Stages of the formation of the fetus in the third month

مراحل تكوين الجنين في الشهر الثاني

With the onset of pregnancy many of the new things on the mother that bore for the first time, you have the passion and curiosity to find out what are the changes that happen to her child. We will in this article on the stages of the formation of the fetus in the third month and remains on the mother also of the changes in this month.

Changes the situation in the second month

Symptoms of pregnancy in the second month

Before talking about the stages of formation of the fetus in the third month must be to identify the changes that occur for factors in the second month. The symptoms of the third month of pregnancy be similar to the previous month, and include fatigue andnausea, dizziness, frequent urination and craving for food or aversion to him, mood swings, and changes in the breast also.

Symptoms that may appear in the second month also having vaginal discharge white and slightly increased the levels of hormone to acne infection, and the gums are softer due to hormones, so make sure you keep your teeth. The Learn to catch in this month as a result of the activity of the hormones, so make sure you eat a diet rich in fiber and drink plenty of water.

In this month are the cells of the ovary in the production of a hormone called progesterone, which is important to maintain the pregnancy, and the amount of blood in the body to meet the needs of the fetus, increased blood volume will make you feel warm and will begin the belly to appear a little, it seems the size of the uterus is now an orange but it is still hidden in the dialogue, and moving your baby gently but not enough to feel it.

Stages of the formation of the fetus in the third month

The development of the fetus in the third month

The beginning of the fifth week will be the evolution of The Shape of the body is the major event that happens this week, at the beginning of this week the fetus is elliptical round, and after three days the embryo becomes longer and pear-shaped. By the end of this week the baby absorbs more and more, and the head becomes distinct from the body and keeps the embryo like the mare a little.

With the beginning of the third month begin to tissues and organs in the configuration, starts to be the skin, hair and nails seemed to be the central nervous system which will in the end nerves is possible for the brain and the spine.

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The development of the cardiovascular system

Speaking of the stages of formation of the fetus in the third month begin to clarify the composition of the heart. Where to start the blood vessels to appear in the fifth week, the first in the bag yolk and other tissue surrounding the fetus and then the fetus itself. Move blood vessels with the blood vessels of the other to form the beginnings of the cardiovascular system, it starts to be a roll to be linked to blood vessels in the fetus and surrounding tissues, and then merge the tubes of the heart to be the heart of the one tube-shaped heart begins to pulse at the end of this month and can fetus now the formation of blood cells own.

In this month also begins the fine blood vessels that allow blood capillaries in development, it is very useful for the exchange of oxygen and other nutrients between the mother and her fetus.

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The development of the brain in the third month

In this month the embryo grows very quickly especially brain and spinal cord, in this month reaches the brain size to half the size of the body about and begin the bones of the skull to grow, and then the buds begin to hands and feet to emerge, as the start of the inner ear in Cancun, with the growth of the brain is rapidly growing head faster than any other part of the body, begins to the face, nose, ears and eyes to develop.

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Stages of the formation of the fetus at the end of the second month

With the end of the second month growth occurs rapidly in the back of the brain, this is caused in that it becomes a head much larger than the rest of the body, as there is rapid development of the upper limbs this week, describing the regions of elbow, wrist, clearly visible, and start the small restaurants in the parties, in the Configuration component of the fingers in the hands and feet. As it begins to emergence to be the outer ear to appear. At the end of this month also begins the genital development of whether male or female.

At the end of this article we talked about the stages of formation of the fetus in the third month and also changes in this month, all the best to you-time health and wellness.

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