Strabismus in children is what? And what are its types, its causes and how can fix it?

Dialogue is the imbalance of the optical axis, the syndrome of sensory nerve concerned. It gives the corresponding sensory and motor for both eyes. It should be noted that in general language applies the term lلحول on the defect respectively converged.

In addition to that you must the diagnosis of strabismus in a child early because it is a problem, where the doctor should general pediatricians attention to them in order to discovered as soon as possible. As a child he can’t complain about double vision, which causes her dialogue, so it should be on the parents to pay attention to their children. But now it has become possible to assess visual acuity during the first year.

الحول عند الاطفال1

The types of dialogue according to the direction of deviation of the visual axes of the

Of these species, which infect the child:

The visual axes converged:

A convergent squint that appears to a large extent from birth to the age of 5 or 6 years.

The visual axes of the Divergent or vertical:

Often shows mutual dialogue later (between 6 and 10 years). This dialogue gives the vision and its development.

Permanent dialogue:

The phenomenon of sensory impairment where the child sees double, the to remedy this drawback of the sensory, the brain is ignoring the image provided by one of the eyes in the central region of the field of vision, in the beginning, the result will be double unless the brain acquires vision microscopically involved in the comfortable feeling.

If dialogue began in the first months of life, will weaken the eye possible gradually lose visual acuity and it’s called squint. Here, too, can become this loss is permanent and integrated if not treated quickly, the child becomes after that is blind in one eye.

The development of vision in children

Continue eyesight on development during the first months of life until about 4 months, when baby’s vision has advanced dramatically increased the capacity of its visual near the capacity of an adult. In addition to that the newborn is capable of Investigation in an object, even if it still finds that it is not clear, it has a detailed and clear presence of the human.

The vision is one of the least dialogue stimulating at birth. So it is very important, when looking to the child, to put yourself on the path of the child where he can realize. Form the moment the Switch is visible, this is the first of the rules hung up. The information that gets your child through the discoveries of the visual is essential to his growth.

The injured child around.

I don’t enjoy newborns the ability to see with both eyes at once. Before getting this maturing can for that installation and moving, we can observe, especially in infants under the age of 6 months, that one eye does not look symmetrical with the other. It is said that the child is suffering from the edges. It is natural to note that infants, especially during the first two months of work. Many newborn babies are turning intermittently.

Intermittent strabismus is a deviation of the eye inward or more often outward and the eyes alternately. But after two months you should hide this investigation. Where the bending constant fucking one gives the impression of seeing double will return to the brain by the abolition of the image of the eye misaligned. You only need to press lightly on the outer corner of the eye to see how you should be aligned eye the perfect reconstruction of the image.

Reconstruction of the image of the brain in the case of his dialogue


It is a very complicated process, where the ability to see simultaneously with both eyes is important for Vision three-dimensional. In fact, our mind can imagine forms in three dimensions because it calculates the difference in angle between the images sent from all of our eyes. Can not be that maturity only if sent to our eyes similar signals to our brain. And when the child squint may become one of his eyes is slow and does not transmit the signal needed to reconstruct the image. Is not transmitted to the cerebral cortex, a region of the brain responsible for analyzing information from the eyes. So can slow the dialogue the development of this area of the brain and cause a form of blindness that allows dialogue. That is why it is necessary to discover strabismus in infants. It can entail computing the repercussions of the long-term if left untreated in the first years of life. So that after the age of five will be extremely difficult to correct the dialogue.

The causes of multiple senses

Amblyopia affects approximately 4% of children and can appear from birth or during childhood. If the child continues in the dialogue after two months should consult a doctor quickly who can recommend specialist ophthalmology to determine the cause and decide on treatment. As it is possible to retain about 1 out of every 2 children designers around during the neonatal period to surgery. Its purpose is to restore the balance of small muscles around the eye responsible for its movements, which caused an imbalance.

You can learn dialogue when the baby easily?

Not always easy to determine whether the child squint or not. This is the reason that eye examinations are part of the essential tests which will be conducted by the doctor during routine visits in the first months of a child’s life.

If you add the baby’s face from far away the light was steady, not reflected the same way on both eyes. When you take a picture of the child, and she has eyes in the red one (which is the reflection of the light that passes through the retina), there is reason to question whether the child squint.

It seems that children who have an expanded base of the nose or folds of the small excessive skin in the inner corner of the eye may be infected occasionally squint. In their case there is a certain imbalance between the White of the eye that we see on the side of my iris, this dialogue is false and there is nothing to worry about.

The cause of strabismus in children after the age of three

When strabismus occurs after the age of three, it is mostly because of the power difference between the eyes. For example, if the child is not able to see well for Near and one eye more affected than the other, you won’t be tempted to stare at things. There will be a form of dialogue. And treatment to correct the problem of lenses and cover the good eye temporarily, to allow the other to evolve better.

