Stages of quitting smoking

مراحل الإقلاع عن التدخين

مراحل الإقلاع عن التدخين

There is no doubt that we know all that smoking something serious cause a lot of problems, since it releases many chemicals around. The result is not only damage the lungs but also to the members of the body various. And quitting smoking has raised many positive members of the body. So let’s get to know the stages of quitting smoking and its impact on the members of the body.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things that cities can do to improve health and reduce the incidence of disease, and where the addict stops drinking cigarettes that contain nicotine or tobacco, which cause many diseases.

Stages of quitting smoking

  • After 20 minutes of last cigarette

Begins blood pressure and pulse of the heart in the return to natural levels in addition to the return fibers of the bronchi in the war again, and so beneficial to the lungs

  • After 8 hours

Will the carbon monoxide level to return to normal level in the blood. Carbon monoxide is a chemical in cigarette smoke replaces the oxygen molecules in the blood.

And then begin the oxygen levels increase, so helps to nourish the tissues and blood vessels that was getting less oxygen while smoking.

  • After 24 hours

Smoking is the main cause of heart attacks, so it decreases your risk after just one day without cigarettes continues to decline after that. Will also decrease the level of nicotine in the blood also.

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  • After 48 hours

Receive the toxins in the cigarette smoke, the cells that help you taste and smell, so in the two days of the last cigarette is ingested freezes the growth of these cells again, which helps improve sense of taste and smell to better than it was.

  • After 72 hours

Within 3 days of quitting smoking, you’ll find yourself breathing better and it is due to that the bronchial tubes in the lungs begin to expand once again, which increases the percentage of oxygen in the body.

  • After a week of the last cigarette

Debtors who pass the whole week without smoking, they are more likely to complete the stages quitting smoking 9 times.

  • After two weeks of quitting smoking

You will notice an improvement not only in you breathe easily but also going better, thanks to improved blood circulation and increase the ratio of oxygen in the blood.

  • After a month

After a month of the beginning stages of quitting smoking, you may notice many of the symptoms associated with smoking may have decreased, such as sinus congestion , cough, and shortness of breath.

  • After 6 months

You may feel that the cough contains less amount of sputum, and to alleviate the inflammation of the bronchi caused by smoking.

  • After a year

After a year of quitting smoking, you will notice how easy the implementation when practicing any activity that requires a greater effort as less of a cough which when smoking.

  • After 3 years of quitting smoking

Will decrease the risk of heart attack, as smoking reduces the oxygen flow to the heart and puts the arteries.

  • After 5 years

Decrease the risk of death due to the disease of lung cancer.

  • After 10 years

Reduces the incidence of lung cancer and other diseases associated with smoking.

After that we know the stages of quitting smoking how the body gradually from the damage of smoking. Then you should start at the quit smoking by following the plan to quit smoking or follow your doctor’s. If you have more questions and inquiries you can consult a doctor from here.

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