Symptoms of advanced lung cancer and methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

The elements of the decision

Think symptoms of advanced lung cancer as a declaration about the delayed situation and their access to justice difficult where the development of the symptoms of this cancer plan reports that the proportion of deaths resulting from it for the highest compared to the types of cancerous tumors other where one of the most dangerous species are the most prevalent, whether among men or women, where are recorded about a million cases per year worldwide.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Symptoms strong and Sharp of advanced lung cancer, where the patient complains of additional symptoms with the spread of the disease in other places, and these symptoms:

• Feeling severe pain in the bones especially in the back, hips and ribs.
• The occurrence of swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck area.
• Exposure to failure in the functions of the liver injury and jaundice. yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.
• Feeling light-headed severe headache.
• Loss of ability to balance.
• Feeling numb and numbness of the parties.
• Syndrome Horner that cause a range of symptoms are: the influence of the tumor on the nerves of the face and overhangs the eyelid and narrowing of the pupils.

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• Syndrome and a tumor that are caused by the body’s secretion of a group of hormones that affect the body.

• Infection by swelling in the face, chest, arms, neck due to pressure of the tumor on the large vein responsible for transporting blood from the heart to the head and arms.

Symptoms of lung cancer and his tips for the prevention

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The main symptoms of lung cancer

Can resemble the symptoms of advanced lung cancer or primary tumors other cancer that affect the body in different places, but there is a set of early symptoms that characterize lung cancer are as follows:

• A bad cough accompanied by sputum and blood.
• A persistent cough does not stop.
• Hoarseness and change in voice.
• Difficulty in breathing.
• Feeling of pain in the chest especially when breathing deep and light cough.
• The issuance of whistling when breathing.
• Fatigue and general weakness.
• Loss of weight and appetite.
• Repeated complaints of pneumonia and bronchitis.

Ways to detect lung cancer

Can diagnose lung cancer detection through a variety of testing methods are as follows:

• Clinical detection by the doctor and on the patient’s symptoms and history of patients and family.
• Diagnosis using X-rays on the chest.
• Conduct organization on the trachea.
• Perform a CT on the chest.
• Imaging of the chest using magnetic resonance.
• Conduct a pet scan.
• Analysis of sputum.
• Analysis of the semantics of tumors in the body.
• Examination of a sample or biopsy of the cancer cells under a microscope.

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The causes of lung cancer

Lung cancer occurs due to exposure of the patient to a variety of factors including:

• Exposure to fumes and used.
• Smoking.
• Exposure to secondhand smoke and inhaling the smoke.
• Cause you know lung smoking damage cells and change their shape with time and the growth of the abnormal cells to show cancerous tumors.
• Exposure to chemical pollutants directly in it for long periods.

Methods of treatment of lung cancer

• The doctor determines the treatment plan as the patient’s condition and the stage reached by the disease and extent of spread of cancer cells and patient’s health status and age.

• There is no specific treatment alone depends on you Doctors for the treatment of lung cancer.

• Treatment is done using a therapeutic based on a combination of drugs.

• Treatment is done in many cases using chemotherapy.

• Sometimes it is combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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• Uses immunotherapy and me in some cases.

• Treatment is done using hormones in many cases.

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How to prevent lung cancer

Of course prevention is better than cure, and this can avoid lung cancer through lifestyle modification and follow the behaviour is correct, one of the most important ways to prevent the following:

• Keep away from sources of pollution, fumes, harp textures.
• Quit smoking.
• Keep away from sources of passive smoking.
• To quit the intake of alcoholic beverages.
• Eat healthy foods.
• Exercise regularly.

We have provided you the most important symptoms of advanced lung cancer of the patient with advanced stage disease, has also been introduced the most important initial symptoms that reveal the disease early.
As you know, the report for the diagnosis of lung cancer the most important methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Presented to you site pharmacy this information that interest everyone accepts the smoking without awareness of the damage caused by this bad habit that can lose a person of his life if he follows the methods of prevention of this disease, which makes it one of the most serious tumor diseases worldwide.

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