The reasons for the dialogue and its consequences in children

The eye is about the same in orbit, thanks to the activity of six muscles coordinated by the brain. So that in the case of the dialogue manifested the error of the alignment through this central vision, divided. If this occurred when small children, will learn the naturally ignore one of the two images (the image from the weak eye). Then the dialogue begins in one eye lost visual acuity and Syndrome lazy eye. If the back of the pelvis later in life, when you know the already build image of the information from both eyes, it can diplopia it (double vision).

Possible treatments for children

الحول 2

You should avoid dialogue of any eyes, which don’t prove the same thing, so the brain changed the image to avoid double vision, that lead to registration in the defect in the maturation of the visual. And therefore must detect edges in the early when all of the children. To punish him, the treatment will depend on covering the sound eye to stimulate vision through the affected eye. This can be done by covering the good eye with a non-transparent, to force the lazy eye to work.

Also seeking physicians for the dialogue as much as possible. If the dialogue is very clear, you can surgery, but this does not correct the installer dialog. So it uses the eye doctors corrective lenses.

The treatment of strabismus when it is not entirely

You must address the corrective of computing correct visual full. Fitch correction of myopia with lenses concave, astigmatism (in the eye of the person such as a football or the back of a spoon, so when he enters the light of the eye it is reflected more in one direction than the other, allowing a certain part of the thing to sight that shows clearly at the expense of the other part, the so-called Baby). With the cylindrical lenses and myopia with convex lenses.

Relationship dialogue is clear

Processed through surgery aims to realign the eye the beauty of the way to shorten, lengthen or move the muscles one or more conservative eyes. However, even in early childhood, this training are not allowed to see the microscopic nature if it did not exist before the operation, often doing the work of repairing the damage the beauty, but they do not heal from the edges, and see the dialogue functional non-natural even after the intervention.

It can be sometimes to make possible the suppression of the diplopia as possible (double vision) when a person has dialogue, weak or greatly reduced after the surgical intervention. There are two versions:

The first version:

Temporary stay for a few weeks or months, used the principle of the lens of the Fresnel through machined by a piece of thin plastic with the appearance of the pointy installed on the glasses of glasses.

The second version:

They are made the size of a special lens glasses, which also include the correction of visual acuity, it is generally difficult to see without careful analysis, except in the case of a large correction.

Mental state and how to exercise activities when photographers around.

According to a US study reported that 85% of adult patients who suffer from the dialogue they have problems at work or school or exercise because of the dialogue, has suffered 70% of these patients from the negative impact of pregnancy on self-esteem. Often begins the psychological impact for since childhood.

Due to two factors:

  • Damage cosmetic might lead to ridicule. Where can lead hide eye temporarily, to the ridicule of the child, so it is necessary to accompany the child well during the process and assure, with an emphasis on the importance of treatment.
  • Difficult to perceive distance, which typically does not represent a problem, especially in sports such as ball sports. Where the impact of the dialogue on the Vision, three-dimensional in everyday life, in fact do not represent the vision of the council is only one element among other elements allow the human brain to understand the three dimensions of the outside world.

Other problems afflicting children in the eyes

Premature babies:

Appears to relax the blood vessels of the retina of the seventeenth week to the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy. During the premature delivery, not content with this growth, which may lead to the presence of vessels abnormal could bleed and the tissues of the scar and cause retinal detachment by traction. This condition is called retinopathy of fibrosis fibroids premature or retina can be resolved on its own in the early stages or require laser treatment or the in the subsequent phases. If left untreated, may cause permanent damage to the vision, including blindness.


In addition to playing a role in eye color, genetics play a role in the transmission of many eye diseases, but the genes responsible for this transition is not yet known.


Increases the risk of glaucoma increased by 20% if I have a family member that. Sometimes we see this disease appears when newborn and then talk about glaucoma congenital. Symptoms include high sensitivity to light and tearing clear of soreness and big muscle (increasing the diameter of the cornea). Treatment is mainly surgery.


Happens to congenital cataracts at birth and in the first months of life. Given the penetration of the lens through the first year of life, and can affect the development of vision, so that early detection of this situation and treated them with great importance. In 25% of cases, this type of cataracts due to an infection of the mother during pregnancy, but it is hereditary in 25% of cases.

Signs to watch for the eyes of children

A child who does not follow moving objects system in accordance with the pattern of natural growth of the eyes, can be infected with a disease, as the child is extremely sensitive to light very much, the child cries if he can’t see in one eye, and reacts, and the child in every place and you have to stop it, most of the causes of injury to the child around, because of some medical factors or family or environmental can increase the risk of disorder in vision or eye diseases, and marketing closely to conduct eye checkups regularly.

In the end …

You should examine the child’s eyes to ensure eye safety, especially in newborns at risk such as premature infants or children that suffer from eye problems or vision, and they need further eye checks at the eye doctor.

We must subject all children for visual or at least checked to detect any signs of eye disease or blurred vision. It is recommended that subject all children to examine the visual full at the age of 3 years to determine how visual acuity have vision microscopic refraction and eye health.

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