutations that occur for squamous cell carcinoma, which cause oral cancer, but scientists were able to determine some of the factors that may increase the likelihood of developing oral cancer, these factors are as follows :

1 – use any kind of tobacco, and including ( a cigar – chewing tobacco – cigarettes ) and other.
2. drink alcohol heavily.
3 – you know the lips to sunlight for long periods.
4. the virus is transmitted through sexual contact and that the virus known as human papilloma virus ( HPV ).
5 – a weak immune system.

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الابتعاد عن التدخين مهم جدا للوقاية من سرطان الفمStay away from smoking very important for the Prevention of oral cancer

Tips for the Prevention of oral cancer

There are a range of tips that can be followed for the Prevention of cancer of the mouth, this tips are as follows :

1 – you must stop smoking or refrain from smoking in case you hadn’t smoked before. in addition to the need to move away from tobacco in the ways it is different.
2. stay away from drinking alcohol as alcohol may cause irritation of the cells inside the mouth.
3. do not expose the lips to the sun for long periods of time.
4 – Be careful to visit a dentist periodically to check on Oral Health in general.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy important information about one of the most dangerous types of cancer is oral cancer, the cancer generally is a disease that may lead to death in case of his neglect, and therefore in case of appearance of any of the symptoms that indicate you should proceed directly to the doctor to start treatment is different, because health is the most precious thing we have, and can not think where ever ……….. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and wait for more themes associated with various health problems and how to treat them or prevent them through the website of the pharmacy.

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