Smoking when adolescents

التدخين عند المراهقين

التدخين عند المراهقين

The phenomenon of smoking in adolescents the most dangerous social phenomena, rising rates of smoking among teenagers significantly during the recent period, which poses a great danger to the future of young people and society ,the next section explains the motivations of adolescents smoking and help them quit.

Causes of smoking in teenagers

Have the teenager begins smoking to experience a cigarette once or twice to satisfy his curiosity to identify and know the feeling of the debtor, but soon it takes to get used to it, used teen smoking in this stage for several reasons, as follows:


Often what drives a teenager to smoke is driving his friends attempts to convince him to trade, so that some teens face on the trade to not feel embarrassed amid others.


The teenager is considered that smoking would make him look older and the owner of a strong personality, and may present the teenager on smoking as a type of enjoyment to his family and their refusal to smoke.


Represents the presence of people smoking family like a father or mother a great motivation and one of the reasons for smoking in adolescents is common, especially if you didn’t put the Guardian’s rules for smoking in front of children inside the home.

Not knowing the seriousness of smoking

In adolescence be considered a teenager to the outside world innocent, full of confidence, don’t realize how dangerous smoking is and it may affect you and your health.

Methods of advertising for smoking products

Affected by adolescent what is viewed on television and social media means of advertising for smoking products, and because of that you might think of a teenager that smoking is something interesting and tries to get his experience.

He has published previously in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine report shows that adolescents who are continuously exposed to these ads are more likely to try smoking three times bigger than the other.

Helping teens to quit smoking

If you really want to prevent smoking in adolescents of your family, or help someone in quitting you can follow the following tips:

To be a role model for your son.

Smoking in adolescence may be caused by the main presence of the parents of smokers, so you have to take the step andquit smoking and in the region as well as to prevent the existence of tools for smoking.

Knowing the motives of smoking

Understanding your motivation real smoking son of one of the most important steps to help him to quit, you can talk with your son in a friendly and direct about smoking and the seriousness of his health.

Tell him clearly

It has controlled the idea of smoking on the mentality of a teenager to become a non-acceptor for the tips, so you have to take the serious step of raising the smoking, realize that you’re not cool with what he’s doing and smoking in adolescents of Public Health and social rejected.

Take advantage of the love the teenager to his appearance.

The tops of the investor impact of secondhand smoke on breath and clothing, as well as change the color of the teeth which affects its shape, and take advantage of their love to its appearance especially since smoking in adolescents a way to adopt them for consideration.

The use of an accounting issue.

You calculate the cost of smoking weekly, monthly and yearly and compare it to the price of something essential would like to buy it may affect his thinking and revise for smoking.

Stop trying to make his show smoking

You have to teach him how to refuse smoking and to accept offers of his companions, to them, attempts to embarrass him or put pressure on him.

Shed light on addiction and its

Most adolescents believe that smoking will not cause them to addiction and they can stop at any moment, and their this belief on smoking frequently even up to addiction.

To clarify the harms of smoking in the future

Represents the ignorance of the teenagers of the seriousness of smoking in the future, motivation to continue smoking, so you have to educate your son its impact on health and the diseases that it causes.

Consolidation in the various activities

Reduces the merger in recreational activities, sports and various chance to know his son smoke, as well as join groups of psychological support will help him to quickly get rid of this bad habit.

In the end after learning the causes of smoking in teenagers if you have a son chimney you should immediately seek help in quitting to keep your health and future, if you have another query you can consult one of our doctors here.

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