Stockholm Syndrome: Les cat likes to teach it?

Often Bindi discussed people of the conditions of their oil and their reactions at certain times. Like people with depression like they awesomely did they they thought in time they die themselves. As well as people experiencing a crisis severe mental not proud of their symptoms and behaviour during their illness. Peter and the common response always is “I can’t believe I worked almost”. UDA that while the comment on Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon strange couple, but if we focused a little to find them sawmill when very many people and the person sympathizes or collaborates with the enemy or with a person abused him in any way.

For the night when Stockholm Syndrome I always ask the baker their responses:

  • “Arif did it, but I still love him”.
  • “I don’t know Les, knowing he may be crazy, but free”.

People around the infected person syndrome Stockholm going on they were surprised and didn’t hear comments or notice a person da purple drink night Bissau Les. Even though it’s socially possible to be a strange theme but it is psychologically logical.

The origin of the name Stockholm Syndrome

متلازمة ستوكهولم

On August 23, 1973, the income of two armed bank in Stockholm, Sweden. Detained thieves four bet for 131 hours until they were rescued. Strange I will talk him now, after the rescued, although the abductees were subjected to threats and abuse for more than 5 days, but obviously they were, however, thieves and they were scared of the police, the Libyan jet and click their. And but almost, I don’t fiddle discounts that the robbers were on them from the company.

Although the condition of the bitcoin account you have with the person on my sale now as the “Stockholm Syndrome,” except that the emotional bonding that was the story known before the accident with the Stockholm. UDA emerging in studies and research you used before on the case of a bet or prisoners visit:

  • Children of the night have been assaulted
  • Six Night, been assaulted
  • Bet the wars

Possible to say that the Stockholm Syndrome mesh tied to the BAS element varies or the position, but tied to family relations and the violin. Possible have a person on my da husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, father or mother.

The symptoms and behaviors linked to the syndrome of Stockholm

To understand the cause of Victim Support and their love and even defend their abusers needed to understand the components of Stockholm Syndrome.

All syndrome-the symptoms or behaviors associated with them, the syndrome of Stockholm mesh exception. Although the researchers described the Macintosh guy of exactly the symptoms de, but we collect a number of behaviors and symptoms can be present:

  • An aggrieved person likes to project positive terms of the sale with you
  • An aggrieved person likes to project a negative on the family or the press or people going on try to save him or help him in general.
  • An aggrieved person when the support of irrational behavior and thinking on my
  • Behavioral intervention cognitive and sometimes Bissau him he’s having wronged him
  • The inability to engage in any behavior helps to free the same from the link da

You causes Stockholm Syndrome?

أسباب متلازمة ستوكهولم

In cases of possible De people subject to the syndrome Stockholm:

  • If you have the channel, I am the one on my DA as possible to kill them. And Memish, pit bull breed when the feelings of gratitude and satisfaction they mama live.
  • Isolation. Means to be Miss is the view on my BS.
  • Channel B to escape from the position da future
  • Overreacting to the kindness of the teacher and that kindness paint care and care.
  • The passage of such a day on the account

In general the eyes of the victims of Stockholm syndrome of isolation, severe abuse, physical, moral, violin UDA emerging in cases of increased aggression of the husband over his wife or abuse a person to a child or prisoners of war or kidnapping. Each of the cases possible de create that victim’s smile, support knowledge as a means to survive.

A reaction similar to brainwashing. Appears to depict the victim of the same symptoms of the Night Eyes of persons with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) increased insomnia, difficulty focusing, lack of confidence, irritability and confusion.

The affected person syndrome Stockholm Baker when the loyalty of the people tonight paid a visit didn’t exactly sympathize kidnapped with the kidnapper so that it is possible to defend him coincides the! Stockholm Syndrome-the sign of great health in general, means you don’t have Person have a name or taken or raped, and so on. it is very possible keep the result of the interdependence of a strong emotion between two people one of them lying flat road or a sale or Behe or shooting or betray the next person.

One of the theories of the night blew negative da, i link emotional painting is a response to an individual’s health and his victim. The solidarity with the aggressor is one of the ways of the night, however, the defender and her the victim of the same. How, dude is?

Because the victim did not believe in the same ideas, values and knowledge, the result that the ideas and de mesh story the victim is the threat of water, something ordinary which makes her make talk.

The case of the famous hit syndrome Stockholm

  1. Patty Hearst: is one of the most famous cases of the night was hit with Stockholm, which is of the family rich and well-known take out in 1974, two months after her abduction and abuse a volunteer with the night they grabbed her and embraced their ideas and participated in more than a steal, so what closed them was condemned and agreed to 35 years in prison in 1975. And then the government and released in 1979 by presidential pardon from President Carter.
  2. Elizabeth Smart: abduction by an armed person when she was 14 years old in 2002, and then her cheek to the forest and make her a wife again Les. During the 9 months of the feel of the place history and the kidnappers beige its linked in the tree and covers her. After police discovered paint made to accept it, said Elizabeth I the opportunity to Gat her a few times to escape, but a pony.
  3. Mary McIlroy: 1933, 4 people were kidnapped Mary. During the duration of the reservation (for 34 H) this Mary on her captors, and then arrested and sentenced to prison, the well, Mary of guilty entered in a state of severe depression. It was them, her captors constantly in prison. After the death of her parents committed suicide, Marie, in 1940.

Syndrome Lima

متلازمة ليما

A reverse Stockholm Syndrome. Going on here is that the person concerned Pippen my sympathize with the person doing it.

Syndrome Lima marked almost after the incident of snatching happened in the Japanese Embassy in Lima, Peru. In 1996, the detained military movements hundreds of hostages. Within a few hours ask the kidnappers released most of the hostages including important figures because of the empathy the world.

Rates strong almost, in the types of a lot of strong relationships night bench every day where a lot of the psychological attributes of the link with the kidnapper or captor of the night talking to us about the visit of the wife tonight decided beating of Josie a Tegra ask her to notice them destroy him. Visit such as the relationship between military trainees and the veteran during military exercises, and within the gangs of the street and within the prison. You will find it a lot of that in the sexual practices of the north visit the sadistic mass.

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