Symptoms of a low sugar causes of the problem and methods of prevention

The elements of the decision

Care to talk about symptoms of low sugar a large segment of the people because this problem endanger human life especially if it happened to fall on suddenly and in the entry of the human in a coma and lost consciousness, and recognize the symptoms well help a lot in avoiding and helps the patient and those around them to deal quickly and efficiently with these symptoms in order to save the life of Egyptian descent sugar, and across the following lines from the site of the pharmacy will review the most important of these symptoms with reference to prevention methods and treatment.

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اعراض السكر المنخفضThe symptoms of low sugar

The symptoms of low blood sugar

Can be said that low sugar in the blood when the resolution conversion is less than 72 mg/ diet, and in most cases happens to drop unexpectedly making the doctors dealing with this situation as an emergency, you need to download and training fast, come symptoms are as follows:

  • The yellowness and paleness of the skin.
  • Visit the throne.
  • Approaches and the inability to breathe normally.
  • Tingling in the chest.
  • Distorted vision Well eye.
  • Headache and pain in the head.
  • Subsidence and loss of activity.
  • Stress and fatigue.
  • Feeling the desire to eat.
  • Mood swings and anxiety.
  • Jerk parties.
  • Numbness of the body.
  • Dizziness and unbalance.
  • Insomnia and difficulty in sleeping.
  • The speed of the heartbeat.
  • Tension and concentration they need.
  • Nausea and desire to vomit.
  • The lack of focus and loss of ability to focus and speech in the normal manner.

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The causes of injury down the sugar in the blood

Happens low blood sugar is the result of a combination of factors that can be identified as follows:

  • Overuse of drugs to treat diabetes without consulting a doctor.
  • The use of insulin to treat diabetes in conjunction with other medications to treat high blood sugar causing its decline strongly.
  • Insulin doses are high.
  • Not eating healthy food and poor nutrition.
  • Exercise heavily particularly vigorous exercise without eating adequate amounts of food.
  • Taking some medicines that cause low blood sugar such as medicines for malaria.
  • Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages.
  • Of injury some diseases cause lower sugar such as deficiency of the kidney and kidney failure.
  • Know body some hormonal disorders.
  • Injury run-down of the thyroid gland.
  • Body injury of some or cancer especially pancreatic cancer.
  • Loss of appetite and not eating sufficient amounts of food causes low blood sugar.

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اعراض السكر المنخفضThe symptoms of low sugar and Prevention

How to prevent low sugar

Can avoid the occurrence of the symptoms of low sugar by following some of the ways to preventive measures that protect the person from landing, the most important of these include the following:

  • Attention to proper nutrition and follow a diet without consulting a doctor, with eating at fixed dates and eat small meals to get energy between meals, and attention to drinking water, natural fresh juices.
  • Measure your blood sugar periodically to ensure the treatment of low blood sugar before the onset of any symptoms strong.
  • Eat food rich in protein and carbohydrates before exercise with the need for sugar before the start of the exercise, and taking into account the lack of excessive Sports violence.
  • You must comply with the instructions of the doctor and doses of insulin and doses specified without change.
  • Avoid pollution and smoking.
  • Stay away from eating alcoholic beverages.
  • You should be family and those around the patient know enough about his state of Health and their evidences symptoms of low sugar which can be not so they can help him correctly and protect him from any complications.
  • The necessity of having a piece of candy or some juice in the bag patient low sugar constantly to be used when exposure to the flame to prevent bouts of low sugar sudden.
  • The treatment of diseases associated with reduced diabetes such as underactive thyroid problems of the kidneys and liver.
  • Eating the insulin dose prescribed by your doctor without reduce or overeating and taking into account not combine with any other drugs for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Consult your physician before taking any medication.
  • Stay away from stress and tension.
  • Get enough hours of sleep.

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We gave you through the site of the pharmacy the most important symptoms of a sugar low that can be easily controlled and protect the patient from any complications that could threaten his life by following some of the methods of prevention and protection that guarantees the safety of the patient and suspect of entry in acute episodes may amount to a coma and possibly death, in all cases, should consult a doctor, with regular follow-up with sugar until it is dealing with the situation the right way.

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