Smoking relieves appetite and weight

التدخين يخفف الشهية ويقلل الوزن

التدخين يخفف الشهية ويقلل الوزن

It is known that smoking is very bad habit and lead to infection with many diseases, most notably diseases of the lung, and smoking does not affect your lungs, but smoking relieves appetite and weight , so you know in the following article on its effect on all the organs of your body.

What is smoking?

Is the process undertaken by an individual to enter the smoke on his lungs and felt his trachea, and can be done by cigarette or some of the plants, and smoking materials on the harmful substances to the body, such as carbon monoxide andnicotine.

The reasons for resorting to smoking:

  • The tradition of the parents.
  • Traffic a psychological crisis.
  • Unemployment and the availability of leisure time.

Damage smoking different:

  • The main damage of smoking is the effect on lung tolerance in cancers and chronic respiratory diseases.
  • The effect on the gastrointestinal tract, the stomach andthe duodenum.
  • Twice the sexual ability of the debtor.
  • The appearance of wrinkles early on in a young age.
  • Adverse effects on the skin.
  • Change the color of your teeth.

التدخين يخفف الشهية ويقلل الوزن

التدخين يخفف الشهية ويقلل الوزن

You can learn more from different damages of smoking. Now let’s talk about the effect of smoking on weight and appetite.

Smoking relieves appetite and weight

Research suggests that smokers always have less weight than non-smokers, after conducting the questionnaires, some may believe it is a good idea to ease the of excess body weight, but the real reason behind the weight loss smoking is loss of appetite.

Smoking relieves appetite and weight .. the mechanism of occurrence of that

Reduce appetite

Natural to feel hungry sometime during the day, but you turn suddenly to smoking and then you don’t feel hungry ever, but unfortunately this is the mechanism followed for the nicotine.

Working on the liberation of glycogen from the liver increases glucose in the blood, which affects the metabolism. And high blood pressure, by constriction of blood vessels which in turn reduces the amount of blood that reaches the stomach, thereby reducing its activity on the Red sex.

Weight loss

Weight loss may be the result of a loss of appetite as we mentioned or as a result of the transfer of weight muscle and your body muscle.

Let’s talk now about the lack of muscle mass body, working of nicotine on constriction of the blood vessels, and therefore lack the amount of nutrients and oxygen necessary for muscle growth and development.

Smoking also causes chronic diseases in the lungs. a hernia of the amount of oxygen weakens the body after that, and he can’t do the exercises necessary to build muscle.

Body weight after smoking cessation

After quitting smoking, less than the proportion of nicotine present in the receptors of the brain, therefore the feeling of hunger extreme severity of the gluttony, which leads to a higher proportion of body fat and therefore lead to weight gain.

The effect of nicotine on the brain

Contains the 15 sub-module for the reception of nicotine, and can combine different units to work on other functions of the body such as:

  • The addiction to cigarettes.
  • Stimulate the area of the bonus “to reward yourself for any achievement you make through smoking”.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The feeling of relaxation.

Tips to be followed

  • Organise your eating habits, you must reduce the amount of food could be dealt with in the first days and eat little food on the consecutive periods.
  • Stay away from any place to nicotine or persons smokers.
  • Exercise simple is always a daily rate, such as brisk walking or running.
  • Follow the training course required to rebuild the muscle and metabolism to address the natural.

To find out more effective tips click here.

Now after completion of battle damage Various to smoking, especially to smoking relieves appetite and weight .. tell us do you think now to quit smoking? For more information you can consult from here.

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