Smoking harms.

التدخين وأضراره

التدخين وأضراره

You must know that smoking is harmful is something you must not ignore it totally has an impact on our lives and our health in general, so we will move in during the about the dangers of smoking and its impact on them.

Smoking harms.

If smoking damages many should be the source of harm from inhaling cigarette smoke, which contains thousands of harmful substances and carcinogens too, and through the article we will discover the components of the cigarette harms the health on the debtor.

Harmful substances are cigarette

Smoking is harmful believes the adoption of the island I have a cigarette Viola’s cigar of about 600 material, when burning this material you producing more than 7,000 chemicals, at least there are 69 of these substances cause cancer and other toxic.

Among the most famous of these harmful substances:

Smoking harmful health

Smoking too much damage, it is the change of the condition of the skin, teeth and hair so you will look much bigger than my real age, and also affect the heart, lung, bone and fertility significantly.

Smoking is harmful to the skin

Burn chronic smoking the skin of oxygen and nutrients, so it appears the debtor’s pale face.

As we have mentioned contain tobacco and the many chemicals it is within these substances is what causes the destruction of collagen andelastin the skin, causing significantly frequency skin found are breast, for example.

When the treated cigarette and the annexation of the lips and with the said fan meeting caused a lack of collagen and elastin, this causes the lines and wrinkles on the lips his. A debtor is more prone to spot the face and hands more than a person non-smoker.

Damage of smoking on general appearance and health of the debtor

Does not affect smoking only on the skin but does not damage the form of the other, including:

  • Cause frequent smoke in the yellowing of the teeth and destroy the gum and the stench of art, as that the debtor is more likely to lose teeth from a non-smoker.
  • Can also cause smoking in the appearance of chromosomes on the nails and hands significantly, but the good news is that once you quit smoking you will choose this pigmentation.
  • Over time lose the human density of his hair, but studies have proven that smoking speeds up the process of hair loss even baldness.
  • Smoking leads to cataracts , which causes vision loss which is not cured only surgical intervention.
  • Recent studies suggest that smokers have a greater risk of infection with psoriasis.
  • Smoking increases the risk of injury with osteoarthritis, providing this case of the risk of bone fractures, including fractures of the spine, which leads to bowing down.
  • Smoking affects every organ in the body, including the heart, affecting the arteries that supply blood to the heart over time, and increases the smoking are also of blood pressure and be skin, these factors raise the chances of a heart attack.
  • Heart rate in smokers more speed, poor circulation, shortness of breath, and these are not useful qualities any athlete, whatever your favorite sport, one of the ways to improve your performance is to quit smoking.
  • Lung cancer is the biggest killer cancer among men and women among those who die from the disease, 9 out of every 10 deaths due to smoking, and cigarettes also damage lungs in other ways, making people more vulnerable to respiratory infections, such as pneumonia.

And of course there are many, many of the harms of smoking, which needs to think over before smoking, your health is more important than to waste it or know yourself and those around you at risk, and if you have a query to consult one of our doctors here

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