Smoking and

التدخين والنوم

التدخين والنوم

Are the debtor’s good? What is the link between smoking and that? Follow me dear reader, will answer these questions through the following.

Smoking and

If you smoke, this makes you suffer while you sleep, and sleep is definitely less than non-smokers, as well as not sleeping comfortably as it fits non-smokers.

It is known that smoking affects the lung and heart and a lot of other vital organs, as for things not known as they are smoking and . And calls the debtor’s good?

Every year, die about 6 million people worldwide from tobacco related diseases, smoking is not list of deadly diseases, these include diseases, cancer, depression, heart disease, and lots and lots.

But smoking negatively affects also the bedroom, this thing could surprise a lot of smokers who think that cigarettes help them to sleep and relax, without to know that smoking affects their body and its structure, the system of sleep, leading to insomnia.

How nicotine affects on sleep?

Smoking cigarettes before bedtime, the idea is not good for several reasons:

  • Cigarettes contain nicotine, which acts as an alarm, for people who smoke before going to sleep hoping to relax, they send a message to their body that say versa, it is suspect.
  • Nice play its role in speeding up the heartbeat, increased breathing, therefore you feel waking up to the extreme while trying to sleep.
  • In addition, nicotine enters the brain and blood in a matter of seconds, and within hours leave the body, therefore, most smokers suffer from withdrawal symptoms of nicotine from their body while trying to sleep.
  • The less sleep, become you need to sleep more, this can add sleep deprivation (Sleep Deprivation) to the list of negative effects of nicotine and smoking in general.

Sleep deprivation hurts more, the ability to concentrate, and recognition of your performance and what you are doing things throughout the day. If you have become lack of sleep come daily and regularly, it means it’s chronic, that’s why the other forms of the disease long-term. Such as cancer, disruption of sleep.

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Change the structure of sleep.

  • The constant smoking actually changes the structure of the bedroom, and change the structure of sleep we mean it here, the stages that cheating on her and taken during the early stages in the journey to sleep, including sleep, slight at first, then deep sleep, then sleep rapid eye movement (REM Sleep).
  • Many studies have confirmed that smoking has a negative impact on sleep as a whole, and the time spent in each stage of sleep.
  • Every cigarette smoked is equal to 1.2 minutes of sleep lost.
  • Smoking and deep sleep: smokers of regular take a longer time in the process of Sleep, Sleeping less time, and do not have as much deep sleep as in the case of non-smokers.
  • Smokers sleep less time at the rate of 33 minutes, and about 4% of their time in sleep rapid eye movement. Sleep problems this dear reader ends once you quit smoking.
  • Smoking and associated with two common problems: insomnia, breathing problems, and irregular, such as snoring, interrupted sleep apnea.

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Treatment to quit smoking and sleep better

The best way to get the bedroom to congratulate, is to quit smoking, 85% of smokers are retreating in their first week, but if it sticks, success will be your ally.

  • Talk to your doctor, to find the best way for you, and ways available, use nicotine gum, or stickers, or anything else.
  • I know dear that if you are addicted, and decided to quit smoking, there is good news for you, you’re in your takeoff will call for the Pacific, but after a period of time up to 30 days, you have to enjoy in these cities, and to be adopted to it well.

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In the end, dear reader, now have been on the association between sleep and smoking , and the way to get better sleep, and if you have any queries, consult one of our doctors here.

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