Symptoms of cancer in the stomach

أعراض السرطان في المعدة

أعراض السرطان في المعدة

Cancer is one of the diseases the vicious spread recently, including stomach cancer, so you must recognize the symptoms of cancer in the stomach , proceed with us, dear reader.

Stomach cancer

  • Begins cancer of the stomach, usually in the cells that produce mucus that line the stomach, this type is called cancer in my glands (Adenocarcinoma).
  • Over the past few decades, the incidence of cancer in the main part of the stomach (body of knowledge) and the intersection area between the end of the esophagus and Cardia with (gastroesophageal junction) is the most injury.

Causes of stomach cancer

  • Wearing a cancer of the stomach and intestines is dated from the height of the esophagus (is a condition caused by reflux frequent to protect the stomach to the esophagus) and, to a lesser extent, obesity and smoking.
  • There is a strong correlation between a diet rich in foods smoked and salted (ways to preserve food) with the increased use of refrigeration to maintain foods at the level of the world, the incidence of stomach cancer.

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Risk factors for stomach cancer

  • A history of GERD and obesity.
  • A diet rich in foods salt and the city.
  • A diet low in fruits and vegetables.
  • Family history of stomach cancer.
  • The infection is a bacterium of the stomach.
  • Chronic gastritis.
  • Pernicious anemia.
  • Smoking.
  • Benign tumors in the stomach.

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Symptoms of cancer in the stomach and stages

  • First stage: in this stage, only the tumor on the upper layer of tissue that lined the inside of the esophagus or stomach, and may spread cancer cells also to a limited number of lymph nodes nearby.
  • Stage II: cancer at this stage is deeper, and reaches the layer of muscle, the deeper of the esophagus or the stomach wall, cancer may also spread to more lymph nodes.
  • Second stage: in this stage, it may be the cancer has spread through all layers of the esophagus or stomach, or it may be cancer younger has spread more widely in the lymph nodes.
  • Fourth stage:the point of this phase indicates that the cancer has spread to distant parts of the body.

Symptoms of cancer in stomach common

أعراض السرطان في المعدة

أعراض السرطان في المعدة

May include the following:

  • Fatigue.
  • Feeling bloated after eating.
  • The feeling of fullness after eating small amounts of food.
  • Severe heartburn and persistent.
  • Indigestion acute always.
  • Constant nausea.
  • Pain in the stomach.
  • Constant vomiting.
  • Unintentional weight loss.

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Methods of prevention of gastric cancer

After that you know the symptoms of cancer in the stomach is not clear what causes cancer of the stomach? So there is no way to prevent it, but you can take steps to reduce the risk of infection by making small changes in your daily life for example try:

  • Perform regular exercise to lower the risk of stomach cancer.
  • Incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet every day, choose a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce the amount of salty and smoked foods you eat to protect the gastric wall.
  • Try to quit smoking if you are a smoker.

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Stomach cancer treatment

Varies according to the situation and stage of stomach cancer among different treatments: radiation therapy andchemotherapy andimmunotherapy , which uses drugs that direct the immune system to kill cancer cells, andsurgery by:

  • Removal of tumors in the early stage of the lining of the stomach.
  • Removal of the affected part of the stomach.
  • Remove the whole of any total gastrectomy preferably the surgeon the lymph nodes in the abdomen and to look for cancer cells.
  • In the advanced stage may lead to the removal of part of the stomach to relieve the signs and symptoms of the tumor in this case, no surgery can cure advanced gastric cancer, but it may provide some comfort.

In the end, dear reader, that you know the symptoms of cancer in the stomach you can be sure that early detection always is many areas, and if you have any question you can consult one of our doctors here.

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