Symptoms and causes of preeclampsia

أعراض وأسباب تسمم الحمل

أعراض وأسباب تسمم الحمل

You may know some of the pregnant to the pregnancy is the result of several factors cause high blood pressure level of proteins in the urine, and can affect the pregnancy negatively unless it is processed, and on the symptoms and causes of eclampsia continued with us dear the readers of this article.

What is eclampsia?

Depends preeclampsia health condition occur in some pregnant women due to the causes and multiple factors lead to high blood pressure severe increased levels of protein in the urine which may cause the non-arrival of oxygen to Bashar the adequate development of the fetus.

Often occur of pre-eclampsia in Week 20 and in most cases can be overcome and alleviated by some means which operates to adjust and regulate the blood pressure but peshtera detected early.

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Symptoms and causes of preeclampsia

Due to the impact of preeclampsia and its complications on the health of both the mother and the fetus here are the most prominent symptoms of preeclampsia and its causes common.

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Symptoms of preeclampsia

You might face the situation the symptoms of preeclampsia P and a time after infection so it is necessary to pay attention to these symptoms is very quickly observed, and these are the symptoms what follows:

  • Severe headaches and continue to.
  • Increase in weight occurs unexpectedly during a period of time a few.
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • The pain of stomach cramps
  • Swelling of hands, feet and face

The causes of preeclampsia

Play some of the factors related to the mother a major role in pre-eclampsia, and these are what follows:

  • Pregnancy for the first time
  • The incidence of hypertension, chronic pre-pregnancy
  • Having a family history of injury, poisoning pregnancy, such as mother or sisters.
  • Multiple pregnancy more than one fetus.
  • If the age is less than 20 years or older than 40 years are more susceptible to poisoning pregnancy.
  • High pressure pain severe during pregnancy.
  • Chronic kidney disease before pregnancy.
  • Excess weight or obesity.
  • Cases other newspapers such as, lupus and gestational diabetes.

The risk of preeclampsia

After knowing the symptoms and causes of preeclampsia should understand that if you did not pay attention to the symptoms of preeclampsia early in the situation may relate to complications of dangerous health affects our health and the health committee, and these complications are the following:

  • Muscle pain severe
  • Spasms of the abdomen and back
  • Uterine contractions
  • Higher risk of syndrome of hemolysis which is the process of cracking red blood cells and destroy them.
  • Elevated liver enzymes and functions.
  • Low number of platelets.
  • A blood clot.
  • The loss of the pregnancy.

Treatment of preeclampsia

After learning about the symptoms and causes of preeclampsia foreheads to know that his treatment is based on how close the date of birth, if the birth date is close and has developed enough, it is likely that the doctor says the proposal to mandate minors to save the life of the fetus.

If the Preeclampsia mild and the child reaches the stage of full growth yet, the doctor can recommend several measures to help overcome the toxemia of pregnancy without affecting the fetus, this means as follows:

  • Relax and unwind in bed without movement.
  • Lie on your left side ease the pressure the weight of the baby and uterus on the blood vessels of the main.
  • Follow-up periodic medical.
  • The regularity of the tests and examinations, pre-birth.
  • Avoid eating salt and salty foods, or spicy which may increase the high blood pressure.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Attention to healthy diet consistent focus which includes protein and fiber.

If Case suffer from pre-eclampsia, acute and to the growth of the fetus after, it tries to doctor her treatment with medicines blood pressure along with rest and change of diet and intake of supplements, so to even get close enough to the date called birth safely.

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After learning about the symptoms and causes of preeclampsia is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms mentioned earlier, keep medical follow-up regular to facilitate early detection of any problems or health complications, with wishes for your health and wellness for you and your baby.

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