Stage IV breast cancer

المرحلة الرابعة لسرطان الثدي

المرحلة الرابعة لسرطان الثدي

Periodic examination and early detection of breast cancer helps in increasing the cure rate of it, you know in this article on stage IV breast cancer , methods of diagnosis, symptoms and the various treatment methods.

Stage IV breast cancer

Do you mean this stage that the tumor may skip the breast and go to other parts of the body like the bones, lung, liver, and brain, where they are also called the stage of the cancer mobile, and can at this stage to be a tumor of any size lymph nodes may be infected or non-infected tumor.
When the tumor moves from the breast to other areas they remain cancer cells of the breast, for example, if you scroll the tumor to the lungs it is still breast cancer, not lung cancer.

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Symptoms of breast cancer

Treated a patient with Stage IV breast cancer of several symptoms mainly related to the breast, and the other affect the rest of the body, and symptoms relating to the breast:

  • The presence of lumps in the breast.
  • Change the skin of the breast becomes like orange peel.
  • Changes in the nipple, it can become flat.
  • Redness and swelling in the skin of the breast.

Some other symptoms that affect the entire body:

  • Malaise and fatigue.
  • Dry cough.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • The loss of appetite.
  • The feeling of nausea.
  • Vision problems.
  • Nausea.
  • Tension and conflict.
  • The loss of balance.

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When should I go to the doctor?

If you suffer from any breast cancer symptom, you should immediately go to the doctor, so that the screening is very essential to discover early breast cancer treatment increase chances of healing them.

Methods of diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer

Breast examination

Your doctor will examine the breasts andthe lymph nodes located under the armpit to make sure there are no lumps of strange.


Uses a mammogram for breast screening, to identify any abnormal changes in the breast.


Used ultrasound to depict the deep tissue in the breast, and uses the ultrasound to determine if there is a mass of cancer cells or cysts filled with fluid.

Magnetic resonance

Uses a magnetic resonance radio waves to depict the inner part of the breast, before succumbing to the test of this device is injected the patient with certain.

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The treatment of breast cancer


Think chemotherapy is the primary treatment in Stage IV breast cancer where can slow the growth of cancer cells, and is usually used with hormone treatment.
The patient can undergo chemotherapy in many ways, it can be in the form of pills or liquids, but these drugs are often taken in the vein directly.

Hormone therapy

If hormone therapy is effective in the case of tumors that depend on hormones, which means that there are some hormones stimulate the growth of cancer cells, in this case the treatment should prevent cancer cells from getting the hormones.
These medicines to take for each ladies, andinhibitors across women after menopause.
And for women who did not take two climacteric after, surgery resection of the ovaries for the Prevention of the secretion of hormones and nutrients to the cancerous cells.

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Stimulating the immune system

This includes the treatment of some drugs that stimulate the immune system find and destroy cancer cells.


Happens rarely surgical intervention in cases of Stage IV breast cancer but need some cases to perform some surgeries.

Some other treatments

Used some kinds of medicines to alleviate the side effects associated with treatment for breast cancer, include nausea and fatigue.

And now dear readers that you know my stage IV breast cancer , symptoms and various methods of diagnosis and treatment, if you have any further queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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