Smile : laugh …… All lower THC

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The magic of a smile

The benefits of smiling:

Make you look younger –

Improved mood and reduced pain due to the release of dopamine in the body after that smile.

Give a sense of comfort and satisfaction better than chocolate, it affects the brain directly.

When you coerce yourself to smile, you work to revitalize your mood –

Is the key to the success of your business –

Add happiness between the couple –

Smile is contagious, can lighting any place you go with your smile –

Your smile is beneficial to your health, your relationships and your look also

But you have to put these points in mind also


Trying to avoid negative emotions and show a smile, sick a lot. So you have to understand your feelings and express whether a smile is real or not.


The fake smile can discovered by others. If you decide to get away to help yourself feel comfortable, you need to make it a genuine smile from your heart.


Your smile when waiting on others, frees you from that you have friends


Some may have laughed at in some difficult situations to which they are exposed, but do not express their satisfaction and their satisfaction.


In some countries such as the Soviet Union, explains the smile on it’s a sign of naivety and idiocy, and they say I’m smiling … I don’t understand the position.


The smile may be subject to some positions

Many studies show that make the most of your smile can be helpful to you and those around you.

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