Stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

مراحل تكوين الجنين شهر بشهر

مراحل تكوين الجنين شهر بشهر

Exciting things exciting in the life of any woman, their access to the positive outcome of the pregnancy, and the age of the fetus to determine the date of the independence of the new guest, and in this article we will give you the stages of formation of the fetus month by month , to find out the age of the fetus by its developments, and check on the growth of fetus is healthy, proceed with us to read.

Stages of the formation of the fetus month by month, in the first chapter

The first trimester of pregnancy

Extends the first trimester of pregnancy from the first month until the third month, and divide the months of pregnancy into weeks, and licensed the first two weeks in the process of fertilization, begins the age of the fetus from the eighth week of pregnancy.

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Week 3

Going through the fetus a lot of basic growth at this time, with the beginning of the growth of the brain and spinal cord, heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Week 4 and 5

The buds of the arms and visible, but not clearly distinguishable, it should now be on steady rhythm, and began the placenta in the Genesis and treatment of some important hormones, including the pregnancy hormone. There is the movement of blood of the primitive through the main vessels, as formed structures of the building that will become the eyes and ears.

Week 6

Starts the configuration of the lungs, jaw, nose and mouth now, and my buds hands and feet on structures exposed will become fingers and toes. And continue the configuration in its parts of knowledge, ultrasound can detect the heartbeat audible at this time, this week of the most important stages of the formation of the fetus month by month .

Week 7

It all began a key member formed in the body of the fetus small, even though it still weighs less than an aspirin, as a formed hair follicle and the nipple, and start the eyelids and tongue in the configuration, and annexes and fingers are more pronounced and starts the trunk in stability.

Week 8

Ears continuing to grow now, and all that exists in the adult human is now in the little fetus, and began to bone is formed, and can constrict muscles, and facial features at maturity, and became the eyelids are now more developed.

Weeks 9 to 13

Formed of members of the executive clearly feel male or female, but still can be clearly seen on the ultrasound, and closed eyelids, and won’t open again until the twenty-second week of pregnancy.

Stages of the formation of the fetus in the third trimester.

The development of the fetus from the fourth month to the sixth month

Extends the second chapter of pregnancy from Week 14 to week 26 of pregnancy

Weeks 14 to 16

The skin of the fetus healing begins in the formation of fine hair on the head, and the fingerprint, and the first bowel movement of the child, and the feeling of flailing in the mother’s abdomen, where the fetus begins to move more, have evolved sweat glands, and treatment of liver and pancreas secretions liquid.

Weeks 17 to 20

The baby arrived to the stage when you feel the mother’s movements more, and began to manicure a small growth on the fingers of the hands and feet, can hear the beating of the fetal heart by a stethoscope now.

Weeks 21 to 23

Started fetus in the appearance of the newborn as the skin becomes less transparent and the development of all components of the eye.

Weeks from 24 to 26

If your baby is born now, he can stay alive with the help of medical technology, because it has passed several stages of formation of the fetus month by month .

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Stages of fetal development recent

Stages of the formation of the fetus month by month in recent weeks

  • Your body stores fat on the body, and did not join the lungs fully yet, but some of the movements rhythmic, as was the development of the bone fully but is still soft and flexible, and the fetus stores a calcium, iron, phosphorus, and opens the eyelids, after being closed since the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Weeks 33 to 36, this is the time that the bleeding of the fetus into the head down in preparation for birth, the fetus began to gain weight more quickly, will my hair epidemic of the skin, the skin becomes less red and wrinkled, and then fetus is considered full and ready to appear at any time.

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At the end of the article and after knowing the stages of formation of the fetus month by month , you must resort to your doctor to follow the process of the growth of the fetus and make sure the development of the organs of his body.

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