Supplements-do you sing about food?

Years ago and nutritional supplements as the subject of discussion between doctors and researchers on the one hand, and between corporate marketers and the need for nutritional supplements on the other hand, about: the nature of these supplements and benefit and success.

Addressing the media aspect of this discussion from time to time.

However, this does not happen of people’s consumption of those supplements, and actually there’s a lot of people are ready to in their consumption.

But the question that arises now is, of the truest in this debate and who consumes these supplements.

What are dietary supplements

Know supplements as vitamins, minerals, plants, amino acids.

As well as any food adopted by the FAO and approved after that examined its compounds, its derivatives, its use, its receptors, or after doing scans and a mixture of all those substances.

Talking about the materials already available, in many types of food, beginning with snacks and breakfast cereals, the access to natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits.

So why do people in the consumption of supplements, if all their components are already present in different food available to everyone.

المكملات الغذائية

Some of the Specialist Nutrition community manager, as well as specialist diets Dietitian.

Companies that produce dietary supplements, they claim that the reason for this is that food lose compounds needed by the body passes through a series of steps and processes, that cause it.

The truth is that our food passes through several operations, as follows:

  1. First grown and raised is not good enough.
  2. Then sprinkle insecticides different.
  3. Then it is stored in different ways and finally it is manufactured and processed and modified.

There is no doubt that our food actually passes these operations and a lot of researchers support it.

Are you supplementing food alternative for the food

The dispute revolves around whether the supplements available today, represent an appropriate alternative to natural foods or not?

Agree at this point researchers with the nutritionist, and also specialist diets.

They see that it is not possible for someone to live only on supplements.

They are not a substitute, must all be changed on the materials that are available in the natural food.

The reason is, it can’t figure out what saves man from different materials, and what not to save him flatly.

Where can gauge what saves him from certain vitamin, but can’t figure out is overruled by a variety of other vitamins or not.

Therefore, no man can depend only on those supplements.

Damage to taking the supplement

There are some problems that result from intake of dietary supplements, is that a lot of people take supplements without consciousness.

They are so expose themselves to danger, although the packages of supplementary food blogger we have information on the disks allowed to download.

But a lot of consumers do not seek that information and address the number of disks over which should be discussed much more.

There is no control on it.

There is another problem, is figuring out whether the supplements available today are natural or processed synthetically.

There is a consensus that the best man, to take natural supplements.

But consumers can’t know if they take supplements natural or synthetic.

المكملات الغذائية

Who consume dietary supplements and who needs them

The doctors and researchers that there are groups of people need supplements, such as:

  • Athletes, they have sports activities stressful, they need to eat large amount of vitamins.
  • The other category that you need for nutritional supplements, are children irregular in eating.
  • As well as adults who suffer from decreased levels of vitamins in their body.
  • As well as children who do not need their food a sufficient amount of vitamins.
  • As well as pediatric patients, patients who cannot eat different food.
  • Also from the other categories, which deals with the supplements are vegetarians who suffer from a lack of vitamin B12, which is found in meat.
  • As well as people who do not eat regularly, and always feel tired and debilitated.

Dietary supplements and their benefits for pregnant

There is a consensus that the ladies during pregnancy or after birth you need all of them to eat different vitamins.

If the list of their food does not contain different vitamins.

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