Sugar natural blood

نسبة السكر الطبيعية بالدم

نسبة السكر الطبيعية بالدم

It is necessary to know the proportion of natural sugar in blood so that we can monitor the health condition of the body, so that the occurrence of difference or change in the level of sugar in the blood by a significant can result in a range of serious diseases that require medical intervention to pursue the case.

What shows the change in the proportion of natural sugar in blood?

Knowing the scope of the level of sugar in the blood is an essential part of self-management of diabetes. You must know the ranges of sugar “natural” ranges of blood sugar for adults and children with diabetes of the first type, the second type of diabetes to identify persons with diabetes.

If the person has the diabetic scale, test strips, and tested it is important to know the level of glucose in the blood. Contains blood sugar levels the recommended for a clear interpretation of each individual, and you should discuss it with your doctor. In addition, it is set to blood sugar levels for women during pregnancy.

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Range of variation percentage of natural sugar in blood.

In the following instructions, the introduction of the National Institute for clinical excellence (NICE) shows the percentage of sugar in blood but must be agreed target range for each individual by a doctor or consult the diabetes.

After meals 90 minutes at leastBefore mealsWhen you wake upType
Less than 7.8 mmol/liter4-5.9 mmol/LNon-diabetic
5-9 mmol /L4-7 mmol/L5-7 mmol/LDiabetes of the first type
Less than 8.5 mmol/L4-7 mmol/LType II diabetes
5-9 mmol/L4-7 mmol/L4-7 mmol/LChildren with diabetes

Diagnosis of diabetes and sugar natural blood.

Explain the following tests criteria for diagnosis of diabetes:

Test plasma glucose random:

  • Women natural: sugar less than 11.1 mmol/l (less than 200 milligrams/deciliter).
  • Diabetic: sugar 11.1 mmol/L or more (200 mg/dL or more ).

Test plasma glucose fasting:

  • The normal ratio: the ratio of sugar is less than 5.5 mmol/l (less than 100 milligram/DL).
  • Pre-diabetes: sugar 5.5-6.9 mmol /L (100-125 mg/dL).
  • Diabetic: sugar is 7 mmol/L or more (126 mg/dL).

Test plasma glucose after eating two hours:

  • Women Natural: less than 7.8 mmol/l (less than 140 mg/dL).
  • Pre-diabetes: 7.8-11 mmol/L (140-199 mg/dL).
  • After the meal two hours: 11.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL).

Why you should control the level of sugar in the blood?

It is important to control the level of glucose in your blood and sugar natural blood how to sugar levels high for long periods of time can increase the risk of complications of diabetes.

Complications of diabetes, is a health problems include:

The main point worth noting is that it can reduce the risk of these problems through good control the level of sugar in the blood, can occur small improvements make a big difference if you stayed dedicated and maintained these improvements throughout the most days.

Tests to measure blood sugar

Test plasma glucose fasting measure sugar natural blood.

The test is made of glucose in plasma after at least eight hours of fasting, thus, is conducted usually in the morning, as a result of glucose in plasma of fasting ranging from 5.5 to 6.9 mmol / l make a person more susceptible to diabetes Type II, especially when accompanied with other risk factors for Type II diabetes.

Tolerance test oral glucose (OGTT)

Buy tolerance test oral glucose to take a sample of the formulation from blood first, then eat a very sweet drink containing 75 grams of glucose, after ingestion of this drink, you’ll stay in comfort until a blood sample is taken again after two hours.

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After that we know more on sugar natural blood how to measure it, if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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