Symptoms and causes inflammation of the vagina

Vaginal infections include the occurrence of several symptoms, including a discharge is white or transparent and the desire to knit the vaginal or infection the pain is localized, usually this occurs due to disorder leads to the growth of harmful germs in the vagina or due to the occurrence of infection external. May occur inflammation of the vagina due to a change in the levels of the hormone estrogen.


Types of inflammation of the vagina

  • Inflammation of the vagina due to bacterial infection: occurs due to increase the growth of germs inside the vagina and increase the proportion of harmful germs and it comes to sexual activity, all women know the limits of this type of infection.
  • Inflammation of the vagina due to a fungal infection: occurs due to the reproduction of fungi of small size which allow the fungus Candida and in the case of changes in the vagina and are not considered sexually transmitted diseases

Reasons for the occurrence of vaginal infections

  1. Medications antibiotics, medicines, listed medicines and sugar, as well as in the case of the changing levels of female hormones in the body in pregnant women or in the case of eating pills that prevent pregnancy or to wash the area with soap or use deodorant or wear tight clothes all the time, which is known to the occurrence of a fungal infection indirectly
  2. Trichomoniasis: this type of inflammation due to infection with Trichomonas vaginalis which is one of the sexual diseases that occur due to suit a parasite, and often symptoms don’t show up on the guy, but among the symptoms that occur in the female inflammation of the vagina.
  3. Infections atrophic vaginitis occurs due to the deficiency of the ratio of estrogen when they reach Ms. menopause
  4. In the case of the gastric mucosa was dry, it stimulates the desire to knit the skin and cause significant pain as that bathing with soap and non-medical use of lotions next sperm may cause a sense of irritation in the vaginal area

Symptoms of vaginal infections

  • Change the product color or smells or increased secretions inside the vagina
  • Feeling itchy in the vagina or irritation of the skin
  • Burning sensation inside the vagina
  • The occurrence of erythema in the affected area
  • The sensation of pain when having relationship
  • Sensation pain when urinating
  • May be accompanied by bleeding in the vagina or the occurrence of spot

Treatment of infections of the vagina

  1. Not washing the vagina frequently with soap and the essential or by spraying because it causes a change in the poise of the germs that exist naturally in the vaginal area
  2. You should not shower with hot water or gas water healthy
  3. You must avoid substances that cause the occurrence of Rampage in the region and or situation the scented
  4. You must use a condom and feminine during the practice of the relationship type, don’t be it helps in preventing the occurrence of infection during sex
  5. Freedom to wear cotton underwear and stay away from scented clothing
  6. Wiping from front to back after the campaign for non-payment of the bacteria and germs from the anus to the vaginal area

Methods of treatment of vaginal infections

  • No need to wash the vaginal area from the inside after the exercise of the relationship and the best wash it from the outside
  • To prevent the recurrence of the infection occurrence of infection by the fungus and must be maintained on a diet containing a low percentage of carbohydrates and sugar as they help in stimulate the ovaries also drinking milk helps the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in the vaginal area, which prevents reproduction of fungi and harmful bacteria that cause inflammation
  • Douching frequently vagina hurt of his work to natural it contains a lot of natural fluids that contain bacteria beneficial to have a high ability to resist harmful bacteria and maintain the ratio of pH to normal, so frequent washing will lead to the growth of bacteria that identify inflammation and the growth of fungus
  • Think infections occurring in the vagina of the common diseases in ladies, in case of changing the ratio of hormones in the body at birth or a side for other diseases or during sex. the factors that lead to infections of the vagina if the problem persists for a while.
  • And the people they affect your life was better to go to the nature of genital herpes to diagnose the condition and treatment before development occurs in the need to maintain their own health development and the Prevention of recurrence of fungal infection of the harmful and you can question your doctor about the cause of the infection and how to deal with her share on the quality of the food that you eat.

We present the symptoms and causes of vaginal infections and please follow us to see what’s new and what for women’s health in general.

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