Steps in the processing of the body of the bride before the wedding

Steps in the processing of the body of the bride before the wedding through the website cart health after determining the date of the wedding begins the bride in getting ready for the day attention to detail that will appear like a princess., but in the shadow of the preoccupation of the bride in the wedding stuff like dress, book a hall and make-up, etc., you may forget to equip the body of its required, so you have to think well in this day and how it’d show up in front of everyone so that you can complete all the processing as the Dreaming appearance your appearance attractive actor that night.


The elements of the bride before marriage month

You should begin with body parts that require a longer period to get remarkable results the day of the wedding, including:

First: hair care

  • If your hair is suffering from the multiple problems you should go to the doctor before the wedding period; in order to be processed.
  • In the case if your hair needs an individual must straighten before the wedding period suitable, next choose the type of dye and color before the wedding so that the color and it looks beautiful.
  • Also you must use some of the oils and natural recipes for hair care, and bath cream and drink at least twice a week.

Secondly: take care of your skin

  • You have to get rid of skin problems such as grains, or freckles, or dark patches in the face, using creams and masks are necessary to moisturize the skin such as the use of a lotion suitable for the face.
  • The war on the use of rose water on a daily basis, as the natural effect effective such as mixing turmeric and milk and honey where you can mix a teaspoon of these ingredients and the dough cohesive and on the face at night until morning and then rinse the face and use cream to moisturize.

Third: attention to the hands and feet

  • You must pay attention to the cleanliness of the hands and feet permanently integrated.
  • It is recommended to wear hand gloves while doing different household chores to keep the hands.
  • Attention to moisten your hands continuously, especially after putting them in the water.
  • Use petroleum jelly and moisturizing creams for the feet with wearing socks during sleep to get the feet smooth.

Equip the bride for the region sensitive

Starts attention to the sensitive areas by these steps which are as follows:

Open places of the dark

  • Requires open places the Dark, such as the elbow, and the neck area, and the armpits and between the thighs for long periods.
  • How much should a bride start using a mix of natural and inspect these places such as :

Recipe lemon starch

  • Featuring this recipe to remove dark spots that in sensitive areas.
  • As access to the skin softness and vitality.


  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • 3 tablespoon of starch.

Method of use:

  1. Mix the above ingredients until they become a mixture cohesive.
  2. It is spread onto the area to be lightened and leave it for not less than 20 minutes.
  3. Thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm water, then well dried and fat by a moisturizer cream.

Hair removal excess

  • If you’re planning on hair removal using laser, you must do this step before the wedding in the range of 6:4 months at least.
  • In the case of hair removal by ordinary methods we must use natural materials such as wax honey instead of machine or hair removal creams.
  • This must be done two days before the wedding so at least give the skin a rest period in the case of the occurrence of swelling or redness to this region.

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