Signs of pregnancy before date of the course 4 days

علامات الحمل قبل موعد الدورة ب4 ايام

علامات الحمل قبل موعد الدورة ب4 ايام

A lot of women desire badly in the sense of maternity, so look for any early signs may suggest the occurrence of pregnancy, even before the date of the session the usual, but you can determine the signs of pregnancy before date of the course 4 days or so early anyway? Let’s get together on the answer.

Pregnancy symptoms early

It is true that some of the signs of pregnancy may appear early when some of the women, but it is also important to know that it is not required to show all the signs combined not to appear at all the women, especially it can be similar to PMS symptoms, but does not prevent to recall some of the symptoms that may be an indicator of pregnancy.

Is considered of the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin is responsible for the appearance of these symptoms, and this hormone in the days following the process

Signs of pregnancy before date of the course 4 days

We would like to alert on the signs that remind you may be the only index on the occurrence of pregnancy before the date of the session and the most important of these signs and symptoms:

Changes in the breast

The breast is considered one of the body parts that may show changes that precede the pregnancy because of the high levels of the hormone progesterone, you may notice the presence of pain or a feeling of heaviness in the breasts, or the presence of inflammation, in addition to that the nipple will be darker.


Feeling tired and stress symptoms are natural, and as a result of changing hormone levels in your body, in addition to lower it blood sugar level in blood also.

Morning sickness

One of the common symptoms of the occurrence of pregnancy the desire to vomit in the morning, but you can have this feeling at any time of the day, but still the morning are common.

Vaginal discharge

You may notice a change or increase in the amount of vaginal discharge throughout the day, which can be white or slash yellowing a little and sticky mucus, due to the level of hormones in the body.


As a result of the implantation of the ovum, happen to bleed some blood stains after about 10 to 14 days of pregnancy, and a week before the menstrual cycle, almost, a lighter amount of bleeding course.


The changes that occur in your digestive system, causing a feeling of bloat and fullness, which may be a symptom of pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in your body.

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Symptoms of pregnancy other common

  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Frequent urination
  • Cravings for food.
  • Changes mood.

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

With all those symptoms that we have listed, we would like to emphasize once again that these symptoms vary from woman to woman, as they may be similar with the signs of pre-menstrual cycle, so how can you be sure of pregnancy? Through a pregnancy test dear women and multiple types you can choose from, and if a blood test is more accurate of course.

You can learn more about pregnancy tests are different, choose what suits you from them.

The causes of signs of pregnancy false

  • Sometimes appearances are deceptive, and these symptoms as a result of other reasons and not pregnancy occurs, namely:
  • Chemical pregnancies which is the ratio of loss is high, it is diagnosed when it appear as a result of trying to load his presence, but the ultrasound does not show it.
  • The incidence of some diseases that have same symptoms like a cold or flu which causes vomiting and headaches.
  • Cravings in pregnancy that make women notice every viewer showing the same to that because of the pregnancy.
  • Anxiety about the pregnancy, both to desire occurrence or a desire to avoid him, cause anxiety and mood swings, here are some women may think that because of the pregnancy.

In the end, we recommend that you always remain calm and accept the situation, and lack of results without make sure, in the end, don’t worry, overall you can read Important Tips to protect faster.. increase the chance of pregnancy.

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